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Need help choosing a new laptop

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    Need help choosing a new laptop

    So I've been pissed on my laptop for years now, and I feel that after five years, it's probably finally time to replace it. If I had the choice, I'd go with a refreshed version of the laptop I already have, but that doesn't seem to be an option. For reference, the specs of my current laptop are.

    CPU: i5-3230M
    Memory: 8GB
    Disk: 1TB HDD 5400 RPM
    GPU: GT 740M
    Screen: 1366x768 TN

    If I could get the laptop I wanted, then I'd choose something like the above, but more current with a few exceptions. First off, not Lenovo. They've done terrible support, and the various scandals they've been in over the years doesn't help either. Secondly, add a boot SSD (128 GB would probably be enough) to use for fast pagefile access, booting and commonly used programs.

    Sadly it doesn't look like I'm that lucky as SSD + HDD laptops aren't sold until the specs go a bit higher than what I need, but I've done my best to find good computers that are currently discounted, and I may consider, which brings me here. I can't decide that between the different laptops I've chosen.

    Here is a link comparing them.,4689438 Sorry for the Norwegian. Maybe try google translate? Most of the technical terms should be the same anyway though so hopefully doesn't make that much difference. I'm currently leaning towards the ROG for its fast HDD, even though it's a bit older than the others, and the Nitro and Vivo for their bigger SSDs. I'd love other thoughts and opinions though.
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    Hmm... Not sure what to say. I haven't feel a need for using an SSD myself so I'm biased towards other specs over SSDs.


      I dunno, the biggest performance increase I've seen was after plugging in an SSD. Those things load up things really fast. haha