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Some one reuploaded one of TRXD's videos!

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    Some one reuploaded one of TRXD's videos!

    So, I was looking at yukkuricraft video on youtube, and I saw this:

    There are actually many of these videos and channels who are reuploading my content. I am already aware of this and have even reported one of the rule-breaking channels to YouTube. While I am somewhat furious that someone would have the gall to steal my videos, I don't really care if they exist or not. All the videos that have been reposted contain links to my social media and connections. If anything, by keeping these bots up, these videos will simply give me more reach and a higher viewership. Although not by much.

    Also, @kun_kun, how on earth did you learn about this? You don't have a Minecraft account nor do you go on our mumble server. How are you aware of something like this? Only people I know who are aware of this are my friends.

    EDIT: This has happened to many a person. Even ProtoMario was affected by this.
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