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Curious who still browses here

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    Curious who still browses here

    "forums are dead xd" joke is fun and all but I'm genuinely wondering how many people actually browse the forums to this day.
    Pls respond.
    w-what is this autism aura??
    if I dont gook this lolisama now..........
    our western culture will be forever....


    I always have a tab on my browser opened and pinned on "New Posts". Sorta obligated to, tbh.
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      me bich


        Even to this day, i would say that forums still have a place. (even though I kind of personally wish everyone stopped using forums, lol)

        At least to my knowledge, forums seem to be like an open hand, stretched out for those still stuck in forums, or for more permantent and proper posts. At a different community, we have a forum that is rarely used, save for those times when people have more genuine topics to discuss, or when the discord chat is just going too fast. I'd say keep the forum as is, either as a backbone when discord goes haywire; or for an alternative route for more serious posts, or oldtimers.

        ho knows what will be the next big thing after discord. Maybe like a selcom, a little computer inside your brain, and the eyes are also the HUD and display. Who knows.

        PS: On that different community, we also have a discord bot, that automatically posts in discord, whatever someone wrote in the forums. ForumBot or something.

        PSS: While I am here, allow me to rant a tiny bit about discord; it should have a bell icon, with all @'s collected. Direct messages are ok, but for any mention from who-knows-where, when you have over 30 different servers... That is a hassle. If I have all my servers unmuted, and they should all be quiet at that point, I still get that discord sound once a mintute. Where does that sound come from, what server, what channel?? Who knows! Just mute everything, and hope for the best. (I know this is not the place to come with discord suggestions, but what the heck, my hands write what my brain thinks. Write first, ask later. Also, forums are a better place for wall of text. )

        PSSS: Also checked in today, to update my forum password. I heard that was a thing.
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