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    You people do realize the ads are the only way I get money to keep hosting everything, right? Even then I'm losing a couple of hundred dollars per year.


      Originally posted by Remilia_Scarlet View Post
      ...Could you screenshot/puush the page from now on so I know exactly what you're talking about? I honestly don't know what you mean when you convey it only through text.
      I always do that, it's just that I saw one and had already clicked on a link before I could get it. I was just describing that it sent me back to the Forum's main page after a few constant refreshes.

      So, I copied the link location of the screenshot, and the jumbled mess of whatever the hell below it is said link. Have fun with that.

      EDIT: Oh right, they have automatic link-shrinkers to prevent it from looking like it did when I was posting this.
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        rereading your previous post I'm about 99% certain you'd just accidentally typed something into the quick reply box because ads can't give you popups... like, google doesn't allow them. If you have something in the quick reply box and try to refresh/go to a different page, vbulletin will notify you saying you'll lose that bit of text in the editor if you continue.


          Just out of curiosity how much do ads actually cover?


            Right now I get approx ~$100 a year which covers about a third to a fourth of the total costs.

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              Not sure if I'm too late or not but...

              It asks for emails and "reveals pictures"

              Also picture of ad:

              Edit: I can't seem to get the picture in...