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Eternal Galaxy Excerpts: Earth's Final Moments - Phenom's Timeline

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    Eternal Galaxy Excerpts: Earth's Final Moments - Phenom's Timeline

    Short warning: This is going to devolve into lots and lots of dialog. Just saying.

    Sol System | Earth's Orbit
    Space Station "Heaven"
    May 26th, 2156 - 0940 Hours GMT
    BGM: Ace Combat 5 OST: Scinfaxi

    "ALERT! ALERT! CLASS 5 CRISIS IS IN EFFECT! CLASS 5 CRISIS IS IN EFFECT! ALL ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL REPORT TO THE BRIDGE IMMEDIATELY" A voice blared over and over again on the Heaven Intercom, jolting a sleeping Phenom to life in his quarters. He rubbed his eyes as he glanced at his clock, klaxons alarms blaring in the hallways beyond his door, and an emergency light filling his dark room with a dreary orange hue.

    "It's far too early for this shit..." he groaned, throwing his arm over his face. "What could have possibly happened...?" Suddenly his personal terminal materialized over his arm and Lachesis's face appeared.

    "Phenom! We need you down on the bridge right now!" She demanded. "We have a huge problem on our hands and Command Staff needs your speed immediately!"

    Throwing himself out of bed and acquiring his work attire, Phenom set out towards the Bridge at breakneck speed. "Lachesis, tell me what's going on!"

    "It's the Quigann Incident all over again. The ENTIRE Research & Development department has been slaughtered and the Lead escaped to the Earth's surface! To make things worse, X-FA-27 is gone, he's hacked out all of our systems and cleared himself to use it! WE CAN'T UNDO THE CHANGES!"

    As Phenom made his way into the primary atrium, he was greeted by hundreds of panicked Angels rushing to their stations. A large display in the middle of the room reported the largest mobilized army in the history of mankind surrounding a single individual in the middle of the Mojave Desert. The man who took the Figmentum Absentia had already made his way to Earth's surface and was putting the Notebook's power to use. Every single person who had never come into contact with the book or been cleared to use it was a victim to its power, and they were all being controlled by one madman. Phenom continued to the Bridge as fast as he could.

    Upon entering the Bridge, Phenom was met with a number of faces staring at a screen similar to the last. The command staff and all bridge staff had been fixated on the man in the frame, proclaiming Godhood. The monitor buzzed at the sound of his voice.

    "GaHDD! I hope you're listening to me, I'm sure your micro-surveillance drones are flooding the area as we speak! I, Damon Diavolo, have seen the light! Morkt was right all along! This filthy world needs to be purged of its imperfections and I'm going to do exactly that! Starting with the one you call Lady Luck!" He cried out, holding a gun high above his head. He turned on his heel, revealing a red-haired girl behind him wearing an expression of utter fear.

    "He's gone insane!" "What does he plan to do?" "How could this happen?" The cries of confusion on the bridge filled the air as Phenom looked on in horror.

    "No..." Phenom whispered. How did this happen so quickly? Not only that but as her Guardian Angel, Phenom was supposed to protect Lady Luck. She joined GaHDD following the Morkt Crisis, but...

    "I HOPE YOU'RE WATCHING!" Diavolo yelled as he aimed his gun directly at the terrified girl's forehead. He pulled the trigger, a menacing grin across his face. The end of the barrel exploded and an instant later, the girl had slumped over backwards, blood pouring from her head. Diavolo cackled insanely after his public execution of Morkt's Downfall. "I'm sure by now you've deployed your ever so faithful Angel legion. I hope they enjoy the fight I've got in store for them. Too bad for them, they're all going to die down here! Despair, Heaven! Despair as you watch your precious planet die! Watch as I continue Morkt's work and put an end to this FILTHY PLANET!"

    "What the hell is he doing!?" came a thick Russian accent from the back of the room.

    On the monitor, Diavolo could be seen scrawling into the Notebook, his expression becoming more and more twisted as he wrote.

    "We're recording massive tectonic shifts and seismic activity all over the planet!" one of the bridge crew called out.

    "Deployed Angels are entering the Stratosphere! They're reporting massive tidal waves encroaching upon landmasses!"

    "Southern Asia has suddenly burst into flames!"

    "All of Europe just froze over completely!"

    "We've lost contact with Angel Divisions Three through Seven! Their vitals are completely gone!"

    "Lachesis, what's the status on your backdoor?" Valli cried.

    "I can't get through! Everything I try is just getting locked out!"

    "So we can't stop him!?"

    "No! I can't do anything to access the Notebook!"

    "How many Angels Legionnaires are left on Heaven!?" called out one of the Lords.

    "None! Most of them were on the surface helping with the Reconstruction when the civilians started attacking! We sent all of our reserves to reinforce the losses of the initial attacks!" A coordinator from the bridge crew replied.

    Phenom stared at the screen in silence, the image of Lady Luck... no... Alaina's slain body burning itself into his mind. He had failed again. At the hands of someone he had called comrade not even 12 hours before hand, even. "This is how the world ends..." he whispered.

    "What's that Phenom?" Lachesis asked.

    "He's going to destroy the planet... he's lost his mind. He's showing symptoms of madness just as Quigann did. They're all similar to Morkt's brand. Only in this case, Diavolo literally has the power of God in his hands... This is exactly what would have happened had Lady Luck and I not intervened 6 years ago..."

    "But what could have caused this!? There's no build up to it!" Valli asked.

    "Morkt Syndrome is a rare form of spontaneous loss of rational thought." One of the bridge crew mentioned. "There is no predetermining. There is no foreseeing it. It just happens. There have been thousands of cases on the surface."

    The crew member monitoring the Angel Legionnaires cried out once more, "We've lost vitals with all deployed Legionnaires! They're all dead! We have no more army!"

    "I'm getting very strange readings from the planet! What's he doing?!"

    On the screen, Diavolo was cackling while staring at the sky, presumably laughing directly at Heaven and their inability to stop what was happening.



    The Earth began to twist and crack, the damage being visible from space. A deathly glow could be seen emanating from the cracks. Metal plates slammed shut all over the station, shielding it.

    "Planetary temperatures are off the charts! The core is becoming unstable! The Earth..."

    "She's exploding..." Phenom said. He ripped the intercom off the wall and yelled into it. "ALL HANDS BRACE FOR IMPACT!"

    An instant later, the station began to violently shake, and the air was filled with a deafening roar. The hands aboard Heaven cried out in confusion as the station shook. After a few moments, the shaking ended.

    "Open the blast shields... let's see the damage." Valli ordered.

    As the shields opened, the bridge crew looked on in horror. Where the Earth should have been, only debris remained.

    "The earth... it's gone..." Lachesis said, her mouth agape.

    "So... what do we do now?" Valli asked.
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