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A How to Guide to finding posts

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    A How to Guide to finding posts

    For those that can't figure it out.

    Here's a quick little DIY on how to find posts.

    Also a reason the Location Tags exist in RPs.

    Step 1: Go to thread
    Step 2: Click "Search Thread"
    Step 3: Click "Advanced Search"
    Step 4: Type in Keyword(s) which should be a Location Tag. (i.e. Gensokyo or London or Sahara Desert) into the box labeled "Keyword(s)"

    Step 5: Scroll down to Additional Options.
    Step 6: Change the second drop down in the category of "Find Posts" to "and Older"
    Step 7: Change the second drop down of "Sort Results by" to "In Ascending Order"

    Step 8: Click "Search Now" in the "Additional Options"
    Step 9: Profit.

    Notes: You'll have to jump pages in order to find the true end. just keep clicking the last page shown until you don't see a progression arrow.
    Also pay attention to the dates of posts. Sometimes a location tag won't be consistently used so sometimes alternatives are needed. i.e. Instead of Gensokyo, Banished Library. Instead of London, Prometheus Labs. Etc Etc.

    Visual Guide:
    Click to enlarge.

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    Stickied because people need to do this more often. I hope this means that people will search for posts themselves more.
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