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Read This Thread Before Posting!

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    Read This Thread Before Posting!

    Before posting a thread in the General Chitchat section as compared to the spambox, ask yourself a couple of questions.

    1) If creating a thread, does my thread have a meaningful message or an interesting topic that multiple users can discuss?

    2) If simply replying or making a thread, does my post contribute anything? Is it a "one word post" or a meaningless phrase?

    3) Do I absolutely have to post what I'm about to post and if I don't post it, the world will explode?

    If you answered no to any of those questions, you probably should either just not post or take it to the spam section. Remember, this is the chit chat section, meaning discussions and talking. Making a thread for a statement generally won't make for a good discussion. Generally, a thread that asks questions will be a much better suited thread. This doesn't apply so much to replying to a thread obviously since you're the one making an answer, a statement, hopefully, to a question that either the previous poster or the thread asks.

    Also remember these basic rules:
    1. Don't flame/aggravate/instigate/cause trouble
    2. Don't advertise unrelated websites!
    3. No double posting! Edit your previous post if you must add on something!
    4. Remember, no "game" threads or the like! That's what the spam section is for!

    Spam threads or non-discussion inducing threads will be moved to the spam section and spam posts will be deleted.