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The story of a traveler

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  • Kristia
    Chapter 1

    A morning of beginnings

    As the sun was rising, Kris woke up looking at her surroundings, the forest was calm and she was looking at almost all of her team that was still sleeping

    Aro the Swampert was barely visible in the pond where he was resting, Gaspar the Haunter was floating on the base of a tree almost transparent because of his dormant state and finally Lina the Froslass was lying down on top of a rock that was covered by a a small patch of snow, but Celia and Luca weren´t around.

    Kris got up and started the little fireplace while taking some berries for the group and soon the frosslass woke up "Mm.. smells nice" Lina´s voice was heard.

    "Good morning Lina, the food is almost ready, can you wake up the others?" Kris asked to the ice geisha who nodded and floated towards the Haunter.

    Hm.. another five minutes.." the ghost said still sleeping. Lina moved Gaspar around and pulled him out of his dreams by crossing through the ghost making him shiver. "All right all right I´m awa- oh food" Gaspar forgot about his sudden wake up call and glided to his food.

    Aro´s case was easier for Lina who only sent a little ice beam to the pond waking up the Swampert. As he got out of the water, the amphibian stretched his limbs and said "Seriously Lina, you love doing that". With that the froslass giggled and countered him "I just enjoy my job".

    As Kris finally got everything ready, Celia and Luca appeared with many berries and different sized wood.

    "Hello there, I didn´t know we were short on supplies" Kris welcomed them and gestured the berries. "We will need rations for the trip since the next city may take more time that we though" Celia answered as Luca packed the rations.

    "Actually there is a faster way to reach" Luca said while eating a berry and continued "I heard that there is a cave that crosses the mountain, instead of rounding it, we cross inside the mountain, it will cut the time we take to reach the next city".

    Both Kris and Celia thought about it and nodded in agreement.

    "Ok then, to the cave it is" The traveler said."A cave? oh this won´t be good.." Aro said nervously,the Froslass saw him and asked "Oh, is it that you are afraid of the dark?" and the Swampert corrected her "I´m not afraid of darkness, I am just.. uncomfortable with tight places".

    "Ohhh this will be so good" Gaspar spoke excited for it.
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  • Kristia
    started a topic The story of a traveler

    The story of a traveler

    This is the story of a traveler and her family

    The prologue of a traveler

    The night was clear and the moon was shinning with its full force, Kris looked at it when she heard the other trainer´s orders, she looked at him sending an Absol and a Vileplum ready for attack. Kris smiled and took two from her pouch and threw them.

    A Gardevoir appeared first, her chest crystal had scratches of showing her age and wisdom, then a Haunter appeared at her side, his smile was really sinister and had a constant little laughter.

    "Celia, Gaspar"Kris called them.

    "Ohh new toys to play? I will enjoy this" the Haunter said looking already plotting something.

    "Please Gaspar, don´t be so bad, we are here to battle, not to make a crime" The Gardevoir scolded him while making a battle stance.

    "Are you ready to battle? or should I wait for another trainer?" the boy said rather angry.

    "Sorry, they are just arguing with each other" Kris apologized and continued "Celia, use hypnosis, Gaspar use dream eater".

    The trainer´s team sent a quick attack and poison darts making it for Celia and Gaspar evade them with calm. Celia´s hypnosis hit the Vileplum directly sending it to sleep and got Knocked out with Gaspar´s dream eater.

    The Absol stopped its attack and opted for a shadow ball, but got countered with the Haunter´s same attack, the Gardevoir glowed with energy attacking with psychic attack and sent the Absol down.

    "Darn it, I won´t give up" The trainer said preparing his other pokemon.

    "All right, bring it on" Kris said calmly. The next pair were a Flygon and a Grotle, Kris prepared her other pair sending a Froslass and a Swampert.

    "Ah.. the moon shines so beautiful tonight" The Froslass said feeling the light of the moon with joy.

    "So I am teaming with you Lina? be ready to see a true water attack" The Swampert said stretching his limbs.

    "Lina, Aro are you ready for a double attack?"Kris asked them and the duo nodded preparing their attacks. The Flygon glided fast with a dragon claw while the Grotle was sending tremors with his earthquake powers. Lina faced the Flygon with her ice wind and Aro jumped at the Grotle ready for a hydro pump.

    "Prepare for the full force of water!"The Swampert attacked with a mighty torrent of water throwing the Grotle hitting a tree and falling unconscious.

    The Flygon tried to endure the power of Froslass´ ice wind and it passed her at full speed crashing on the land inside a rock of ice. "Never underestimate a lady´s power" Lina said sitting on the ice rock.

    "Aw come on! you got to be kidding me!" the trainer said taking his last ally. It was a Tyranitar and its roar echoed on the forest. "Let´s see how you can beat this".

    "Ok then" Kris prepared her last teammate, "Luca its your turn now!"She said as a female Lucario fell from a tree and prepared her stance, "I´m ready when you are Kris" the Lucario said as her aura started to glow.

    "Tyranitar! use Hyper beam!" the trainer yelled and his warrior followed preparing its beam "Luca, use Close combat" Kris said and Luca ran directly at the Tyranitar who was almost ready to fire. Just when the beam was released, the Lucario ducked and slid under the Tyranitar´s beam and jumped hitting all the possible vital points of her target.

    The Tyranitar trembled at the punches and kicks, but maintained itself. Luca then evaded a mega punch and used her Aura sphere on the Tyranitar´s face making it fall on its back.

    B-But how? how did you beat my team!? I´m almost an elite trainer, how many badges do you have!?" the trainer said with utter defeat.

    "Sorry, but Im just a traveler who has made a team" Kris said as her Lucario came and hugged her with victory "Lets go guys, we got a city to reach" the traveler said as she and her team moved forward onto their next goal.
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