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As of today RTY 2 is officially over.

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    As of today RTY 2 is officially over.

    As of today(03.06.16), RTY I'd officially over. It's been a fun experience with lots of stuff going on, and I thank you all for the wonderful 8 months we've had on the server. This does not mean that RTY in general is over. RTY Nostalgia will still go up at some point, hopefully soon.

    So, that big question, why today? Because the bill came today. The server had been kind of dead for some time now, and I don't have as much time as I used to, to contribute to it. There is also the fact that if everything goes well, I'll begin in college a few months from now. That means that in a few months I'll be dirt poor. How will RTY Nostalgia be paid for, most likely we'll go back how it used to be with RTY 1.

    So why didn't I say to much about anything? I've kind of been hitting that RTY has been dead for some time now. That's for example why I didn't accept any more people on the server. The main reason though is that I've had exams this whole week, and I kind of wanted to keep my mind on that, not something else.

    Link to world download: Will add once I get home.

    Now, while RTY 2 is officially over, that doesn't mean that there won't be one final bang for it. Sometimes this weekend I invite you all to a "Blow up the world" party to celebrate all the good things that has come out of this.

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    Well it was fun. Are you going to put the world up for dl?