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TEASER for a future project.

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    TEASER for a future project.

    Okay this is my FIRST post in the literature section and this is just a teaser for a future project that I've actually been working on as of recently as a small side-project. Nothing big or anything, and this is a rather short story. People I know in the RP Community here would probably be able to guess what I'm making. So here it is:


    Journal Update 23-06-2163:
    What are morals? Everyone has them. Some people go by what they think is right. Others do not. I might just be in the latter category. After all I've never really stopped to think if what I'm doing is really... the right thing. My mind yells at me saying "Yes. Yes it is. You're work will change the world as we know it." While my gut feels like it's wrapping itself into knots. Normally I'd stop and think about what I'm doing, then probably stop as I begin to think and realize that what I'm doing is probably not for the better cause. Oh well... this job pays a lot. Hell I'd even say I enjoy the work... and the free dental is something I just can't pass up...

    Anyways the testing earlier today has been proven quite fruitful if I must say so. The DNA reconfiguration done on the embryo went flawlessly. There were no failures at all, or rather at least so far. Work on this project has quite a bit of hope in the future. In fact cellular growth seems to have been enhanced by our messing with it's DNA, and at the rate it's growing myself and the other researchers assume it will reach a stage equivalent to that of an infant 2 months in age. If it manages to reach that age and continue growing without problems or hiccups, then we'll take it as our sign to continue the experiments. Honestly I'm kind of excited to see what happens.

    Journal End.

    After writing in his journal he sat down at the table. Taking off his black trilby hat Mason sat down at his desk in his living quarters. He had a rather long day of work in the labs, and was quite tired. However there was still plenty of things left to do today, as it was only 3:00 PM.

    "Thank god it's only three in the afternoon... I still have time to get lunch before I start working again..." He said as he rubbed the top of his messy, brown haired head. His heterochromatic eyes locked on the door however when he heard someone knocking. Hearing the knocking he quickly grabbed his hat, and promptly closed his journal before resting his elbow on it.

    "Uh... The door's locked so you can come in!" He spoke as he leaned back in his computer desk's chair. Fiddling with his fingers he just smiles as the door opened. Revealing a woman with a rather sleek figure, dessed in a lab coat and black undershirt, with rather short, straight black hair and a rather sharp gaze that felt like daggers... Yet her smirk was quite pleasant.

    "Mason Davidson... I thought I'd stop in and check on you. So... you feeling alright?" The woman asked.

    "Me? Feeling bad? No no... you know me. I don't get sick often." Mason spoke with a calm smile that was hard to tell if he was telling the truth or faking it. He then chuckled lightly. "Why would you even think that? Do I look sick or something?" He asked.

    "No. But I saw you earlier. When we were working you looked quite... distressed. As if something was on your mind. Just worried that you might be upset or..."
    The woman asked again. Sounding a bit worried. Even the look in her eyes changed a bit to a softer stare.

    "Sick. You think I was sick? No. Not really. I'm not really feeling sick or upset at all honestly. Was just thinkin'... about stuff." Mason replied as he turned to his computer desk. The look in his eyes was a bit of a reveal as to how he was thinking. Clearly he was not entirely feeling well.

    "... Don't lie to me Mason. I know this project has some rather questionable morals, but we made a vow when we signed up for the job. Hell I can probably get where you're coming from. After all the embryo was made from... well... you know... I wouldn't even blame you if you treated it as if it was your child. I know I probably would... But at the end of the day we still have a job to do. So get your head out of the clouds okay?" Replied the woman as she walked up and patted Mason on the shoulders.

    Mason seemed quiet as if he was just thinking about various things. It looked like he was just more... confused rather than upset honestly.

    "Now why don't you come join me and the guys for some lunch? After all you can't live on junk food all the time." She asked with a warmer smile.

    "... Sigh... Very well. But you're paying for MY food." Mason spoke as he turned to face her, his expression changed to that of a rather playful smile.

    "Last time you said that you left me with an empty wallet. So no dice." The female researcher replied before smacking Mason lightly on the top of his hat. She then began walking towards the door. She then stopped and turned to face Mason "So come on Davey. I'll be waiting outside." She spoke before leaving his room.

    Mason just laughed as he stood up and grabbed his wallet. "Ah Miranda... I hate you sometimes." He whispered to himself as he walked towards the door. After putting on a black sleeveless vest over his plain white T-Shirt, he smiled while adjusting his hat. He then looked at his mirror and sighed.

    "What are morals. Do I have them...?" He asked himself before thinking a bit. He then turned towards the mirror again and shook his head. "Nah."

    "Mason are you coming or not!?" The woman yelled, her voice coming from down the hallway.

    "Yeah yeah just hold your damn horses!" Mason spoke as he left... Forgetting to put his journal in his desk... it read...

    Experiment: Infinity Test Logs

    Tell me what any of you who read this thinks of it.
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    I got a vague, emphasis on vague, idea of what it is, but you know me Sustic, I'm eager for what you got planned
    Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



      I know what it is :3 Mom I'll give you a hint if you poke my nose.


        Hey look another Teaser! Though this one makes it quite obvious as to what it is a teaser to (if you are familiar with RP's in the RP section.)


        Journal Date 15-11-2167

        God my head has been killing me. All the work, all the stress, and more importantly all the fuck ups that have happened over the past year has just been stressful. I've barely been able to touch this darn journal at all. In fact this is probably only the 2nd time in the last 3 months that I've had a chance to write anything down.

        I blame that goddamn reactor. Ever since we had to start this project about 4-5 years we had to use a new type of reactor dubbed the 'Infinitus' Reactor. It used a strange type of energy. It was like radiation, but at the same time scans and testing showed that it was just something not of this earth. Which is odd. I tried asking about it one day, but only the higher 'higher' ups knew of it's origin and refused to share. Either way the energy was quite efficient honestly. In fact half of Japan was already drawing power from this reactor. It was surprising at how powerful and efficient it was. Uuuntil it just shut down out of nowhere this past March. God that freaked everyone out.

        I remember it clearly in fact. It just... turned off out of nowhere, but the thing is it did not just turn off normally. All of a sudden reports of a massive shockwave of energy was reported, and that was when it just shut down as if someone unplugged it's power. Despite the shockwave that came from the reactor, everything was fine. The building was fine, and the reactor itself had no damage according to the readings. Although the people inside it were not doing so well... Myself and the others who practically live in this Research Base really had it rough. We felt it, and when we did it made us all feel sick. Absolutely sick. I remember some of the others literally collapsing and being unable to move due to the nausea they felt.

        That's when the reports had started coming in. A month later we watched the news and apparently people from all over started feeling major headaches within a rather short while. Or rather more like migraines by what it sounded like. Everyone here just knew it had to do with that reactor. That damn shockwave was the cause. I'm sure of it. Thankfully it didn't seem to cause much in terms of actual damage honestly... Well for a few months. Then people from across the damn globe started developing practically what we would call 'psychic powers'. I know it sounds weird, but it was the truth. Reports were being brought in of people lifting trucks into thin air without any outside help. People flinging fireballs, and just so much more. Like. All types of psychic abilities you'd read about just started becoming absolute reality. At first I was confused, skeptical even. Until one of our researchers showed the same kind of powers... Sadly she was immediately put on a death sentence. As if the government literally just does not want such a thing to exist.

        It wasn't until a few weeks after that that we got word that the main goal of our 'Super Human' Project was changed to try to combat and subdue people with psychic abilities... I'm honestly a bit worried that it's going to start a complete and all out war if we try to do that. So far the people who developed these strange abilities haven't seemed to think too much of it. Just... have been using them for minor fun here and there. Guess the government doesn't want that. Either way in the end the old purpose of the Super Humans was to help further the evolution of humanity. Anyway it all has just been giving me a headache, and even though I don't like the idea of it I do have quite a bit of interesting ideas that I'll run through with my boss. I even am tempted of changing the name of this entire project to something else.

        I think Infinite Project might sound good... I don't know yet... Hell it even fits the name of our first little 'creation' Infinity. That and the fact that we now have to make these things super soldiers to fight people who gained power from what we are believing to be the Infinitus Reactor just makes it sound right to me.

        Anyways that is all I have to write for this entry. I'll try and remind myself to write more in this in the future.
        - David


          I like the journal-like way of how you made the chapter, as if someone found the logs of your character.

          so far I can't say if it is good or bad since it is still like a prologue to me, but you now me, I'm eager to see what you got ^^
          Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



            I had an idea of what it was on the first teaser but the second one confirmed it
            "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


              Prologue 3 (no longer shall these be teasers ;D!)


              Journal Date 12-12-2167

              I managed to get myself around to making another entry finally. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to make an update so soon. After the whole fiasco of our project's intentions being changed to fight against these new 'psychics', things just started going downhill quite fast. The only good news is that the higher ups have given me permission to test an idea. They even seemed to take a liking to my name. Saying that everything we are working for now has 'infinite possibilities in the future that are in our favor' or some shit like that. Either than that it's all been going down to complete and utter shit.

              Firstly my idea was that if we are going to turn these 'creations' into super-soldiers, then why not give them the ability to fight fire with fire? I know it sounded stupid especially with how the government had already executed half of my team just because they began developing psychic powers. However the logic from the higher ups seemed to be that, because we are raising them. Growing them here, AND our modifications. Then any abilities they might develop will be more easily controlled, and they have the full intention of teaching our creations that what they have isn't what the enemy has. Instead our 'super soldiers' will have these abilities as just a part of the body. Not a product of the infinitus reactor's energy. Or as I call it "infinitum". We will not inform them that they do not have the same thing as the enemy and that there abilities are just different.
              I can already think of many ways in how that can go wrong.

              The second problem is the nightmares I started having. About a week ago I've been having horrible nightmares in my sleep. They are just... I don't know. When I go to sleep at night I end up seeing things in my dreams. Weird beings speaking in some kind of unknown code. Like I just can't recognize it yet at all, and when I see it... it just makes me feel sick. Like my head just begins hurting, I can feel my heart racing, and I end up feeling like I'll throw up. All that happens in my dreams. By the time I wake up I continue to feel those symptoms yet it feels like the whole room is spinning, and my skin is on fire. Only then will I wake up from that and realize that I just had a dream about waking up. It's so strange... I feel like something is telling me to stop...

              But I just can't stop now. I can't. Not at all. We've made SO much progress, and I'm afraid if any of us speaks up about stopping that we'll be executed. It's already happened to one of us...

              Only five of us left...

              I won't stop working now... There is more work to be done.


                PROLOGUE 4!!


                "The following were audio recordings recovered from the ruins of the <Data Redacted> Military Base in <Data Redacted>, Japan."

                Testing Logs: Day 1
                Everything had gone smoothly. The experiments have reached physical muscle maturity within record time. I suppose their sped up growth in their containment pods had helped in this. We are highly pleased with this information, and now we are able to move onto the proper testing, conditioning, and tutoring of the subjects. It's a shame the head researcher leading the project had ran off like he did. He would have been proud to see his work come to such fruition. First thing tomorrow we will start the training. Meanwhile we will send out some men to search for the one known as Mason Davidson. He needs to see what his work has amounted to.

                Testing Logs: Day 2
                Everything from today's training went smoothly. The test subjects showed superior learning capabilities compared to that of an infant. Probably due to the brain growth. In fact it was surprising at how fast they managed to learn basic speech. When they first emerged they were almost infantile. Not only that but due to their improved and fully developed muscles, they were surprisingly able to master the rather... trivial task of walking within a short time. It's almost as if they had basic things programmed into their minds. Perhaps that Mason Davidson fellow did such a thing to aid in this.
                Though however impressed we may be with their quickened mental growth, we still have a lot of work to go before we can consider them ready for their combat training. I assume it will take a few days before we can continue onwards. Though we cannot confirm. <Data Expunged>

                Tesing Logs: Day 3
                <Data Not Found>

                Testing Logs: Day 4
                <Data Not Found>

                Testing Logs: Day 5
                We had successfully managed to move the subjects to basic physical examinations. Most of the subjects have shown surprising amounts of enhanced strength, agility, stamina, and endurance. Our planned obstacle course was completed by a handful of the subjects in a time that beats our most trained operatives. Currently we-
                <the recording cuts out as if it was intentionally altered>
                now we have no choice but to separate the subjects into three groups. We'll dub the first group as obviously "Alpha", followed with Beta, then lastly Delta Team. Alpha Team shows the most prowess, and took to the combat part of the course with unbelievable results. We have high hopes for them. Beta Team will take quite a bit more time before we get to their training. Delta Team we have been disappointed with. Their scores were significantly lower than that of Beta's. We will probably use Delta Team as sparring opponents for other operatives. That does not mean we will not train them to reach their fullest of potential.

                Testing Logs: Day 6
                <Data Not Found>

                Testing Logs: Day 7
                <Data Not Found>

                Testing Logs: Day 8
                The subjects. They have been rebellious. They're showing signs of aggression towards their tutors. Everything is going wrong. We did not plan for this to happen. Where did we go wrong? All the subjects have developed their abilities, and since they have already killed more than half the staff. We are under a serious threat of a comple destruction of this base and all the work we have done. We tried contacting the Higher Ups but-

                <Data Not Found>

                Please someone help us we-

                <Data Not Found>

                If something is not done soon then we will all -

                <Recording cuts to dead air... Whateve happened after this point was not damage, but seemed to have been intentional erasing of data.>

                "All other hard drives were damaged to the point of the data on them being unreadable. It's as if an electromagnetic pulse had wiped them out. We are lucky that we managed to scavenge the rest. We are still working on the Archived Logs 3, 4, 6, and 7. Data still seems to be intact, just locked behind some rather intense encryptions. Whatever is on those Audio Logs, someone does not want to be viewed."

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                  The recordings are in sound form for what I read, and it seems things went down with their project, the origin gets settled with each piece.

                  Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                    Prologue 5 Part 1. This one goes... quite far back. Part 2 will come soon.


                    Incident Report #930-2A "The Ship that fell from the Heavens"

                    May - 30 - 2101

                    Location: Antarctic

                    It has been about ten days since we have received reported sightings of an unidentified object in the skies over the Antarctic Ocean. The reports stated the craft had a design that does not match any currently known aircraft on earth. At first we thought our men were just going mad from isolation on a lone ship out at sea. Though repeated sighting reports began to draw attention to us. As such on the day of May 20, we prepared a ship to investigate the sightings ourselves. When he arrived to the coordinates we were honestly surprised. For the reports had held true.

                    Upon arriving at the coordinates we received regarding the reported Aircraft. We quickly managed to catch a glimpse of it. The aircraft appeared to maintain it's altitude without much noise at all, let alone any signs of propulsion. The light emitted from it was of greenish-red coloration, and it appeared to have a rather unstable flight. As if whatever was piloting it was significant distress. We chose not to act upon it in-case it was hostile in nature. Rather we continued to monitor it.

                    It's flight pattern was more intriguing. On a periodic schedule of once an hour, the ship would head towards the shorelines of the Antarctic. The reasons we were not sure of, however shortly after it would leave for land, itwould eventually return still flying as if it was in distress. What our men have theorized was that anyone piloting the craft was injured, and was scanning the area for safety. Yet when it detected our men's ships it became curious as well as cautious. Constantly flying back in to check on these strange craft watching it from the cold waters. It was just a theory our men have theorized, and possibly the most likely scenario.

                    A few days after we had arrived, and examining the ship. Something odd happened. The craft flew off back to the mainland, but it seemed as if it was out of control this time. Almost as if it's systems were malfunctioning, and soon. We heard the explosion from it's crash. It was strange as such a craft should not have created such an explosion. At this point we had no choice but to prepare to send in a team to investigate. What we would find would most certainly catch us off guard.

                    It took at least one more day before our assigned team to get the equipment to go investigate. They a suit to protect them from the harsh cold, as well as shield them from any potential radiation. After that it was just a matter of getting them aboard a smaller scouting boat to the mainland. From there they had promptly made way for the location of the crash landing based on our approximations.

                    What they found when they reached their destination was most certainly a surprise...


                      Sorry for double post but here is part 2 of Prologue 5.

                      June - 01 - 2101
                      Incident Report #930-2B"The Ship that fell from the Heavens":

                      Once the team we assigned had prepared themselves properly, they were sent out. The technology we gave them was sufficient enough to protect them from the unsurprising amounts of radiation in the area around the crash site. However they had to be properly quarantined afterwards for safety precautions.

                      Now... on to proper business. The findings that were recovered. What we found was surprising and was solid proof of life from outside our own system. This was an amazing breakthrough, but despite that fact we must keep it secret for the safety reasons. This must not go public. Either way we have gone into researching the ship, and it's strange energy it is emitting. Something that is quite... different. It does not match any known signs of radiation on earth, and as such are men are cautious with it.

                      The ship itself is also quite different. It vaguely resembles that of human origin. Namely a prototype spacecraft that had gone missing sometime prior according to it's serial number located inside the cockpit.. Only one human corpse was found, and it was nearly burnt to a crisp. Only indentifying factor was the human DNA. The rest of the body seemed to have been... modified and mutated. Possibly by exposure to the strange radiation.

                      What happened with this ship? The answers we have found have been giving us far more questions than we'd like. However one thing that is interesting is that whatever happened to this ship, has caused it's engine to constantly put out this strange radiation. In fact exposure to some of our tech had managed to increase the performance of some of our tech. We will look into this further. Right now we have more investigations to run.