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Stolen Items

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    Stolen Items

    I just logged into the server and spawned in my homeroom, and then I noticed that all of my diamonds and ingots are all gone from my 2 shulker boxes. I have 9 stacks of 64 diamonds, 10 diamonds, 7 stacks of 64 iron ingots, 39 iron ingots, and 43 gold ingots. All of them were stolen, and I only have 2 stacks of 64 iron ingots remaining in my inventory.

    Assuming the boxes have not been moved/stolen, I should be able to look into it and restore the stolen goods. Whoever stole from your boxes will also receive due punishment.

    This does come as a fair warning to handle Shulker Boxes very carefully. Boxes cannot be locked directly (there are way to lock boxes, if you know exactly how LWC functions) so any and all contents are vulnerable, including the box itself. Unless you plan to use a box immediately, you should consider storing boxes away in chests or your Ender Chest instead of leaving them out.
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