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Night of Frights: A campfire-style story! (Chapter 1) [INTERACTIVE!]

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    Night of Frights: A campfire-style story! (Chapter 1) [INTERACTIVE!]

    Here's another story. It's not really a horror story, but with it being September and only a month away from October and OMG HALLOWEEN!!! I thought I might make a bit of a (somewhat) interactive campfire-style story. Any cheesiness/cliche's are intended. I don't mean to make a actual good horror story, but rather something read for the entertainment factor.

    The interactiveness comes from a poll in which major location the character should go to next.


    It's currently 6 PM on what is probably one of the most exciting nights of the year for some. Halloween. It's the night where everyone can dress up in any outfit they want, whether it be a monster or a princess. Or even something from popular TV. Then after that everyone either goes around scaring each other, having special parties for the season, go Trick or Treating for sugary delights that will make a dentist hate you, or in my younger brother's case just going and pulling the 'tricks' on people.
    Me however. Eh... I've done everything each past Halloween. Trick or Treating gets somewhat boring when you reach 18, and I'm not popular enough to get invited to any of the cool parties. Pranking is also the question because that just seems mean.
    So what does that leave me and my friends to do on this spooky night? I mean the weather is just too perfect for just staying in and watching TV or play video games, and my friends Tony, Jacob, and Sarah are look bored out of their minds. We all clearly want to do something fun on this night of spooks and scares.. Hell the boredom seemed to piss off Jacob the most.

    "Goddammit are we going to be doing ANYTHING tonight? Like. Anything at all? I really want to do something tonight instead of just sit around and not do shit. Hell Trick or Treating would be more fun than doing nothing!" Jacob had yelled in annoyance stemmed from boredom. It was clear he wasn't the kind of person who just didn't like to sit still and relax if he had the option to be doing something 'fun' instead. Hell I'd call him a bit of a thrill seeker out of our little group of friends.
    Jacob was always the kind of guy that would probably run towards danger the moment there is any sign of it rather than back away with his tail between his legs. Hell I once seen a guy take a knife out on us one night when it was just me and him. The first thing he did was knee the bastard right where the sun don't shine before we all ran off. So clearly the boredom was hitting him just as bad as myself.

    "Well I just don't know what we should do. Most clubs and shit in town are either closed or don't let 'minors' in, and we weren't invited to any parties or anything. So our choices are rather limited." I replied in a tone that showed a slight distaste for Jacob's overly energetic, yet somewhat annoying mannerisms.

    "Well Max we could always go and see what Billy down at the mall is setting up." My friend Sarah had asked. She was always a bit of a... curious gal, and sometimes even thoughtful gal compared to me and Jacob at least. Whenever she heard someone was up to something, she'd often be the first to stick her nose in things, and sometimes the first to run. Not because she would get scared, but rather because in her words 'If I'm going to spy on people i'll always at least be ready to run. I'm not stupid to stick around or hide.'

    Going out to the mall this late would probably be suicidal. Usually each Halloween they have some big haunted house style event and each shop in the building starts giving out cand yto those who wish to go Trick or Treating. The whole places gets crowded, and honestly tonight I don't feel like dealing with such a crowd.
    "Nah. It might be too busy. Besides it's probably just some stupid lame haunted house which wouldn't be really any fun if you ask me." I replied as I sat back in my dad's favorite recliner.
    "Yeah I've been to the haunted houses the mall sets up each Halloween for the past two years. They're lame as shit. Nothing fun at all." Jacob spoke loudly, and honestly still sounding quite bored.

    "Well you two aren't any fun... So what do you intend we do?" Sarah asked, disippointed that her idea was rejected... With that we all leaned back in our seats. Me in my recliner, Jacob and Sarah on the couch, and Toby just browsing his phone like a dick and ignored us for half the conversation. Seeing this I through a small stress ball my dad keeps on the table next to his recliner at Toby. I managed to hit him in the side of the face. His reaction caused Jacob and Sarah to laugh a bit. Toby wasn't so pleased.

    "God what the hell was that for?" Toby responded quite angrily. It didn't hurt, but it did get his attention though and disturbed whatever the hell he was doing.

    "For being rude and not listening to our conversation. We're trying to figure out what to do tonight. After all everything we can do we've either done like... a million times before, or is just not fun." I replied to Toby's annoyed response.

    "Something to do?" Toby asked, his annoyed look going back to a calmer, contemplative one.

    "Yeah dipshit. It's Halloween and we should do something. Doing absolutely nothing on Halloween is like... doing nothing on..." Jacob remarked before muttering something as if he had forgotten what he was going to say. He was always bad at coming up with quips.

    Toby then looked at his phone for... something for at least a minute before he turned it off and put it in his pocket. "Well if you guys needed something to do tonight then I might have something... but I'm not sure if you guys would be up for it."

    When he said that Jacob stood up and smiled. "Oh yeah? What is it then? I'm up for ANYTHING you can throw at me."

    Sarah seemed a little eage and curiousr as well. I myself was just more curious, but I didn't say much.

    Toby then got up from his little spot on the floor in between the couch and my dad's recliner. "Well there's a few places I've been meaning to check out this Halloween. Places that have some neat... scary stories tied to them. Like some urban legend kinda stuff... ya know?" Toby responded as he straightened his brown cotton jacket. Hearing this I just rolled my eyes.

    "Oooh I think I know what you mean. The old lumber yard right?" I replied with a rather dry tone. Hearing the mention of the old lumber yard made Sarah groan slightly, while Jacob raised an eyebrow.

    "Lumber yard? What old Lumber Yard?" Jacob asked as he looked over at Sarah. Her audible groan of distaste showing clearly that she knows of it.

    "The urban legend of that place is just that. An urban legend, a rumor. Nothing really exciting or special goes on there at all. Besides it's a rather long walk there. We'd be walking an hour to get there." Sarah replied as she leaned back on the couch, crossing her arms at the thought of possibly going out for a long walk to some stupid place like an old lumber yard.

    Hearing Sarah's apparent awareness of the lumber yard and it's 'urban legend' made Jacob a bit more antsy to get an answer. "Come on guys tell me! What old Lumber Yard and supposed to go on there!?" Jacob asked, or more like demanded... Toby just turned towards him and gave him a sly smile.

    "I forgot. You've only been living here for 5 years. Surprised you haven't heard of it yet... Anyways it's just an old place located deeper in the woods. Not that long of a drive honestly, but back on topic... It's where the town would chop trees and store the lumber obviously. It was mainly used for supplying wood, charcoal, and other stuff back in the day. It eventually closed down though after a few... accidents." Toby responded as he stepped a little closer to Jacob.
    "A few people were accidentally killed there for... unexplainable reasons apparently. Like they just showed up mauled and torn as if from an animal. Yet no one was able to find what kind of animal did it as there were no tracks, hair, or any proof that an animal was in the area to do such a thing." Toby responded. Jacob actually seemed a little slightly nervous, but a bit more intrigued now.

    "Yeah yeah, but you also forgot to mention the part where it was proven to have been accidents involving the machinery at the sawmill there." I explained as i let my dad's recliner back down. Toby scoffed a bit as he turned back to Jacob.

    "That's what they want you to think, because you see by the time the cops came the bodies were reportedly missing. Only thing left was some blood, and bone left around the area. Hell rumor has it that the place is haunted by the spirits of the workers who died there, and that sometimes if you go there after dark on your own you can sometimes even flat out HEAR the sounds of some kind of... creature tearing into the flesh of it's most recent victim... But that's just a rumor I was wanting to check out to night. In fact it's just one of five different places around town that are said to be haunted guys. I even made a detailed PLAN just for tonight that I was gonna follow." Toby finished as he took out a piece of paper from his jacket's pocket. It was folded rather neatly.

    Jacob shook slightly but took a deep breath which seemed to have calmed him down.
    "Okay well... what are the other places you have planned?" Asked Jacob...

    "Oh come on don't tell me you actually are believing in his little story." Replied Sarah who was still comfortable in her spot on the couch.

    "Hey let the guy believe in a little superstition." Toby responded as he took out a piece of paper from his jacket's pocket. "Anyways I have it written down. Firstly there is the old middle school located out on the edge of town. I heard of a few spooky things that happen there."

    "Heard about that one. Wasn't it supposed to be like... haunted by the spirit of the principal who was supposedly killed when the furnace in the basement went out of control. Whole place was just burned to a crisp. Surprised it's still standing..." I replied. Toby just nodded as he read the next on his list...

    "Next is the old water power plant that was built WAAAAY back, but was quickly abandoned after an electrical power plant was built to replace. It's located out near the river just out of town. After that is the construction site where-" Toby was explaining, but at the mention of construction sight I had to speak up.

    "Construction Site? The only one I know is the one that was from last year. No one has touched it since. Why that though? What kind of rumor has started there already?" I had asked out of actual curiosity .
    Toby had simply shrugged though as he turned to face me. "Well not much honestly, but I did hear that a few kids had gone there to explore and mess around in the afternoon and then they supposedly disappeared. Wasn't reported on the news though so it's probably fake, but I just want to check it out just in-case something DOES happen." Toby explained as he looked back at his list.

    "Last one is the old chapel and funeral home located in the graveyard. It's usually locked up at night, but people have said they've seen some rather creepy stuff at night like shadows moving inside the chapel, and a white figure which roams the grounds once the clock strikes 12. Normally the place is locked up, and no one is allowed in, but I had met someone who managed to snatch me a spare key for it. So I decided to go check it out as well." Toby said as he glanced around the room at all of us.

    "So... you made a list of all the supposedly creepy places located around the WHOLE town... to check out in just one night?" Sarah questioned...

    "Well... yeah. Halloween was coming and I just wanted to do something different. So I just thought why not...? Ya know....?" Toby spoke as I just sighed. Jacob seemed rather pumped for the thought of a tour through all the creepiest parts of the city. Sarah seemed mostly uninterested...

    "Eh why not? We got literally NOTHING else that's better to do tonight. But question... how will we get to all those places in just ONE night?" I questioned. After all... every place he has listed would take at least 15-30 minutes of driving to get there.

    "Well when my brother went out of town last week for a vacation with his friends he left me in charge of his truck, so I was thinking I could drive us." Toby responded. Well hearing that just seems to make things easier.

    With myself, and Toby ready. Jacob just let out a loud yell of excitement as he then turned to Sarah. That's when me and Toby turned to her as if we were asking her if she was coming or not, and after our brief staring she just sighed and agreed to go. "Ugh fine. But only because we have nothing else to do, and someone has to make sure you idiots don't get into trouble." She spoke as she then stood up and headed for the door.

    After everyone agreed and stood up, Toby glanced around the room once more and asked one simple question. "Well guys... where should we go first...?"
    Old Water Power Plant
    Burnt School
    Empty Construction Site
    Old Lumber Yard + Sawmill
    Chapel in the Old Graveyard

    The poll is expired.

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