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Server Whitelisted for 1.14 Upgrade (ETA: ~1 Week from Posting Date)

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    Server Whitelisted for 1.14 Upgrade (ETA: ~1 Week from Posting Date)

    Oops, we forgot to do a forum announcement.

    Server is currently whitelisted while staff do the horrendous upgrade that is Minecraft 1.12 => Minecraft 1.14. Generally speaking, the two things that are taking the most time is checking plugin compatibility and creating/setting up the new survival world ("K4gome", or the new Kagome spawn town, is being created as well).

    Please hang tight and wait warmly while staff break shit on the server.

    We're hoping to have the server back up within a week from today (7/17).

    Relaying Tsunko's announcement from our Discord early this morning;

    As you can probably tell, we're late. That's on us. Bad communication, etc. lead to that delay. However, upon some further testing, we found some pretty outstanding and game breaking (lit. breaks clients) bugs and some major performance issues. In order to make sure the server is fully functional and stable (lmao stability in Minecraft), we're forced to delay the server opening to an unknown time frame. We are currently waiting for a stable 1.14.4 server software (which can come at any point and will hopefully also solve the issue with villager trading). A conservative estimate is 2 days. A liberal one would be another week.
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      1.14.4 server is open to the public now, boiz \ o /