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    RP Checklists

    This is to be used as a place to answer the question "Where am I needed?" and to help keep track of everyone's characters.
    The way this will work is everyone gets one post. In that post you can list out all the RPs you're in, all your characters, and what is needed to allow you to post as well as any other notes/Questions/answers.
    All discussion will remain in RP general. Plus this allows quicker access to these "checklists" and makes it easier to quote them.

    So for example... and since this would be considered my one post...


    Robin (M) -
    Robin (F) -
    Morgan -
    Lucina -
    Grima -
    Lisa -
    Shulk -
    Alvis -
    Klaus -
    Meyneth -
    Cicero -
    Nero -
    Eleos -

    Link - Passing control over to whoever wants him
    Palutena - Passing control over to SUS

    (Writing out all but Robin (M and F) and Morgan. Looking for help)

    Albedo -
    Zanza -


    EG: P

    Ignis/Grey - Locked away in the final floor of Shrine of Seasons North
    Aurora - Locked away at Manor of Eternity
    Aion - Standby at Manor of Eternity
    Morpheus - Could Post
    Cicero - N/A
    Demonarc Umbra (Ignis Mimic) -
    Nero - Not introduced until end
    Nemesis - On Duon - Spaceport
    MIMI - On Duon - Spaceport (In Stasis)
    Void - Not introduced until end
    Zoe - Almost to be introduced
    Khloe - Not introduced yet
    Sofia - Not introduced yet
    Zephira - Not introduced yet



    Selene - Could post
    Lotus - Could post



    Eleos -
    Cicero -
    (Writing out. Need ideas on how to progress)



    Starla - Standby
    Nemesis - Standby
    Ember - Standby
    MIMI - Standby

    Waiting for something to happen at R&D Labs



    Joe - Derp
    Terrisa - Derp
    Lotus - Derp
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    Lets see how this works

    Renamon- Henir's time andspace waiting for Jack or anything
    Nera- Same as above
    Mara- Still waiting for John noticing her odd behaviour
    Gaige-Waiting for Sana, Demoman or Soldier
    Samus- Dealing with demonic portal and waiting for Elesis
    Jane Shepard- Same as above

    Sam- Waiting for Hajime

    Shinka knights
    Kris- Waiting for Seki or Bookdragon's moko

    Kris- Waiting for anything

    Bryn- Waiting for anything of Cucoo
    Runa- Same as above
    Mara- Waiting for anyone, mainly Cortana

    Fairy Tale
    Sara- Waiting for Zekai

    Diane-Waiting for anything
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      Guess I'll make my list.


      Zero -
      Raylin -
      Amata -
      Ryofu -
      Sonya -

      All at Orientation

      EG: Phoenix

      Reiya/Ray - In ship and just arrived at Alcyon


      Haseo - Asleep at Wriggle's house
      Alkaid - At Prometheus Lab interacting with a spartan


      Vill - In hot spring bath

      Shinka KNIGHTS

      Zero -
      Ren -

      Both heading towards R&D

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        Yukari - Sleeping. Zzz...

        Yuuka - Sleeping. Zzz...

        Ran - Sleeping. Zzz...

        Nitori - Talking to Eirin about prosthetic arm.

        Mitori - Watching the plane while waiting for Tails to go to Nitori's place and borrow ADAM.

        Sana & Demoman - Gotta post. Zzz...

        Borderlands - Chronicles of Olympus


        Infinite Project

        Waiting for Wunder

        Trinity Soul University

        I can post for Elkana since yeah

        Lynne: Touring her room ("...")

        Volkia: Waiting for Jasmine
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          (@Wriggle. AHHHH!!! Who's decapitated head is that!?!?)

          All The World's A Game: Season 2


          John: Asked Roxas a question. Waiting on Katrix. (John's post:
          (Kristia's post. Might post for this if all else fails.

          Takoizu: Waiting for Mima.

          Isaac: Waiting for Koishi and Shadow to make a compromise. Waitin on Mima. (

          Six (B-312): Waiting for Sus.

          Jack-728: Waiting for Sus.

          Daniel-636: Speaking to Volgin. Waiting on Wonder. (

          Lily-233: Currently in Sector 4 and testing stuff.

          SPARTAN Doctor: Left Birkin's room. (

          Thomas-079 (squad leader): Not introduced yet.

          James-073: Not introduced yet.

          Alice-258: Playing with Flandre. Everready for TRXD's return. . (

          Isaac-773 (black armor): Waiting for Zekai.

          Dr. Neuman: Waiting for Sus.

          Catherine Halsey: Not introduced yet.

          Trinity Soul University

          Jason - Speaking to Cale near the Shopping District.

          Eternal Galaxy: Phoenix

          John - Waiting for others to post on Mara's question.

          Cortana - Waiting for others to post on Mara's question.

          Ethan -

          Infinite Project

          Shinka Knights

          Jason - Upgrading his armor and about to send the drones.
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            SK: waiting on s1 anns zekai or any randome encounter for seki

            TSU: Waiting on wriggle

            EG: Waiting on sustic to post something for me
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              Cole - On Extended Hiatus
              Flandre - On Extended Hiatus

              Trinity Soul University

              Trista - At Orientation approaching Seki and those in her vicinity. Awaiting Tewi or free to act.


              Rosa Lostwall - Has yet to be introduced. Waiting for the right time.
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                Phenom Ortus - In the shrine of winter, watching Runa, Bryn, and Bardock.


                Hazama/Yuuki Terumi - Not yet introduced
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