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My life as a capture target?

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    My life as a capture target?

    Hello, I was very bored so I decided to try my hand at writing a small "novel", please judge me.

    My life as a capture target? (working title)

    Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself. I am Mary.
    I’m currently living in the human continent of Grand as a magic student, first year, at the magical academy of the capital city, named The Capitol. Oh yes, I’m also the temporary god of this world and 12,875 years old. Yes, I know this sounds very hard to believe, why would a 12,875 year old girl study at an academy? Well, I have my reasons. About 12,850 years ago, I discovered the phenomenon nowadays called magic. In the eight years thereafter, the whole world had learned it. The human king at that time was afraid of my intelligence and power, and used the god’s power to seal me away, why he didn’t kill me is beyond my understanding, but I know he wasn’t the smartest king. Anyway, sealing me kinda weakened the god. So the day after I was sealed, the god’s spirit came to me and told me I was now the temporary god and that he was going to take a vacation, and before I could ask questions he forced me to sleep. Anyway, a few years ago, I was “11” at that time, I woke up and broke the seal. It was just a crude seal after all.
    Hmmmm, let me tell my story from this time forward.

    It was dark, around me where lying plates of metal of what once used to be my seal. An orichalcum egg, decorated with mythril. The stupid king had obviously spend no expense to keep me contained in it. Too bad for him, his magicians were too incompetent to write the magic circle. I just had to find a mistake in the lines, pour some magic in it and tear it apart.

    But you know, breaking the seal was the easy part. Moving however…
    I mumbled: “ugh, how long have I slept for that my body hurts this much”. After a hour of moving my body parts carefully, the stiffness began to fade away. I looked around and saw that I was in some kind of ruins. “I must have slept a really long time…”. The ruins were overgrown with vegetation and I found out that I was in a forest. Thinking that it would be no good if I stayed at the ruins I started moving. After two uneventful days of moving through the forest I finally found a road, I was very tired, and as I decided to rest a little I heard a noise. A few seconds later I could see its origin, it was a noble riding with his horse and a few knights. When he saw me he halted and said something, I couldn’t understand what he said, but I knew this was my chance to get out of this forest. I looked at him with a scared look, tears in my eyes. And seeing his shocked look, I knew he was smitten with me, and then I fainted. I didn’t really faint of course, I just acted like I fainted, and it worked wonders. He gave some orders to his soldiers, and they put me in front of him on his horse.

    After about 30 minutes we arrived at a town, people greeted the noble behind me, it seemed as if he was a respected man. He brought me to a large mansion, where he ordered some servants. They brought me too a room where they put me in a comfortable bed. Of course, not after they changed my old clothes into fresh pyjamas, not being able to do this myself was quite unpleasant but I was still acting unconscious so I couldn’t do anything about it. In this bed I fell asleep almost immediately.

    The next day I was woken up by some woman in a maid uniform, she helped me change in some new clothes and asked me a few things, I could understand a few words, as some were the same that as my language, so I guessed that it was a modern language and that I would probably have to learn it sometime in the near future. The maid then took my hand a led me along a few corridors, while walking I started smelling some delicious scents, and before I knew it my stomach screamed to be filled. The maid heard this, and giggled at me. I gave her an angry look, she could at least show some pity, I hadn’t eaten for so many years after all. While I am still being angry at her, she suddenly hugged me and screamed: “kyaaaaaa!”, it seems I was so cute that she involuntarily hugged me. After some other maids calmed her, she took me to a room where I found the noble man sitting. He looked very happy to see I was healthy. He took me on his lap, and started talking. Sometimes he stopped talking and looked at me expectedly, when he does that, I just tilt my head cutely and say nothing. After a while he concluded that I was a mute due to whatever reasons, and he led me to the kitchen.
    There the cook fed me all kind of things, it was not bad. After that, the noble man instructed the maid, after which she took me for a tour through the house. I’m not sure, but I think it means that the noble man will allow me to stay for a while.

    Boom, I’m sixteen now. In the five year I’ve been here I’ve learned the modern language, the household had been very surprised when I finally started talking at age 14, they had assumed I was a mute after all.
    They were also surprised by my ability to use magic at a young age, and gladly decided that I would go to the magical academy the year I turn 17. Oh yes, let me introduce a few people.
    First we have my adoptive father, a nobleman called Gale. A tall man with brown hair, sharp eyes and also has a great moustache for which he is famous throughout the kingdom. He is also the person who has patted my head every single day since 6 years ago. He seemed to be married to some lady, but she died a year before my arrival.
    Next is the maid who hugged me on my first day, she is called Cecilia. She is the head maid of the mansion. She is a short and pretty lady who can captivate the hearts of all who look at her, except when I’m with her, then all attention is focused on me of course. Anyway, I suspect Cecilia has a relationship with Gale.
    And last is my brother Kale, he’s about as old as I am. He often looks at me with a look in his eyes. He’s not likable, and I regard him as not very important.

    Anyway, today is the first day of the academy. I would be lying if I said that I was not in the least bit excited. A week ago I had received a letter with instructions, my curriculum and a list of classmates. I knew not a single one of them, I am not very good at making friends after all. Oh yes, since the academy is within the capital city, I had to move out of the mansion. My new room was very spacious, I have to share it though. Gale had looked like he was about to cry from the future of not patting me every day. I’m sure he’ll have enough with patting Cecilia from now on…

    I made my way to my classroom within the academy, there were small groups of people talking while waiting for the teacher. While I decided to take a random seat, a girl came to me:
    “Hi, I am Camellia. I’m a first year, the same as you”, is what she said.
    “Ehm, Hi. I’m Mary”, is what I answered. This girl is too social, I don’t like her already. As she was about to say something the teacher walked in: “Take your seats everyone, ah, any seat will do for now”. The boys and girls sat down, and silence followed.
    “Hello everyone, for this year I will be your mentor. Nice to meet you.”