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The story of a traveler

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    The story of a traveler

    This is the story of a traveler and her family

    The prologue of a traveler

    The night was clear and the moon was shinning with its full force, Kris looked at it when she heard the other trainerīs orders, she looked at him sending an Absol and a Vileplum ready for attack. Kris smiled and took two from her pouch and threw them.

    A Gardevoir appeared first, her chest crystal had scratches of showing her age and wisdom, then a Haunter appeared at her side, his smile was really sinister and had a constant little laughter.

    "Celia, Gaspar"Kris called them.

    "Ohh new toys to play? I will enjoy this" the Haunter said looking already plotting something.

    "Please Gaspar, donīt be so bad, we are here to battle, not to make a crime" The Gardevoir scolded him while making a battle stance.

    "Are you ready to battle? or should I wait for another trainer?" the boy said rather angry.

    "Sorry, they are just arguing with each other" Kris apologized and continued "Celia, use hypnosis, Gaspar use dream eater".

    The trainerīs team sent a quick attack and poison darts making it for Celia and Gaspar evade them with calm. Celiaīs hypnosis hit the Vileplum directly sending it to sleep and got Knocked out with Gasparīs dream eater.

    The Absol stopped its attack and opted for a shadow ball, but got countered with the Haunterīs same attack, the Gardevoir glowed with energy attacking with psychic attack and sent the Absol down.

    "Darn it, I wonīt give up" The trainer said preparing his other pokemon.

    "All right, bring it on" Kris said calmly. The next pair were a Flygon and a Grotle, Kris prepared her other pair sending a Froslass and a Swampert.

    "Ah.. the moon shines so beautiful tonight" The Froslass said feeling the light of the moon with joy.

    "So I am teaming with you Lina? be ready to see a true water attack" The Swampert said stretching his limbs.

    "Lina, Aro are you ready for a double attack?"Kris asked them and the duo nodded preparing their attacks. The Flygon glided fast with a dragon claw while the Grotle was sending tremors with his earthquake powers. Lina faced the Flygon with her ice wind and Aro jumped at the Grotle ready for a hydro pump.

    "Prepare for the full force of water!"The Swampert attacked with a mighty torrent of water throwing the Grotle hitting a tree and falling unconscious.

    The Flygon tried to endure the power of Froslassī ice wind and it passed her at full speed crashing on the land inside a rock of ice. "Never underestimate a ladyīs power" Lina said sitting on the ice rock.

    "Aw come on! you got to be kidding me!" the trainer said taking his last ally. It was a Tyranitar and its roar echoed on the forest. "Letīs see how you can beat this".

    "Ok then" Kris prepared her last teammate, "Luca its your turn now!"She said as a female Lucario fell from a tree and prepared her stance, "Iīm ready when you are Kris" the Lucario said as her aura started to glow.

    "Tyranitar! use Hyper beam!" the trainer yelled and his warrior followed preparing its beam "Luca, use Close combat" Kris said and Luca ran directly at the Tyranitar who was almost ready to fire. Just when the beam was released, the Lucario ducked and slid under the Tyranitarīs beam and jumped hitting all the possible vital points of her target.

    The Tyranitar trembled at the punches and kicks, but maintained itself. Luca then evaded a mega punch and used her Aura sphere on the Tyranitarīs face making it fall on its back.

    B-But how? how did you beat my team!? Iīm almost an elite trainer, how many badges do you have!?" the trainer said with utter defeat.

    "Sorry, but Im just a traveler who has made a team" Kris said as her Lucario came and hugged her with victory "Lets go guys, we got a city to reach" the traveler said as she and her team moved forward onto their next goal.
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    Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..


    Chapter 1

    A morning of beginnings

    As the sun was rising, Kris woke up looking at her surroundings, the forest was calm and she was looking at almost all of her team that was still sleeping

    Aro the Swampert was barely visible in the pond where he was resting, Gaspar the Haunter was floating on the base of a tree almost transparent because of his dormant state and finally Lina the Froslass was lying down on top of a rock that was covered by a a small patch of snow, but Celia and Luca werenīt around.

    Kris got up and started the little fireplace while taking some berries for the group and soon the frosslass woke up "Mm.. smells nice" Linaīs voice was heard.

    "Good morning Lina, the food is almost ready, can you wake up the others?" Kris asked to the ice geisha who nodded and floated towards the Haunter.

    Hm.. another five minutes.." the ghost said still sleeping. Lina moved Gaspar around and pulled him out of his dreams by crossing through the ghost making him shiver. "All right all right Iīm awa- oh food" Gaspar forgot about his sudden wake up call and glided to his food.

    Aroīs case was easier for Lina who only sent a little ice beam to the pond waking up the Swampert. As he got out of the water, the amphibian stretched his limbs and said "Seriously Lina, you love doing that". With that the froslass giggled and countered him "I just enjoy my job".

    As Kris finally got everything ready, Celia and Luca appeared with many berries and different sized wood.

    "Hello there, I didnīt know we were short on supplies" Kris welcomed them and gestured the berries. "We will need rations for the trip since the next city may take more time that we though" Celia answered as Luca packed the rations.

    "Actually there is a faster way to reach" Luca said while eating a berry and continued "I heard that there is a cave that crosses the mountain, instead of rounding it, we cross inside the mountain, it will cut the time we take to reach the next city".

    Both Kris and Celia thought about it and nodded in agreement.

    "Ok then, to the cave it is" The traveler said."A cave? oh this wonīt be good.." Aro said nervously,the Froslass saw him and asked "Oh, is it that you are afraid of the dark?" and the Swampert corrected her "Iīm not afraid of darkness, I am just.. uncomfortable with tight places".

    "Ohhh this will be so good" Gaspar spoke excited for it.
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    Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



      Chapter 2

      A laberynth cave

      Luca was guiding the team for the cave that she heard of, the forest was starting to end and with time, the team reached the mountainīs base and the entrance for the cave. "No wonder you took extra supplies, for the size of this mountain, the cave must be massive" Kris said looking at the darkness in front of her. Gaspar was excited about the whole thing and looked at her. "Yes Gaspar, you can lead us in this" Kris smiled as the Haunterīs smirk got bigger with more excitement. "Ok you lackeys, from now on you should follow my orders and you shall follow me as your captain, now onward!" The haunter raised a fist at the sky as they went inside the cave.

      The cave was indeed long and had many paths and dead ends, luckily, Gaspar could easily find the correct paths because of his spectral vision. Kris had a torch to help her see their surroundings, some Zubats were flying on the roof while some Parasect crawled on the walls. "This place gives me the creeps" Aro said nervously as he was the one on the back of the line. Celia who was in front of him tried to soothe the Swampert [C"Its ok, just relax and keep looking at the torch" The Gardevoir took one of his long arms and calmed him a bit as the amphibian followed the light.

      "Hold it, there is something over there"[/COLOR][/B] Gaspar stopped everyone and pointed at what looked like a boulder. "What is it Gaspar, it looks like a rock" Lina said getting near him. "Just see" the Haunter floated to the boulder and slowly touched it. Suddenly the boulder trembled a bit and it deformed into smaller rocks that were moving. Geodudes, Gravelers and even some Golems appeared in both front and back of the team "We are surrounded guys" Luca warned everyone while starting another torch and throwing it to the other side, they had an almost full view of the situation.

      Kris was already making a plan when she noticed that Aro was getting more nervous, then an idea came to her mind. "Aro, Use water pulse" Kris said and the Swampert used his powers sending waves of water reaching almost all of their attackers. "Over here! there is another path!" Gaspar pointed to a wall and crossed it, but then the white ghost slammed her palm on it "We canīt cross through walls like you dimwit!" Lina yelled at him as a punch from a near emotionally crisis Swampert passed in front of her showing a big hole. Everyone got inside and Aro closed the hole by pushing a big rock.

      "You were saying?" the Haunter poked the Froslass shoulder "S-Shut up!" she said embarrassed as Gaspar grinned in joy. "Well, guess we will rest here" Kris said making a fireplace as she was taking some food. Aro was saying nonsense in his emotional break down "What if we get stuck or what if we get lost or what if we-" and he fell unconscious because of both Lucaīs punch on the head and Celiaīs hypnosis. "Or what if you shut up?" the Lucario said finally taking a breath. "Letīs hope he stays asleep for a while" Celia rubbed the now sleeping Swampertīs forehead and continued "I donīt feel anything close to us, I suggest you to take some rest" the Gardevoir said and everyone nodded.
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      Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



        Chapter 3

        A place full of wonders

        Krisī timer buzzed on her wrist marking that it was 6 am of the next day, oddly, she felt a little thorn on her back, slowly Kris looked at Luca who was sleeping behind her. ("Probably she needed some source of warmth") she thought. With delicacy Kris slipped off the jackalīs reach and got up seeing that Gaspar and Celia were discussing something when they noticed the now waking traveler. "Oh good morning Kris, we are just talking about how much is left to get out of this cave" The Gardevoir said.

        "While you guys were sleeping, I went further on the tunnel and found a big room filled with Pokemon, it is only a half hour walk and we will arrive to the exit" the Haunter explained. "Great work Gaspar, so it is an underground village, hm.. I think we will be ok if we donīt bother them" Kris said planning about what to do with Aroīs claustrophobia.

        The team woke up and ate some berries, again they were guided by the ghost and the caveīs walls were slowly getting bigger "Ahh this is much better, now I got space" The Swampert stood on his two back feet showing his comfort, but he heard no response. "Hey guys what are you looking at?" Aro asked as he reached his friends who were looking at the now visible room.

        It was enormous, the cavern was easily as big as a Colosseum, big pillars of rock were holding the roof , on their bases were many settlements of different pokemon. "This is amazing.." Lina said while looking at the scene "It is indeed a natureīs work" the Lucario said joining her. They all walked straight forward evading the many groups of wild pokemon that looked at the only human of the team. "Ehh.. I think we should hurry up, I have a bad feeling of what they are thinking.." Kris said as a droplet of sweat crossed from the side of her forehead.

        Suddenly a group of Nidokings and Aggron stopped their tracks, they looked angry, but not as the Geodudes and Golems from the other night. To calm the tension, Celia walked and made eye contact with one of the Nidoking and discussed something, then the Nidoking pointed at Kris as he argued for something, Luca instinctively put herself in front of the traveler. "Um.. what are they discussing Luca?" she asked. "The Nidoking is the alpha of this place and he is arguing to Celia that your presence here is a bad idea, he is saying that you may tell other humans about this cavern" the Lucario explained.

        The discussion between Celia and the Nidoking continued and soon Aro got there too and somehow made a deal with the alpha. Lina giggled at what ever Aro said and looked at the confused Kris. "Oh donīt worry, Aro made a deal to the alpha so we can go without any problem" the froslass said and then smirked. "The alpha wants you to pass him without any help from us". With that, Kris took a second to think about it and then talked "You guys enjoy this.. arenīt you?". Gaspar laughed at her statement "Its not that we enjoy your bad luck, but there is always something fun happening around you hahaha.

        The pokemon moved aside from the alpha and so Krisīteam did the same leaving her alone with the Nidoking. "Just to know.. he wonīt slaughter me with his claws, right?"she asked. Celia was the one who answered "Donīt worry, he promised that there will be not much attack from him".

        "Not much huh? one of those claws can cut me like butter" Kris sighed as she prepared for the run. The Nidoking made his guard and so the human ran towards his left with a good speed, but was stopped with a fist stomping on the floor just in front of her. "The heck!?" she said. The Nidoking was in front of her in a blink of an eye, no wonder he was the alpha, with that speed and that strength, he was like a 2 tons cannonball.

        Kris ran to the other side just to be stopped by the mass of muscles again. ("Come on.. there must be a way to pass this guy..") she thought and then she saw that the Nidoking was smirking at her loss. "Having fun with this?" she asked and the alphaīs grin widened agreeing. This time she ran directly towards him and tried to slide below the Nidoking, but was again stopped by his fast perception by using his foot as a wall. Kris reacted in a matter of seconds, jumping and grabbing the pokemonīs horn. The Nidoking started to shake his head around trying to make the human lose her grip and then ran to a wall trying to pin her, in the last second, Kris slipped from the horn and ducked from the stampede running creature who got stuck on the wall. By the time the alpha got out of the wall, he saw that Kris had already crossed him.

        "Good job Kris, that was awesome" Luca said as she ran first to get near the panting human. "Yeah.. it worked.." Kris said as the whole team finally gathered close to her. The Nidoking walked to them and faced the human, he looked directly at her eyes and smirked going away and letting them go.

        Finally after walking through the last gap of tunnels, the team saw some light growing at the end of it. The first to reach the exit were Aro and Lina breathing the fresh air. "Finally, we are free of that tight caverns" The Swampert said looking at the clear sky. "I kind of liked it, but I prefer this free space" Lina said looking at the cave. "You know that we can come back in there, and probably we can play hide and seek on the labyrinth" Gaspar joked and got a punch on his face by a mad Froslass. "At least we crossed the mountain and we are closer to the city, lets be quick and we may get there by sunset" Kris spoke as they headed towards their destination.
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        Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



          Chapter 4

          The memories part 1

          A lost egg and a determined Eskimo

          The day was getting close to its end and Krisī team made it to the city of Dublith, it wasnīt as big as a real city, but it was slowly growing and becoming one. The pokemon center was their priority goal. "So, do we just go or should we get inside our balls?" Lina asked as they were entering the city limits. "I donīt understand why we should hide, I have seen many Machokes and Rhydons in the human settlements, why canīt we be outside too?" Aro asked with some anger.

          "Look I understand how are you feeling, but only big and strong pokemon who are working are allowed to be outside" Kris explained him. Then Gaspar was the one with doubts "And what about Luca? she can roam freely". Again the traveler explained "Lucaīs case is different and you understand she canīt be inside a pokeball, no matter which one we use, it ends up breaking". Both the amphibian and the ghost looked at each other and agreed.

          Everyone except Luca were inside their balls and both the Lucario and Kris walked into the city. "Thanks for helping me back there" Luca thanked Kris and the later also said "Its ok, we have seen what happens when you get inside a pokeball, not even an ultra can keep you, so donīt worry, ok?" then the jackal asked "How much did it cost you to get that one?" Kris laughed remembering how she got that pokeball "You wouldnīt believe what people put into the trash" With that they continued as Luca wondered why a human would put such a costly object in a trash can. There werenīt many people outside and that helped them to make it easy to the pokemon center.

          "Welcome, do you need any assistance?" The nurse Joy said in her already mechanical voice. "Yeah, I would like to get a room for my team" Kris said. All right, I would just need your pokedex as registration" The nurse asked politely, Kris took out her device, the nurse Joy made a quick face of wonder, the pokedex looked old and had some scratches on its surface. "You know.. that you can get a new pokedex if you go to one of the gyms, right?" she asked. "Im sorry, but this guy will stay with me, thank you for your concern." the traveler got back her pokedex and was sent to the last room on the left. As she and Luca were walking through the corridor, they heard two trainers talking. "-oh really? thatīs great!" the male trainer said "Yeah its my first badge and I already registered 24 pokemon on my pokedex" the female trainer said. Kris just smiled at their conversation and the jackal noticed her by asking "Do you miss doing being a normal Kris?" Luca had a sad tone. "No, I enjoy this journey, besides I got you guys and donīt worry" Kris patted the Lucarioīs shoulder and they arrived at their room.

          It was past midnight and Kris woke up without reason, she looked at the room, Celia and Lina were sleeping on one of the beds and were in total peace, Aro was resting on the floor with his slow snoring and and Gaspar was barely floating over the couch smirking like having a dream only a devil would have. Finally Luca was sleeping by Krisīside on the bed, she looked serene and without any worry. Kris was happy to see them enjoying some peace. ("Do you miss doing being a normal Kris?") Lucaīs question rang on her head and she thought about her old days as a trainer.

          Some years ago...

          It was a bright day as a younger Kris started her adventure as many trainers in the region of Sinnoh, she lived in Snowpoint city and her friends were already planning on going to beat the gym leaders. In Krisīcase, she decided to go to the lake Acuity to rest from the society for a while, some pokemon were used to her presence already and they enjoyed playing with her. During that visit to the lake, Kris saw something buried on the snow and she went there to pick it up realizing it was an egg. "Hello? anybody there? I found this egg alone here, can anybody hear me?" she screamed looking around for the eggīs parents, but there was no response. In the end, Kris took care of it while searching for the parents. Unfortunately, they never appeared.

          After a week of taking care of the egg, all of Krisī friend slowly left her because she was staying with a wild egg instead her human friends, she had a bad feeling with the idea of handling it to the pokemon center so she kept took care of the egg as the other people of her age left the town for their adventures. In one night as Kris was almost falling asleep, the egg started to shine on her bed, the figure was changing from that oval form into a creature and finally a small Riolu was there in the eggīs place.

          Some months passed and both the Riolu and Kris trained to finally go on their first adventure, at first the little creature was shy to Kris mostly because she was human and never talked, but the Riolu was more scared of bigger pokemon and usually hided behind the humanīs legs. They reached the mount coronetīs caverns and mostly escaped the hordes of Zubats. "It is ok to be scared little one, there are many big guys around, but we are strong too" the human tried to reassure the small jackal who nodded feeling a bit better. Inside there they met a Snorunt who was battling an Aggron, the Snorunt looked heavily damaged but it kept fighting. Kris didnīt hesitated and went to stop the battle, but the Riolu stepped back afraid of it. The Aggron was ready to stomp the Snorunt when Kris snatched the ice pokemon from the attack and escaped taking the Riolu on her other arm to hide from the enraged poke.

          They made a little campfire in a safe spot of the cave, the Snorunt was resting with some bandages to recover. The Riolu was ashamed of stepping back and was sad, Kris saw it and tried to comfort the ashamed pokemon, but it was in vain as she saw the aura pokemon running away. The Riolu wanted to be away and ran until she reached a dead end. Meanwhile with Kris who was completely worried saw that the Snorunt was waking up and tried to run in vain because of the pain "Nono.. please stay calm, you are badly injured and need help" Kris pleaded to the bandagedEskimo. Then she showed the Snorunt a pokeball suggesting to keep it safe "You need to be safe and real treatment, please trust me" she said, the creature looked at her eyes, they had real honesty, so it nodded at her truth. Kris got the Snorunt in the ball and ran as fast as she could to wherever Riolu was hiding not caring of whoever was around. "Riolu! where are you!" she called almost screaming while running.

          The Riolu suddenly heard Kris voice and started to run towards her call until the same Aggron appeared even more angered than before. the creature looked massive in Rioluīs eyes and her fear overwhelmed her stopping every movement. The Aggron started to prepare an iron claw and Riolu closed her eyes for the inevitable. She didnīt felt anything but the attack did hit something. Opening her eyes, she saw Kris shielding her from the Aggron, some strands of her jacket were hanging from her back and thin trails of of crimson blood were staining them. "Thank Arceus you are safe.." Kris barely said as she endured her pain but was smiling because she found her friend. Riolu was almost on her tears when she saw her masterīs smile and behind her an enraged Aggron preparing another attack.

          Riolu jumped above Kris and used counter to deflect the Aggronīs iron claw receiving only a minimum hit but dealing the double to the metal dragon making it go back to a wall. As soon as Riolu reached the floor, she was lifted by Kris and saw how she ran towards the nearest exit and somehow reaching Eterna city. In the pokemon center, Kris took the Snoruntīs pokeball and talked to the nurse joy who was shocked at the trainerīs state "Please.. help her.." Kris said panting from the run she made. The nurse quickly took the Snorunt to heal it while Chancey treated Kris and Rioluīs wounds. Riolu now saw clearly the wound on her trainerīs back, she lost whatever strength she had left and hugged Kris bursting with tears, Kris only tried to comfort her.

          The next morning, the Snorunt was stable again and could walk again, Kris was happy to see her fine and noticed a cerulean colored pendant dangling with her. Somehow she managed to talk to the recovered ice pokemon and was ok if she wanted to go back to the wilderness, the Snorunt thought about it and decided to stay with them. Riolu waved shyly at the Snorunt but was surprised by the sudden hug of appreciation. Kris just smiled at the scene.
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          Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



            Chapter 4

            Memories part 2

            The mischievous ghost and an enraged amphibian

            The trio somehow managed to continue their travels around Sinnoh, Riolu was growing more open to Snorunt who was rather enjoying the trip, Kris was making note of the first gym they needed to beat. Oreburgh city was reached in 3 days, and mostly it was calmly, Snorunt was really powerful with her ice attacks and so Riolu with physical ones. Both pokemon were looking fine for Kris and she decided to challenge the gym leader Roark

            It took a good fight to finally beat both Roarkīs Geodude and Onix. "Well im impressed that you beat both of my teammates with only a Riolu and a Snorunt, but letīs see what you can do against my partner" Roark smirked sending his Rampardos. It looked powerful and ready for anything while Krisī allies were already exhausted. She looked at them wondering if they would be ok, Snorunt was panting a lot because of the fierce fight against the Onix, but then she heard something on her mind "I-- be -in- don-- w-rry" Kris looked at Riolu who was smiling at her.

            "Ok then, Riolu use force palm!" and so the pup faced the dinosaur evading its headbutt attack and hit some parts of the Rampardos. Both pokemon got taxed in energy but they kept fighting until a fast counter sent the Rampardos to the sky and falling unconscious marking their victory. Riolu jumped in joy and then passed out with a smile on her face as she was held by both Snorunt and Kris. "That was a nice battle Kris, here you go" Roark congratulated her and gave the Coal badge.

            The days passed and so Kris and company went to the next gym to face Gardenia, but got lost in the forest. Trying to find shelter from the rain, they found an old chateau and used it as a refugee. "Phew that was close, isnīt it?" Kris asked and both Snorunt and Riolu agreed. A little laugh was heard and the human looked around to find nothing. "Anybody there?" she said walking between the many rooms of the chateau, suddenly a flower pot flew towards her direction and got stopped by Snoruntīs ice wind, the laughter was again heard and this time a figure appeared throwing some objects. the trio evaded the attack by entering a room. The laughter was being heard from many directions and they couldnīt see anything "Riolu, try to sense that creature, Snorunt, shoot an ice wind to where Riolu points" Kris already in battle mode as her friends nodded. Riolu closed her eyes and waited for any sign of the ghost, she could see both Kris and Snoruntīs auras and also a third one floating behind them. She barked and pointed towards the creatureīs position and Snorunt sent the ice wind, hitting the ghost who now got visible.

            It was a Haunter and he suddenly screamed in shock of being both discovered and trapped in the attack. "So you were the one causing this ruckus?" Kris looked at the ghost who smirked as making an agreement to her question. Snorunt walked to him and pulled his face like scolding him. the Haunter got mad and argued to her breaking free of the ice and fleeing to behind the walls. "Hey! get back here!" Kris demanded as they tried to follow the ghost around the abandoned chateaus, Riolu was the first to get him and they flew around the corridor sending her to a door bust-opening it. the Haunter stopped its escape and ran into the room. Both Kris and Snorunt reached their friend and looked at the Haunter who was guarding something. He looked desperate and fear was noticed from his eyes.

            The human then saw the whole room, it was filled with photos of a boy and a ghastly, the more she saw, the more she noticed how the boy grew and so the ghastly turned into a Haunter. She picked up a photo that was on the floor and it showed a really elderly man with the same Haunter, behind them was the same chateau, but it looked new. "You were trying to protect your master, right?" Kris asked, the Haunter nodded then he looked at Kris and put his hand on her forehead, an flash appeared on her eyes.

            Kris saw an old person on his bed and she was floating near him. "Oh.. boy.. you never give up.. huh? the elderly man barely said. Kris nodded instinctively and then she saw a floating hand giving some medicine to the man. That is when she understood, she was seeing the Haunterīs memories. The man coughed again and looked to the ceiling and the Haunterīs hand grabbed his friendīs arm to comfort him. "Its ok my friend you have done more than I could have wished.. now go.. be free and let me rest.. see you later" the man smiled and fell asleep.

            Then Kris got back to reality and saw a really sad Haunter "You know that he isnīt here anymore, you need to move on.." she tried to comfort him, the Haunter was thinking a lot about it, but in the end he nodded. He floated away from the what he was protecting, it was an old pokeball, Kris walked towards it and asked and looked at the ghost "You can be free if you want, but also you can come with us and have good company Both Riolu and Snorunt nodded and smiled at Haunter who after looking at the pictures again nodded and followed calmly. They left the old chateau as the rain stopped and only some gray clouds shaded the scenery.

            Both Gardenia and Maylene were though fighters but Krisī team showed no fail and bested them with tenacity. Snorunt had also evolved into a froslass because of the pendant she had, her body made the Haunter act like in love but was usually declined by her. Riolu was amazed to see a Lucario for the first time and looked at Kris with determination "I wan- to be li-e him, a stron- Luca---". Kris laughed a bit with because Riolu still couldnīt say Lucario totally although her communication skills were improving and with that Kris got the names of both Haunter whoīs name was Gaspar and Froslassīs case was Lina. Riolu still had no name though and Kris was thinking on a name for her. "How about Diana? its a name of bravery" Kris offered but was refused by her partner. Lina gave another name, but also got refused, then it was Gasparīs turn who got a death glare of both Riolu and Lina, he then laughed because of it.

            They reached Pastoria city and got the notice that Wake wasnīt on the gym, he was trying to stop some water waves coming to the city. Kris and company went to the area to see what was happening. The Froslass used an ice beam to stop some of the rising water. Both the Haunter and the Riolu helped with the barricades. "What are you doing Kiddo? this is no place for a young one to be, go somewhere safe!" Wake yelled at Kris who answered "I canīt do that, the pokemon and the people are in danger here, so Iīll do what I can to help!" she said as she jumped at the boat.

            Both Kris and Wake searched for the cause of the waves and noticed something in the water. It was a Swampert, but it looked furious, his rage was intense as more waves kept coming. "I have an idea, we must capture him and it will stop the situation" Wake said as they got closer to the amphibian. The Swampert then saw the boat and dived into the water preparing to collide with the boat. the driver barely evaded the torpedo of a creature who fell on the deck cracking the floor. "Oh crap, he will sink us!" a crew member said alarmed.

            "There must be a reason of why he is so enraged" Wake said while sending his Floatzel to attack the Swampert, then Kris noticed something on the water, boats, many boats and concrete. "Whatīs that?" she asked. "Those are old boats that sank and the concrete is what is left of some rich guyīs crazy idea of a floating hotel, guess it didnīt work" Wake said as both the Swampert and Floatzel were fighting. "No wonder why he is mad, just look at how the underwater looks!" Kris said with a tone of anger. "We have done what we can to stop it, but it is too much even for us, girl" Wake said concerned about it. Kris sighed and called for her allies. Both Gaspar and Lina flew towards her and Riolu was being held by the Haunter. "We must stop this guy and somehow get rid of that trash below water" Kris spoke.

            Wakeīs Floatzel was suddenly attacked by the Swampertīs Take down "Dammit he is too strong" Wake said as he got his pokemon bat to its ball, Kris sent all three of her teammates to beat the enraged amphibian, Lina used ice wind to slow down his movements and Riolu used a focus punch to tire him out, finally Gaspar used a night shade to finally made the Swampert fall on his knees. the gym leader was impressed by the combination of attacks "That.. was amazing" Wake said and then ordered "Now capture him girl" Kris looked at him with a serious face "Iīm not going to capture a pokemon who was defending his territory" she said as the tired Swampert looked at her with both wonder and confusion. She then looked at the pokemon and got closer to apologize, the ampbhibian growled at her, but didnīt attack as she showed her hands on surrender "Iīm terribly sorry for what we have done to your habitat, we will try to clear what has been done to repair the damage". she spoke understanding his pain. With that the Swampert looked at the human and to her friends who nodded, he then jumped to the water and stopped the waves.

            It didnīt took long for Pastoria citizens to understand the situation and they started to clean the damage they have done to the pokemon habitat. Kris and company were preparing for their gym battle when she asked something to Riolu "You know.. you looked pretty good back there with the Swampert, almost as strong as a.." she stopped to make her friend finish "Luca---, a Luca--- agh.." Riolu kept trying to say it but was stopped by Kris, "As strong as a Luca? that sounds nice how about making that your name, you like it Luca?" she asked the Riolu who thought about it and smiled with the idea.

            Reaching the gym, Kris saw Wake on the entrance "There is no need for battling me on the gym girl, what you did out there is more than enough to deserve this badge, I should congratulate you, not only you beat a pokemon who easily bested my ace, but also helped to make its habitat safe again, congratulations" Wake said handling her the Fen badge. Gaspar laughed happily as Lina was hugging Luca with what happened, but Kris felt something while seeing the badge ("I won a badge, but I feel wrong by having it..")she thought.

            Preparing to leave for their next city, the team heard a growl coming from the water and from it the same Swampert from before appeared "Oh you want to say goodbye to us?" Kris asked to him, but the amphibian shook his head, then he pointed to one of her pokeballs "Wait.. you want to come with us?" the human asked as the amphibian nodded accepting her as a partner. "All right then, welcome to the team" The trainer said capturing the Swampert and released him quickly, the Swampert looked at her confused and she explained "You are part of us, there is no need to be in this things" with that the amphibian smiled and the now bigger team continued to their next goal.
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              Chapter 5

              Memories part 3

              A riddle and a shine

              The now bigger team was now in Hearthome city gym, Fantina, its gym leader was a marvel with her pokemon, both Gaspar and Luca fell from her Drifblimīs attacks, Kris then sent Lina to face the blimp pokemon "Oh a Froslass, such a beautiful creature, I would love to see it in one of the contests" Fantina said as the Drifblim used ominous wind, Lina made a face of disgust "Sorry but she doesnīt enjoy being on those events, Lina, use Blizzard!" and so the Froslass countered the blimp pokemonīs attack with a major one freezing it to finally making a Knock Out, yet she received some of the ominous wind.

              "Oh.. my poor Drifblim, Mismagious! time for your appearance!" the gym leader said sending a pokeball that freed the magical pokemon. Lina looked taxed because of the earlier match. "Its ok Lina, you can rest, Aro, its your turn now" Kris said as the Swampert made his appearance. He stretched his limbs and looked at her with excitement "That Frosslass of you would have help you make a lot of money in the contests, but oh well" Fantina stated. Both pokemon sent attacks after attacks, the Mismagious tried to stun the amphibian with a thunder wave as the latter used muddy water to both hurt and lower her accuracy. Both attacks hit their target paralyzing Aro and covering the Mismagius with mud.

              "Guess this match will end soon, Mismagius, use Hyper beam!" Fantina said and the magical pokemon charged her energy for the attack, Aro tried to move his legs, but the paralyze was making a good work against him and then the Mismagius fired the Hyper beam hitting the amphibian and making a cloud of smoke. "Oh perfect, even with that mud, Mismagius managed to hit him" Fantina said smirking but stopped as Kris was calm "I suggest you to look again gym leader" the trainer said as the smoke dissipated. There stood Aro with his arms covering his chest and face, many scratches on his body, but he stood there smirking "W-What!? how did he endured the hyper beam?" the gym leader said impressed, "Swamperts can lift a weight of a ton without any problem, thus making their bodies heavily powerful and resistant" Kris said as Aro used whirlpool surrounding the Mismagius and pinning her till falling.

              The team was happy as they achieved their fifth badge, Kris was happy too, but she also was thinking about what Fantina said ("That Froslas of you would have helped you make a lot of money"), she shook her head. Those contests were ok for some pokemon, but there were others who felt like trophies for it. ("But what if this league of pokemon battles did the same?") she tought. Luca saw her uneasiness and asked with her telepathy [I]"Are you ok Kris? you donīt look good"[I] she asked worried. "Iīm ok Luca, its just a thing that crossed my mind" the trainer said trying to look fine. ("Your doubts are normal young one") a voice in her head said, Kris looked around wondering who said that. ("Im not close, but we will meet soon, go to the island where the moon shines") the voice echoed and soon was gone.

              That riddle was a mystery for Kris and she asked help for her friends while traveling to Canalave city, Both Gaspar and Lina were discussing something about it and Luca was talking with Aro, the trainer was writing the riddle and looked at the map for any clues "The island where the moon shines.." she said to herself and sighed as no close island had anything related to the moon.

              Reaching Canalave city, Kris met Byron who also was Roarkīs father. "I heard about you from my son, you defeated him with only a Riolu and a Snorunt, thatīs an odd starting team but still who am I to judge, Iīm glad I got to meet you Kris"[/B] Byron shook her hand "Glad to meet you Sir, by the way I noticed that you work on the mines of the near islands, do you happen to know any island where the moon shines?" the trainer asked but received a disappointing answer of not having information. "I have heard about the islands where Cresselia and Darkrai rest, but nothing about a shinning moon island"

              Later that day they battled with full force, both Bronzor and Steelix were amazing fighters, but the true marvel was Bastiodon, he was a true fort of defense. Luca was exhausted as her attacks were countered with the shield pokemonīs iron defense. Then the Bastiodon evaded the Rioluīs brick break and crashed her with an iron head both reaching the wall making some cracks. "Luca! Kris screamed as she was about to run towards her friend but stopped as the Bastiodon was being pushed back. Luca was using all her strength to push him and howled as her energy suddenly rose making her glow.

              "No way.. that Riolu is evolving!"Byron said surprised. The Bastiodon was then lifted by the now changing Luca and was thrown away. The glowing creature in front of Kris was slowly becoming taller and slender, finally the light diminished and the the Riolu became a Lucario."Wow.. I feel.. stronger!". Luca said looking at her new body, then she looked at Kris smiling, the trainer was smiling too and then said "Ready to test your new you?", the human received a nod as an agreement as Luca ran towards the Bastiodon. "Luca, use Close combat!"

              "Bastiodon, use Iron head!" Byron yelled too. Both pokemon ran as fast as they could and made impact making the floor shake. they stood there for a second, but the Bastiodon made a little whimper and fell on its side fainting. With joy, Luca ran towards Kris and jumped expecting to be lifted, but her new body was now heavier and they fell on the floor, Kris looked at her and started to laugh.

              That night in a rented room of the pokemon center, everyone was happy for both the Mine badge and Lucaīs evolution. Gaspar was floating with excitement and Lina was talking about something making both of her and the Lucario laugh, Aro was resting on his place and Kris was massaging her own feet. Then she heard that voice again ("You are close to it, come now") This time she received an image of the island and it was being filled with the moonīs shine. Kris got up and looked at the window. "Guys, I think I know where the island is" She said looking at the ocean. "We know Kris, we saw the vision too" Luca said as her allies agreed. "Then get ready, Aro, we will need your help" the trainer spoke as the Swampert smiled and nodded.
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                Chapter 6

                Memories part 4

                A wise telepath and an important decision

                The travel wasnīt long and it was peaceful, Aro was fast and he knew where the island was even though he had never been there. Soon the island was over the horizon and slowly growing as they finally they reached its shore. The group went into the tiny forest and found a little lake, on its edge was a Gardevoir who was seeing the moonīs shine. "Hello there Kris, Iīm glad that you and your friends made it to this place, I welcome you to the full moon Island" she said in a calm and soothing tone.

                "Wait, how do you know my name?" Kris asked to the Gardevoir who answered, "I have been watching you from some time and also I can read your memories" the pokemon turned to face the human, she looked grown up, some little wrinkle lines were seen on her face and her chest crystal had many scratches showing that she had many experience and a long life. "You started your adventure in Snowpoint city and your first partner was a Riolu that you found as an egg in lake acuity, then you protected both that Riolu and a Snorunt receiving a direct slash from an Aggron caring more for them than yourself" the Gardevoir spoke sagely, Kris remembered that and felt the lines of the slashes on her back.

                "After that you managed to help a mourning Haunter who tried to protect his late master and finally you and your friends saved a Swampert who lost his habitat." the telepath said echoing the message to all of them. "You have done a good job to help the pokemon child" she said calmly.

                "There is something that I donīt understand, who are you?" a female voice asked, Kris faced to were the voice came from and only saw Lina "What did you say Lina?" the human asked confused. "I asked who she wa- wait you can understand me?" the froslass asked shocked. ]"Ohhh now she can understand us? this should be fun" a mischievous male voice said, this time Kris saw Gaspar and Aro then talked "Now Iīm confused how does Kris can understand us now, but not earlier?"

                The Gardevoir then explained. "Since the moment I started sending my messages to your human friend I have also been printing the pokemon language to her mind, thus making this easier to explain too". Kris was amazed and had a little hint of fear "I suppose what you did is to help me, but wasnīt it possible that I could have any side effect because of this imprinting?" Kris asked. "I knew that imprinting our language to your mind may have had any side effects, but your presence here shows that you are ok" the Gardevoir giggled a bit and continued "Now let me ask you something, what have you seen with your gym battles?" her tone was serious.

                That question took Kris unprepared "What have I seen with my gym battles?" she asked "Think of their leaderīs personalities and their works, what are their other roles aside from gym leaders?" the telepath explained. Kris thought about it "Well.. Roark was a fossil collector and a miner in a coal cavern, Gardenia was doing a territory for grass-type-only pokemon, Maylene had a Dojo for both human and pokemon martial arts and had a mountain for training, Wake had a boat production for sales, Fantina usually is a pokemon contest promoter, and Byron goes to work in the iron minds in a nearby island" [/B][/COLOR] She pointed their works with her fingers.

                "Thatīs the human point of view, now look from the pokemonīs point of view, both Roark and his father destroy the many pokemon settlements in caves, Gardenia is pushing aside the diversity of many types of creatures to only have grass pokemon, Maylene is trying to make her pokemon far stronger to keep fighting more and more, Wakeīs old boats destroyed your swampertīs habitat by accident." Gardevoir said and Aro made a fist with anger "Fantina promotes beauty and some trainers force their pokemon for special contests, and we still have Candice and her people who have breached the Snowpoint temple, that temple is a sacred place for us and finally we have Volkner who excess the power of electric pokemon on his city" Gardevoir said.

                Kris was surprised by how they were seen, but had to ask "Wait, you say that the gym leaders are evil people, that the whole pokemon league is just a cover for a true objective, I donīt see how causing all these problems help them" Kris said confused. "Curiosity" Gardevoir only said. "Curiosity of knowledge, for power, for understanding and many more. One of the biggest curiosities is the one of Arceus, the creator of everything, but to reach her, they have searched for all pokemon in earth, sky and underwater, there are good humans but there are also bad ones like those organizations like team rocket in Kanto and johto, Magma and Aqua in Hoen and Galactic in here in Sinnoh" She explained

                "I understand what are you saying, but what is my role here? Iīm just a human" Kris said and then Gardevoir pointed at Luca. "That Lucario was supposed to die in lake Acuity as an egg, but you found it and took care of it to have another chance, you have put the well being of pokemon before your own".

                "I.. was supposed to die..?" Luca barely spoke trembling with realization, "Its ok Luca.. Kris saved you and gave you a second chance.. she has helped us all" Lina said comforting the jackal. "In the end, you havenīt told me what you want me to do" Kris said facing the telepath. "All right, what we want you to do is show the Arceus that humans and pokemon can coexist equally"Gardevoir said with the same calm tone.

                Kris stood there for some seconds, then it hit her "S-Show Arceus what!?" the high tone more of shock than confusion. "Sadly, Arceus has lost hope for your species and plans to remodel the human species so the pokemon can live in peace, it has happened only once, those many ruins around the many regions are remains of the old civilization who angered her." Gardevoir explained. Kris only sat on the floor true trying to digest thoe whole thing "Relax Kris, you got our support, my support" Luca said putting her paw on the humanīs shoulder, "I-Im ok.. just need some time to swallow everything.." the trainer said

                "I understand your fears, its a high task for a mere human, but you have my word that I see a bright future for you" Gardevoir spoke. Kris got up and saw the moon, its full shine filled her with peacefulness, then she faced Gardevoir and nodded "All right, iīll do it" The gardevoir then smiled and went to her. "Good, if you let me, I wish to join you and your group as a companion." The human nodded again, but first asked "Iīm sorry, but what is you name?" That took the Gardevoir unprepared and laughed "My name is Celia, nice to meet you my master", Kris took the telepathīs hand and said "Not master Celia, we are now friends" Both the human and the pokemon smiled and the team went back to Canalave city.

                Present time...

                Kris looked at the moon through the window. ("It has been so long since I started this journey, and I have met many beings") she looked at her sleeping friends, Aro was snorting again, Gaspar was munching a pillow on the couch, both Celia and Lina were soundly asleep on one of the beds and finally Luca was calmly asleep on the other bed, Kris looked at the Jackal thinking on how they met.("Life has his ways of acting") the human smiled and went to the bed again and lying down, soon she felt a paw over her shoulder, "Where did.. you go?" Luca barely asked still half asleep, "Nowhere, just found your answer" The human said

                "And what is it?" Luca asked, Kris only said "Im happy if you are happy, now go back to sleep you pup" With that the Jackal smiled and fell asleep again, followed by the traveler.
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                  A side note for the ones reading the story

                  You can both comment both here ir PM me if you want to, uf you have negative opinions, please be constructive type, not destructive
                  Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                    Chapter 7

                    The legendary professor

                    The team was preparing for the travel when Kris asked Celia about the person they had to meet. "He is a known professor from Kanto and now is investigating some ruins in the outskirts of this city, he has some knowledge about Ninetales whereabouts" the telepath said. Then the human asked "You mean professor Oak?" and Celia nodded. "I have heard stories about him, famous for his discoveries with the Unown symbology and the many journeys to understand the pokemon life, he is acknowledged by many trainers and pokemon." Kris said as they left the room.

                    Searching for the professor resulted quite easily because many scientists were gathering to the ruins, some to help in the research while others just to meet the legendary professor Oak."There are many white coats around " Luca said rather nervous as the many scientists were noticing the human being followed by the Gardevoir and Lucario. "Its ok Luca, they just wonder why we are here, the worst that could happen is that they may challenge us into a battle" Kris reassured the Jackal.

                    The trio kept walking and a guard stopped them. "Sorry maīam, but no trainers are allowed to enter this area" the guard said. "Oh sorry, but Iīm not a trainer, Iīm looking for professor Oak, its a matter of research" Kris explained him, yet he stood there. "Sorry still out of li- oh pardon me, you can pass" the guard changed his mind abruptly and as they passed him, Kris looked at Celia with a mischievous smile "I may be patient, but I also have my own limits" Both the Lucario and the human laughed at her response.

                    There were many scientists looking at the rock symbols on the many walls of the ruins, There were Unown symbols and images of many legendary pokemon that were gathering as the wall kept going. In what looked like a mountain, the legendaries gathered, near the sun were HO-OH and Deoxis floating and on the moon side floated Cresselia and Darkrai. The base of the mountain was divided in four sections, in the water part swam Kyoger and was followed by Latios and Latias flying close to it, on the magma caverns were Groudoun and Heatran, the Forest lands had Celebii and Shaymin. Slowly going up where the three dogs sitting on three elemental paths, Entei in a fire filled circle, Raiku in a storm filled arena and Suicune in a patch of nature. Higher on the mountain perched the three birds Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno followed higher up by Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. At the top of the mountain Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf were flying around and in the middle of them was Mew. Finally above them was Arceus covered with a multicolored shine.

                    The trio stood there looking at the image "Itīs amazing.." Luca barely said, "It is indeed" Followed Celia. "A once in a lifetime event" Kris finished. She released the others to see the marvel in front of them. "What is it Kris? what do you nee- oh my.." Lina said amazed by the mural."Its the first time I have seen so many legends together" Aro said wondered. "Its... beautiful.." Gaspar gasped.

                    "Amazing isnīt it?" Someone said behind them. The whole team looked at wonder to the living legend. "I heard that you were searching for me, isnīt it?" He asked. "Oh right, we are here to discuss about a research with you" Kris said greeting him. The professor smiled at them and walked towards Kris. "Pleasure to meet you, Iīm professor Samuel Oak, and you are?" Oak shook her hand "Kris and the pleasure is mine professor, but can we talk somewhere more private?" The traveler asked. "Oh sure, please follow me" the professor guided them.

                    The group walked further into the ruins and were stopped by another guard, "Its ok, they are coming with me" Oak spoke "All right professor, please be careful, the waves have rose again" The guard warned him as they got into the entrance of one of the buildings. "Waves?" Kris asked while the group was walking downstairs. "Youīll see" The professor only said. Finally they arrived a chamber, it was quite big and had a lot of space. "Here we will be safe, now you can tell your Gardevoir that I can understand everything your friends are saying" Oak said. "Wait.. you can understand us too?" Lina asked floating close to him who nodded. "Yup, all these years of the knowledge of your species have made me face people and pokemon with similar effects" The professor explained with a smile.

                    "Ok thenso what do you guys need from me?" Oak asked as a loose shaking occurred, "And donīt worry, those are the Unown moving around the underground caves". Celia was the one who asked "Iīll get to the point, we are searching for Ninetales, and I know that you have met her". The professor Oak thought about it and remembered something. "Oh, that journey for the mythical Ninetales, It took my weeks to finally reach that place, and in a well hidden cave was the vixen, she already knew why I was there and we talked about anything I could wonder for hours" Oak said seeing that day. "But also she told me that I would meet a certain girl with a curious group of partners, you and your friends have pretty similar characteristics, although you are taller than I expected".

                    Kris was giggled and started speaking "I need to ask you professor, about the whereabouts of Ninetails, we need to meet her to know how-" bu was stopped "To show Arceus that we the humans are worthy to coexist with pokemon" the professor finished. "I like this guy, he is prepared for everything" Aro said smirking.

                    "I can tell you where to start, but you need to answer me something.." Oak said and then asked "What would you give for your friends?" Kris was about to answer when Gaspar showed "Kris would do anything to help by taking care of any of us while being sick" The Haunter said followed by the Froslass "She has sacrificed many things on behalf for our happiness". Kris started to smile as Aro then said "There are humans who would protect their friends, but it takes true will and bravery to put her own body as shield to protect us". Celia then also explained "Kris overcame the trainer limits and looks at us not only as friends, but as a family" and finally Luca got her speech "Kris has given her life for us and we are grateful for what she has done to make us happy, Iīm deeply grateful to be by her side all I can".. The jackalīs last words were almost a murmur as she blushed while saying it.

                    "Well, that is the correct answer, not only you have made them your close friends. but also they are now your family, you make me proud as you are one of the few people that are the true pokemon masters. You remind me of a trainer who is on the way to be a master too, his shaymin and pineco would always follow him even though he didnīt got them with a pokeball." Professor Oak said happy about it and handled Kris an old book. "Here you will find everything you need for the search of Ninetales". Kris looked at the book, it was more a journal and looked worn. "Thank you professor, Iīll take good care of it." the traveler said.

                    As the group started to go upstairs, Professor Oak took Krisīarm and stopped her. "There is something else I wanted to ask you, to coexist equally with both species, its needed to have true bonds of trust, That Lucario seems close to you, how much do you know her?" Kris looked at him and then looked at Luca who was walking up the stairs. "I know her since she hatched from an egg, we have been partners for a long time." Oak looked at her and only said "You are on a risky path, but you will do fine if you keep going like that, just be yourself and be honest." the professor smiled at her as she nodded understanding.

                    "What took you so long Kris?" Luca asked as the traveler and the professor got out of the building. "Just some missteps but we are fine, come on, we got something to discover" Kris took the jackalīs wrist as they walked to the city again.

                    The professor looked at the retreating figures and then at the sky "They are good folks, please give them a chance"
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                      (IM really sorry for taking so long, school and work have been heavy this month. Also im trying to make a different format for the story)

                      (I hope you like it, you can comment and ask anything ^^)

                      Chapter 8

                      A vast ocean

                      After getting Professor Oakīs journal, Kris and Celia were reading the book with great focus. The human suddenly yelled “Gah! This thing is impossible!” she said with desperate tone

                      “What does the book has Kris? Luca asked impressed with the trainerīs reaction who answered “This journal has mixtures of riddles and symbols”

                      Celia who kept focusing on the book explained “What the professor did was an encrypted journal with a mixture of both his many poems and the Unown symbology”. The journal itself had many parts written in both the human and creatureīs forms which were hard already to understand, but the problem was that they were mixed with each other.

                      “So he is indeed a complicated scholar or a passionate fool” Lina said taking the journal “Hey Gaspar, didnīt your old partner could read the Unown language?”

                      The ghost looked at the texts and nodded “He did understand their symbols and taught many persons to read it too. Actually we met one already” He explained “Who was it? Donīt tell me it was the professor” Kris asked knowing his jokes.

                      “Nope, it was that blonde trainer in Sinnoh, what was her name... Cyndy? No, Cynthia” Gaspar answered. “So we are going back to that region? Our budget isnīt so big to pay for the ferry for at least a week or two” Luca sighed counting their money.

                      “Actually there is no need for the Ferry to travel on water if you got me guys” Aro countered and continued “Just give me the call and we will cross the ocean” he said excited about it.

                      Everyone looked at the Swampert with wonder "I know you are strong Aro, but isnīt crossing the ocean a high challenge?" Kris asked worried about her friendīs health

                      "I may be rusty on swimming marathons, but I am a true water pokemon, this will be a great challenge to beat" Aro answered with determination. The trainer knew that face, she knew that the amphibian could do it.

                      "Ok then, tomorrow we will go, now letīs resst people" Everyone prepared for their rest, but Kris reached the Swampert "I know this is a high task Aro, and I understand your decision" she said and felt the large hand of the Swampert on her head

                      "Donīt worry kiddo, Iīm doing this for all of us and I am also excited to brag about it with other water pokemon" He smiled and they went to sleep.

                      The next morning, the group went to the bus stop, again people were getting a bit away from the Lucario “I do wonder why they let creatures like pikachus and evees outside and not others” Luca asked a bit irritated. “Because they are cute and everyone like the small and fluffy pokemon Kriss joked.

                      “So you are saying I’m big and bulky? I am fluffy too” Luca bluffed and then heard her partner laugh “Sorry, I imagined you having fluffy fur and all, but hey at least you arenīt as big as an Tyranitar or something related” Kris said.

                      In the end the jackal sighed and nodded "You are right, I canīt imagine an Arboc or an Ursaring roaming around either" she said as the bus kept going to the port city.

                      Reaching the port city of Meri, Kris released both Celia and Aro “Would you look at that, the vast and endless ocean. This will be a great trip” the amphibian said stretching his limbs.

                      “It certainly is a relaxing view. So Kris is Luca ready?”the telepath asked. The jackal pointed out “So what will you do? I canīt stay in a pokeball for too long, they end up breaking in an hour or two” Celia looked at Luca “I will hypnotize you to sleep at best the whole trip so you stay calm inside the sphere with ease”.

                      Aro finished his preparations and looked at the girls “Well, are you ready for this people?” he said and Kris nodded. Celia looked at Lucaīs eyes calmly but focusing into her very center relaxing the jackalīs mind with an almost instant reaction, Luca then fell unconscious held by the Swampert

                      “Looks like it worked, I hope you are ready Aro, we will test your endurance on this” Kris said getting both Celia and Luca in their spheres “Oh you will have to hold tightly, I’m not making bus stops” the amphibian said as he jumped into the water and helped the human to sit on his back, they looked at their goal and swam towards the ocean.

                      Traveling on the ocean was something Kris didnīt like much since if she would fall into the water, her body would almost surely paralyze with fear. The human did know how to swim, but only for survival. Aro felt the trainerīs stiffness on his back “So you still have fear of the water? I can help you to move on with that phobia of yours”he said while swimming.

                      “Sooner or later I will ask you for it, but right now we have priorities” Kris said relaxing her mind.

                      The day passed as the duo was discussing about the nearby islands “The closest island is on the north east, but going that way would almost double the time we take to reach Sinnoh, in the other hand we got an island to the east, but with that one we would reach it by midnight if we are lucky, it is your call” Aro explained,

                      The traveler thought about it for some moments pondering with the possibilities “I will be damned, with my instinct, but east it is” she said with a sigh. The amphibian grinned at her "I wonder if you are a human or one of us sometimes, that or you have some loose screws” Kris bonked Aroīs head blushing as he was laughing about her lack of common sense.

                      The darkness of the night covered the sky and both the human and the amphibian were tired, mostly the latter because he was the one doing the hard work “Come on Aro, we are almost there, I can see the island” Kris said pointing to the slowly growing island .

                      “I will enjoy the feast and nap after the trip, it will be like a heaven on Earth” Aro joked exhausted.

                      When they finally touched land, the human just fell to the sand as the amphibian rested on his back, Kris released everyone “I see you two had a long trip, let us prepare you some food to get better” Celia said taking Gaspar to help with the dinner.

                      “Man.. Im really going to enjoy this” Aro said almost falling asleep. “Nono old frog, you will eat first and then sleep” Lina said and received a low groan from the Swampert

                      It was probably past midnight as Kris was watching the outskirts of the island cautiously. “I canīt believe you, you never take a rest donīt you?” the jackal said from behind.

                      “I’m just making sure everything is alright, and what about you, sleep well?” the traveler asked with a big yawn.

                      “I had some minor clashes, but most of the time went fast if you ask me. You should sleep, and I’m not taking a no as an answer, ok?” the Lucario demanded calmly taking the tired humanīs arm and lifting her to walk to the camp

                      “Since when did you.. became the leader.. of the group..?” she asked as her she was now showing her exhausted state. “The moment you lost to your tiredness” Luca countered putting the trainer on her make-shift bed

                      “Mutiny..” Kris barely said falling asleep

                      “Aye aye captain” Luca said and went towards Celia, “Is she finally asleep?” the Gardevoir asked still meditating and received a nod from the jackal “Good, letīs focus on our plan”.
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                      Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                        (Because of own depression, lack of courage, school and work, I left this story even though I have drafts in my notebook. So here I am writing the next chapter now)

                        Chapter 9

                        Going back home and new goal

                        Her dreams were calm as she was in her hometown of Snowpoint. The temperature was even lower because they were in winter at that time. A child war running through the forest followed by an older girl "Come on firecracker, its getting too cold to be outside", the older girl spoke finally catching the little one.

                        "Don`t wanna, I wanna see the lake" the little girl said giggling as the older one tickled her ribs. The two of them went to the lake and gazed at how clear the water was. It was her favorite place and she loved it. Then the little girl felt the earth moving a bit, it was moving in a rythm style like if it was..

                        Kris opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was water, she looked to another side and there was more of it, all stretching to the horizon. Panic getting the better of her, the red haired quickly tried to hold onto the closest thing she could, yet the object she used as a protection felt like silk while a hand touched her head "Relax Kris, you are safe" someone spoke and she felt a calming sensation sipping into her mind.

                        The traveler looked up and saw Celia smiling at her "We are traveling to Sinnoh and hoped you would be asleep all of the morning, looks like it worked mostly" she said to the confused human, then the traveler looked down and noticed they were on top of a now well rested and non stopping Aro.

                        Kris went back to the Gardevoir and spoke "How did you manage to keep me calm so much time?" she asked relaxing the hold on Celia`s skirt. She indeed was confused because the last thing she remembered was taking a rest on the island.

                        Celia smiled at her trainer "Well, since you aren`t fond of the water, we decided to do the same trick I did with Luca, just that in your case, you needed to be already asleep. Luckily you are a deep sleeper or would have woke up the moment we put you on Aro`s back" she explained as Kris looked at the Swampert, he was swimming faster and was focused on going forward

                        “So what did you gave him to become a never stopping boat? Itīs like Aro isnīt even blinking at all” Kris asked while waving her hand in front of the amphibianīs eyes to prove her point.

                        The Gardevoir touched her heart crystal “Letīs say that he isnīt exactly conscious at the moment, yet his body is working only on command” she spoke with a faint, but wicked smile

                        The red haired thought about it and her eyes widened in realization “You used hypnosis on him? I suppose you made a deal to make this work, right?” she asked as what looked like landmarks appeared on the horizon

                        “Aro will get a reward for this, just hope that the fishermen have enough stock for it" Celiaīs smile widened as the traveler was already checking her wallet to know how the money will fly away. “You guys will be the end of me you know?” Kris spoke with a serious tone, but was failing to hold a similar smile. The Gardevoir laughed as the trio were getting closer to Sinnoh.

                        “So.. you what is the plan? Any leads for where this woman could be?” Lina asked as she and Gaspar were taking some berries for dinner. The haunter was holding quite a heavy load of the fruits while answering “I heard from some humans in the pokemon center that she isnīt in the league building at the moment”.

                        Lina was confused by this “Isnīt she the champion of this region? I though it was mandatory to be in that place as also the elite four” she said while they floated to the camp

                        “The trainers were saying that she was on a journey around the different gyms asking for information” Gaspar explained already guessing what that information was. The Froslass sighed also knowing now “She is searching for Kris, isnīt it?” she asked and the Haunter nodded “That blasted blonde wonīt give up” she shook her head.

                        The duo reached the camp as Luca was making a bonfire “Oh wow, that is some stock you guys have” the Lucario spoke helping them with the many berries. She took one and started eating it while organizing the food on the floor.

                        “We thought about our current situation and guessed that the least we got closer to the cities, the best it would be to everyone” Lina said resting on a rock as she also took one of the berries and cleaned it to eat.

                        The jackal nodded at the Froslass thinking and looked at the oncoming Kris and Aro who had also collected wood for the travel “So we will go through the wilderness, huh?” she asked to the human.

                        “Yeah, things were kind of heavy with many trainers when I bought Aroīs feast reward, so the lesser we are using the wilderness as path, some pokemon could cause ruckus, but if we donīt bother them, there will be no problem” Kris explained remembering the many rumors she heard on Canalave city

                        “Anyways, how is Celia? Is she still meditating?” the traveler asked and the Lucario pointed to a clearing. Kris walked to the Gardevoirīs location and waited for the psychic to speak.

                        Celia was in deep focus until her eyes opened and spoke “Celestic Town”
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                        Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                          I know Im taking too much time to write a chapter, but I have been failing to get the courage to keep going..

                          I will try to get better
                          Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                            Chapter 10

                            An exposure and an old friend

                            At first, the journey to Celestic Town was peaceful since the group went through the forest and barely saw other people, but their luck ended when they came close Jubilife city and had no other way but to enter the city. The trainer was barely seen since Kris used the less populated streets and managed to hide her red hair with the coat she was using and a hat. Some people were curious about the stranger who had a Lucario walking on her side, but ignored it since many trainers had a partner pokemon that almost never was on its pokeball.

                            "At least we can walk calmly and not hide on alleys or sewers, many trainers have taken more liberty with their pokemon that now the cities look more balanced" Luca spoke gesturing to a couple of trainers who had an Elekid and a Lopunny at their side.

                            The redhead nodded at her friendīs words as they walked across the Jubilife TV building and stopped as they heard the news "It has been confirmed that the Trainer who quit the championīs challenge in front of Cynthia herself is present on our region of Sinnoh, the rumors started in Canalave City where some fishermen sold a huge amount of their fish to a trainer and her Swampert, the description of the of the woman was similar to the trainer who left not so many years ago".

                            Some people started talking and gossiping about the whereabouts of Kris even though she was in the same area as them, the trainer paled at the sight of a picture of her on the enormous screen, although it wasnīt perfect, the image was enough to show her face. Luca noticed the stiffness of her friend and took her hand quickly moving out of the group of people at a pace that wouldnīt bring too much attention.

                            They managed to leave the city without being seen and the moment night overcame the day, Kris released all her pokemon and sat on a rock sighing "Well people, we are now being chased by possibly every trainer in the whole region" she spoke bluntly and looked at the sky closing her eyes.

                            Everyone went on their own thinking on what was on the table, the first thing was that the moment someone could recognize the redhead, he or she would challenge her to a battle without hesitating, the second thing was that pokemon centers would be guarded by trainers since it was logical that Krisī pokemon would need some treatment from time to time going back to the first problem.

                            "I donīt care if we are challenged, if some kid want to fight, I say we give him what he wants" Aro spoke with confidence, he could deal with a full team of amateur trainers by himself if Kris let him. "But we also need to be careful, a match is ok, but some humans might be intelligent and go on groups making it an army against a single squad" Celia countered the amphibianīs words who huffed, but couldnīt deny the truth on her words

                            It was Lina who came up with a good idea "Maybe we can traverse through the areas where humans canīt search, we can use the wilderness" she said already thinking of the possible paths.

                            "It is a good idea, but we must also take in hand that I am a human, you guys trust me and I know you can help me with parts where I canīt reach, but what about the wild pokemon? some are very territorial and just by the sight of a human, they would attack by their right" Kris looked at Lina with a sad tone but she was being realist about the situation.

                            The trainer was suddenly lifted by her arms by Gaspar who smirked "If they want to do that, they will have to come across us first, they might be strong, but we are more powerful together" he spoke in one of his rare serious moments

                            Luca agreed with the ghostīs words "Gaspar is right, we have gone through a lot and have become better in every aspect because we are a team, and also you have an advantage that not many humans have Kris" she spoke smiling.

                            "And what would that advantage be? Surely I can understand your language, but it works if the pokemon trust me to speak with them" The redhead asked obviously wondering what this advantage was.

                            The Lucario put a paw on her shoulder "You are like one of us, you act by instinct and see everything on a pokemonīs point of view, remember the cave where you had to cross that Nidoking?" she asked to her friend who nodded.

                            "I do remember almost being plastered on a wall" everyone laughed at that and she continued "He looked at me and didnīt saw me as a human at the end.." she trailed off realizing what the Lucario was speaking about.

                            "Many of us donīt accept humans because they enter our territory, but there are some who we can feel are trustworthy and can have a chance to be with us" Celia spoke with wisdom "You have proven that with your actions, that is why the wild pokemon wonīt attack you first, but test you" she finished convincing the traveler of going to the wilderness.

                            Everyone checked the supplies they had and were content with it, deciding to go on the morning, the team went to sleep, although two stood awake.

                            "It is ironic you know?" Luca was the first to speak as she and Kris sat near the bonfire "All you want is to be unseen, but everyone wants to find you"

                            "I know right?, but it is logical for what happened" Kris answered looking at a piece of burning wood with a defeated tone, she felt her friendīs arm around her and put her head on the furred shoulder "Was it wrong what I did?" she asked in a vulnerable tone.

                            "You were doing what your heart told you, it could have been seen as bad, but it was the right thing to do, you sent a message and broke the status quo" the jackal said with a reassuring voice and felt the girlīs nod on her shoulder "just rest Kris, tomorrow will be another challenge and we will face it together as a team" she said more happily, but received no answer. Luca glanced to her right and noticed that the trainer was asleep,she smiled as she calmly took her friend on her arms and lowered her to a comfortable position. The next days would be indeed a challenge.

                            Both route 204 and Floaroma city were a breeze for the group, they saw trainers on the paths, but no one close to the wilderness, the pokemon also either ignored them or preferred to avoid trouble. There were some wild ones who did face the human for invading their territory, but didnīt fought since they could sense she was only passing through.

                            But almost out of route 205, a pair of trainers spotted the redhead and challenged her. The battle was brief, but the consequences were not, the problem was that, as years passed, everything got updated, and one of the most updated things were the pokedexes. Now these devices could know who the trainerīs name was and since the pokedex could find that information, everyone could receive it in seconds.

                            If it wasnīt for the well hidden Old Chateu, the mass of trainers would have gone on war against Krisīs pokemon, it wasnīt an impossible challenge, but it would greatly affect their health.

                            Sitting on the floor and using the wall to relax her back, Kris looked at her friends "Any ideas on how to be faster than ten plus trainers and sixty plus pokemon?" she asked.

                            Everyone had their ideas, but were difficult and could fail, the only option was to wait for the trainers to leave the area, but how long would that take?

                            Their thinking was interrupted when a shy voice was heard "Um.. excuse me, but why are you hiding?" the person asked and Kris looked at the source of the voice, she visibly relaxed when the unknown person was a friend.

                            "Oh Cheryl, it is good to see you again" the redhead got up and hugged the green haired trainer who smiled and hugged too. "It has been some time since the last time I saw you Kris, I can see your team has also grown up" Cheryl said looking at the group remembering how at first it was only a Riolu, a Snorunt and a Haunter.

                            Kris looked at her friends and nodded "We have been through many things becoming stronger and together, but if I may ask, what are you doing here?" she asked to the green haired woman.

                            Cheryl sighed and looked at a window "I sometimes come here to relax.. my pokemon and I arenīt that good at battles, but we enjoy the peace of the forests, one time we found this Old Chateau and decided to keep it in good form, it radiates.. home" she said and Kris glanced at Gaspar who was paying great attention to the green haired woman and was happy that his old home was giving safety to another person.

                            They continued speaking about how they have been as both girlīs pokemon were enjoying the surroundings of the Chateau. It was soon that Cheryl had to ask again "So Kris.. why are you hiding from everyone? did you do something bad..?" she asked worried.

                            "No I didnīt, probably you remember what happened some years ago, when I declined the challenge in front of the champion, right?" the redhead spoke and Cheryl nodded with relief, but got back with worry "Then.. that is why so many trainers want to challenge you? for quitting the challenge?".

                            Kris sighed and looked at her hands on her lap "Yes, but that isnīt the whole reason, I didnīt just quit the challenge, I gave my badges and pokedex to Cynthia in her stage and most gym leaders where there too." she spoke obviously troubled with it. It didnīt take a minute when she felt Luca embracing her from her back.

                            "Now I remember.." Cheryl spoke with realization "You impressed the gym leaders with your battles and they wanted to see you face the champion. Even the battle was being aired on the Jubilife TV screen" she said remembering how she was seeing the minutes before the match years ago. "But.. why did you do it?".

                            Kris took a deep breath and lifted her face looking at the green haired trainer "Because I made the choice to show the difference" and she got up and walked outside.

                            Cheryl tried to reach her friend but was stopped by Luca "Please give her some space, she has been stressed and went through a lot these days" she spoke through her telepathy

                            "Im sorry.. I didnīt mean to upset her.. Im just worried about her, she is my friend.." Cheryl trembled feeling guilty of forcing Kris to to speak. The lucario smiled and reassured the trainer "It is all right, Im happy that she can trust you with this, what she needs most is to have humans to trust"

                            The trainer smiled and then had an idea "I think I know how.. to help her leave this forest discreetly" she said and Luca smiled as they headed towards her friend.

                            Kris was seating on the grass, the shade of the trees giving her some relaxing time, she was almost drifting to sleep, when she head some footsteps, the trainer got up alerted and was prepared to call her pokemon when she found out who were coming towards her.

                            Cheryl had her hands clasped in front and spoke ashamed "Im sorry about earlier.." she said looking at her feet, but received a hug as an answer
                            "Itīs ok, I needed to tell someone who better than a good friend?" she spoke to a now calmed Cheryl "I got an idea on how to help you" she said and explained her plan.

                            Some trainers were walking through the forest searching for the redheaded trainer "Are you sure she was around here Mark?" asked one of them. "Im sure I saw her running around here, be careful people, she is a strong trainer" said Mark and suddenly stopped as he and the others heard someone running.

                            "There she is!" a girl yelled as they saw a blur running through the woods. The group was catching up to the person until she reached a dead end, but who they saw wasnīt Kris.

                            "Um.. Hi there, if you are searching for Kris, she isnīt here" Cheryl spoke nervously and then freed her Aakazam "Now I shall go, Alakazam, teleport!" she said holding her pokemon as they both teleported away from the group of now confused trainers.

                            Meanwhile on the outskirts of the forest, Celia looked at it and then at the others "Cheryl made it out and is ok" she reassured them as she sat on Aroīs shoulder. "So how much until we reach Celestic Town? asked Luca as they all planned to not get closer to the city

                            Kris glanced at the east and smiled "Probably tomorrow morning if we are fast, come on guys, we got a Champion to meet again" she said as they headed towards route 211
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                              An advice for those reading this story

                              I am publishing "The story of a traveler" on, it has been re-edited again containing better (I guess) writing and more content for redaction, yet maintaining the core of the original drafts I have here in my notebook.

                              The chapters will be released every thursday, friday, or saturday every week, they may take more or less time to be done depending on the time I have in real life.

                              So please bear with me if this story is slow, Iīm just a person doing everything alone, but with hopes of giving something worth to be read

                              Here is the story:
                              Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..