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    people ps read the format, it makes it easier for me, and it saves me time to do my homework. kthxbye


      Araa, you're cursed with the homework syndrome. OK.


        No StB/DB/GFW?
        No character separation? Meaning that everyone will get beaten because they dont use the "optimal" character?
        But you accept scorefiles from "Ultra mode" patch?
        No PC98?

        I know I am an asshole coming here with my standards, but I think it would be more interesting for people to post scores, and compete with each other if we get a proper scoreboard.
        I pretend I scorerun games.


          Only recently joined the server/forum, and I'm very pleased to already have found this thread.
          Time to beat Yukari.


          Touhou 7, Easy mode, bluppo8, Marisa A 428,563,020
          Touhou 7, Normal mode, bluppo8, Reimu B 230,861,680
          Touhou 7, Hard mode, bluppo8, Marisa A 88,187,490
          Touhou 7, Lunatic mode, bluppo8, Reimu A 83,139,360
          Touhou 7, Extra mode, bluppo8, Reimu B 505,708,520
          Touhou 7, Phantasm mode, bluppo8, Reimu B 568,306,560

          Now where do I dump my replays?
          Also fuck stage 4.
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            As you're new on the forums, I would like to point you at two things:
            1: The last post before you was the 1st of september last year (7 months ago), so this thread would be considered as 'dead'. Posting on these 'dead' thread is an act of necroing, an act that isn't looked at as a good thing, unless the post has a high use for the thread (for example, a thread is about an announced game, it goes dead and then the game is out, so people post in the tread yet again).
            (Edit: The post seems less necro-y after the post merge, so you can just keep this part as a tip for future reference).
            (Afterthought: Wait... I never accused him of necroing... oh whatever, I must've done it without knowing)
            Spoiler: definition of a 'dead thread'
            No posts for a month counts as 'dead', unless it's publicly announced to be paused or it's a spambox thread, which get revived often. (correct me if I'm wrong)

            2:To put it simply, try not to double post (posting a new post when the last post on the tread is yours). If you want to post again in the thread, I suggest either waiting for someone else to post or, the preferable option for both sides of the story, using the Edit Post button (at the bottom right of your post, next to Reply With Quote).

            Besides all that, good job on beating Touhou 7 that well (I only got Normal with Reimu B and Sakuya A, Extra with the same 2 and Phantasm with Sakuya A only, if I recall correctly).

            Edit: well timed me, posting this right as Katrix fixes the double post, lol.
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            Originally posted by Mogeko
            Yummy prosciutto! Praise be to prosciutto!
            Originally posted by Lord Prosciutto
            Praise be to prosciutto.
            ..... I forgive the sin of all Mogeko.
            Release the Yukkuri:


              Your post here is not considered a necro as you add new information. That is an important distinction to make.
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              Molded in the dark

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              Keep Fighting.
              –Don't Forget.
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              you are not alone.


                Didn't even notice the date on the last post.

                Oh well, this thread ought to be more active anyway.