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Sacred Treasure: Legends of the Sea OOC (A pirate themed Fantasy RP.)

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    Sacred Treasure: Legends of the Sea OOC (A pirate themed Fantasy RP.)


    Why hello everyone who is currently viewing this thread! I welcome you to the newest RP to Yukkuricraft. This is a little RP called Sacred Treasure: Legends of the Sea. This is a remake of an old RP that the late NeoFox once had on another forums. This is an RP that was heavily influenced by several existing series (with the most noticeable inspiration being One Piece.) However the original RP was almost a direct rip-off of One Piece, but I have decided that to honor NeoFox that I will be bringing this RP to these forums. Remade, and re-worked with some added detail and some fixes to make it seem more fresh and unique hopefully.

    This is a bit of a joint project between Wriggle, and myself. Wriggle has helped me quite a bit with the lore of this RP.


    1: Please no Godmodding, Powergaming, or Metagaming. This means that you DO NOT take control of another person's character unless they permit it, do something ridiculously OP and provide no way for another RPer to react, or have your characters know information that was ONLY discussed in the OOC.

    2: Romance is obviously allowed, but do not go TOO into detail about sexual acts or stuff like that. The amount of perviness I will allow in this RP is equal to the amount of perviness that Wriggle allows in his RP. So essentially typical anime perviness stuff can happen. So just use common sense with romantic plots and other thing of the sort. So BE WARNED. There might be some perverted comedy here and there, and some potentially scantily clad characters on occassion.

    3: NO POWER UP SESSIONS. A power-up session is described as a very short period of time where one becomes far stronger than they were. Players will slowly grow in power as they go on through the RP. Though they can start out with some sufficient amount of power (as long as their is a drawback to their power.)

    4: In the app remove everything in ( ).

    5: Have Fun.

    So just please use common sense, and you will not have a bad time!

    Moderators of this RP:
    These are the people I assigned that I trust completely with helping to take care of things regarding this RP.

    WriggleRid3r: Can accept apps, and warn and even potentially kick people out of this RP if they break the rules. Also is Creative Consultant. If you have an idea you can go to me or Wriggle about this. I'm sure Wriggle will then inform me then we can all talk it over.

    Any Moderators of the RP Section also technically have automatic reign in terms of keeping things in-line with this RP.


    There are no limits to the amount of characters or NPC's a person can have. Just be sure you can keep track of them all. I also have no real qualms about post length, but do not repeatedly keep posting 'One-liner' posts (essentially posts that take up one line or are comprised with one sentence.) Try to also make sure the quality of your post is decent.

    Also there is no explicit magic in this RP. There are things such as curses, cursed objects with mystical properties that can grant their wielders some sort of special ability... but with a cost, and even mystical beasts and creatures like Harpies, Mermaids, and a large variety of other beasts. So please do not just say your character can do something because of straight up magic. Give an explanation of his abilities and try to make it unique!

    Please keep other people in mind. If your character is say chatting with someone else's character, then something happens don't just leave that person stranded. It's bad manners. I may have done this in the past a few times, but please try to refrain from doing this unless your character has good reason to.

    There are no punishments for not being active, but if you are inactive for more than a IRL month without letting me or a 'mod' assigned to this RP know. Your character will be expelled, and you would have to make a new one before you can RP again. This may happen though from time to time with some of us, but let's all try to be active.
    (For example if I'm not active in this RP at all please pester the ever loving SH*T out of me to post if I don't post within 12-24 hours.)

    Okay in terms of Technology allowed in this RP...

    Electricity is a thing. Lightbulbs have been invented in this world, rather basic generators have been invented. There are guns in the forms of the typical Revolvers, double barreled shotguns, bolt-action rifles, muskets, cannons. But Fully Automatic weapons have not been developed yet. Most large ships are still made of wood and such. Zippers have been invented, jeans have been invented. The progression of technology and stuff is all weird in this world. Steam engines exist, so steam boats CAN be a thing, but they aren't common. Coal powered trains also exist. So essentially this RP does have steampunk in it, but is not an entirely prominent part of this RP.

    Alchemy (essentially the scientific process of experimenting with different ingredients, potions, elixers and other stuff.) But like the steampunk part, alchemy is not a prominent part of this RP. In fact alchemy is only practiced by very few people in the world of this RP.

    There will be a limit to the steampunk and alchemy stuff I will allow in this RP. So be warned! The limit of what I will allow will be stated soon.



    The Currency in this world is called Meseta, and here is how it goes.

    1 Copper Meseta (Extremely common) = 1 US Dollar in real world.

    1 Silver Meseta (Common) = 10 US Dollars in real world.

    1 Gold Meseta (Uncommon) = 50 US Dollars in real world.

    1 Platinum Meseta (Extremely rare) = 500 US Dollars in real world.

    So 1 Platinum Meseta is worth 10 Gold Meseta. 1 Gold Meseta is worth 5 Silver Meseta. 1 Silver Meseta is worth 10 Copper Meseta.


    Act 1: Creation of Aquarius

    Long ago, when the concept of time didn’t even exist, a primordial deity known as Nepturion created the world called Aquarius. He shaped it into his mold, creating flat prairies, serene forests, hazardous mountains and, most importantly, vast oceans. He oversaw the entire landscape take shape as he created single-celled organisms to fill the oceans. He safeguarded the world from internal catastrophes that might have led to destruction of all life on the planet, and observed the proliferation and evolution of life over the millions of years in the oceans, lands, and the skies.

    All this, however, did not impress Nepturion. What really impressed him was the evolution of a particular species. Named humans, these hyper-intelligent beings’ progress as a species greatly intrigued Nepturion. He enjoyed observing their evolution as they first began as small groups of savage hunter-gatherers, then developed agriculture, which led to them becoming less savage and starting to settle in one spot. The humans were eventually beginning to build the basis of civilization, with art, culture, and music flourishing thanks to the surplus of food and population boom in different sections of land.

    The intrigue Nepturion had with the humans grew to the point he longed to help them in a more direct way. He took a physical form of himself and visited the human settlements from different lands. He communicated with the humans and lived with them, performing miracles. He was worshipped as a God-figure of sorts, receiving offerings of crops, livestocks, and crafted accessories in exchange for his omnipotent power.

    Nepturion was happy to be finally recognized and credited as God of the realm he created. Thus, to please his followers, Nepturion created objects: trinkets that are gifted with a portion of his power. Unfortunately, after expending too much energy into forming these ornaments, Nepturion went into a dormant state, leaving the humans to fend for themselves now with their god absent. The said blessed objects were the only legacy left to the humans...

    Act 2: The Flooding

    Nepturion was gone for more than a millenia. In the midst of his dormancy, the humans, with the help of the objects blessed by their god, flourished over the lands, advancing in technology and culture. At first, these humans had no reason to fight with each other. Occasional conflicts arose, but they were soon sorted out by the divine objects that guided them.

    However, humans began to long for the powers of Nepturion's blessed ornaments for themselves. They grew greedy, selfish, and vile. They stole, pillaged, raped, and murdered to get their grubby hands on the glorified objects. Conflicts that were not solvable by words were resoluted by steel, which in turn created more conflicts that eventually escalated to wars that sprouted all across the world.

    When Nepturion reawakened after millennia of slumber, he witnessed the terrible state the humans have fallen to. Treacherous men snuck about in towns and cities, looking for purse to snatch or people to rob. Promiscuous women sought after attention and money by flaunting their ‘assets’ about. Bandits and thugs ruled the outskirts and the wilderness, plundering innocent hamlets and caravans.

    Enraged by the corruption of the humans he loved so much, Nepturion brought forth a horrifying catastrophe upon them. Fierce storm, accompanied by rising seas, quickly flooded coastal cities in matter of days. There were hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes all contributing to the destruction of mankind. By the end of the month, 70% of the population perished due to Nepturion's wrath.

    Originally, Nepturion sought to erase humanity from existence and start his world anew. However, in the midst of his rampage, he looked back at the island he first made contact with, and how the denizens of that island were still at peace. There was no violence on that quaint island known as the Birth Island. No war, no bloodshed, just scared, innocent humans. Nepturion still loved the humans he grew attached to. He decided to provide them with a second chance, and spared the said island from the flooding of the entire world.

    As water evaporated and the highest peaks of the world began to appear, Nepturion once against left the physical realm in an eternal slumber once more. The blessed objects he created lost connection with their maker, and became distorted to hold a curse instead of blessing. They were scattered across the entire world: most lost in the seas, but some still lodged in the lands, ready to curse whoever's the first to touch them.

    Act 3: The Drying Period and the Era of Pirates

    A few more millenias passed since the Flooding. In that time, the sea level lowered to create countless islands that were once mountain peaks and highlands. The denizens of Birth Island obeyed the prophecy of Nepturion and created large boats to venture through the world and settle, proliferating human life over the lands again. They prospered, they reproduced, and they created new civilizations which then grew into countries.

    Human nature, unfortunately, quickly caught up once the denizens of Birth Island left their home. To stop themselves from making the same mistakes as their predecessors, the new countries enacted laws that outlined things not to do. Unfortunately, when there are rules, there are always the rulebreakers. Bored civilians took up to become raiders of the sea, plundering coastal cities and naval trade routes. Their activity were benign in comparison to before the Flooding, however, and the humans lived in harmony once again.

    Things had begun to return to the way they once were before the flooding of the planet. As the people of Aquarius continued to set sail and explore the world they began to find things that amazed them. Ancient temples, lost cities, new fantastical creatures, and great treasures… but people weren’t finding just gold; they were also finding old relics that housed the power that Nepturion had once provided humanity.

    The relics all looked absolutely marvelous, and marvelous trinkets sold for a lot of money. Unfortunately the adventurers had begun to find out the hard way that these objects were double-edged swords that grant power, also grant powerful curses to the first person that makes contact.

    Both the powers and the curses that these ornaments grant are varied. However, the cursed always receive extremely horrible, morbid deaths at the end. Only their death will refresh the curse of the object, ready to haunt whoever’s next to be foolish enough to touch the object.

    Even with these curses, however, the people who found these saw them as valuable, and over time brave adventurers began to hunt down these treasures. Some of these explorers and treasure hunters sought out to simply sell these treasures for large sums of money. Others however had sought these items because of the rumors of unmatched power bestowed to the wearer. Either way, the age of pirates was about to begin.

    The cursed objects, however, weren’t the only thing the explorers of the seas were after.

    In the past, a feared pirate ruled the seas. A man who was so fierce, that the mere sight of his ship induced fear into the hearts of many: someone who would then become known as the dreaded Pirate Lord. He was a man who sought only one thing in existence… power.

    The wealth that the Pirate Lord amassed was astronomical. It was enough to live in the lap of luxury for many generations. His legacy was a legend that boiled the blood of many men to rise up and become pirates as well. However, the Pirate Lord’s unrelenting voyage abruptly ended when he harbored in Birth Island. Nobody knows what happened to him and his vast treasure; they can only witness that the island has disappeared off the face of the world, and a mysterious ghost ship filled with spectral crewmen haunt where the island used to be.

    The whereabouts of the Pirate Lord and his treasure may have been lost, but the legacy and the rumors themselves still linger in the words of the pirates. More and more youngsters became explorers to either find the fabled cursed objects or discover the treasures of the Pirate Lord. With the surge of pirates, some youngsters decide to uphold the value of justice and join the navy of different countries to purge the pirates who decide to resort to more violent deeds to achieve wealth and power. The world teeters at the border of instability and chaos; almost like the events before the Flooding…

    Will history repeat itself?

    The World (and Locations):

    ((THIS WILL BE FILLED IN AS APPS ARE MADE, AS I'M SURE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THEIR CHARACTERS COME FROM DIFFERENT ISLANDS AND PLACES. So that way we can fill in the world that way. If you provide a new location, then please send me a PM about the locations details.)
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    Race List:
    This is a list of known races people can choose from. If you wish to use your own race go ahead, just try to make it fit with the theme of the RP, along with providing a good amount of information about said race:


    Harpies. In short they are human-bird hybrids. They have the bodies of a human except that their arms are actually bird-like wings, and legs like a bird with sharp talons.

    Much like a bird, their bones are actually quite light-weight for they are hollow. This is to allow them a much easier time in flying. Despite this they do have a good amount of wing-power.

    Harpies tend to live in colonies on islands usually farther away from humans, but they also tend to live in higher altitudes like mountains ranges. Usually when there is a mountain of some sort on an island, you can expect a harpy nest or colony to be located higher up.

    They have been known to attack villages or crew ships, usually ending with them carrying off men or women back to their homes (depending on the gender of said Harpy.) These attacks increase in intensity during mating seasons, which is usually around mid-late summer months.

    In terms of intelligence, they are NOT the smartest. They tend to be rather clumsy and well… bird-brained. Male harpies can also be quite territorial, as they will attack male members of other races if they trespass on Harpy territory. Their most dangerous traits are their talons, and powerful wings. They can life a full grown man with surprising ease.

    Another word of note is that unfertilized Harpy eggs (the kind of eggs that one would be able to eat. Think eggs you would get from a store) are the size of ostrich eggs. They also go for a rather good fortune.


    An aquatic race of essentially half-human and half-fish people that from the waist-up has the body of a human, and from the waist-down has the tail of a fish.

    Mermaids possess the obvious ability to breathe underwater, and can dive to depths that no normal human or other fish can dive to. The reason they have the ability to breathe underwater is because they possess gills on the sides of their chest (underneath their arms), but they can also survive on land due to the fact they have a set of lungs much like a normal human. Despite this they also have a weakness in the fact that they do not have human legs. Meaning on land they have an increasingly hard time navigating. Also normally they need to stay hydrated the event they are on land. Thankfully a Mermaid’s skin is usually coated in a clear, slime covers their skin that makes them rather slippery along with keeping them Hydrated. However this slime on their skin does also comes with a downside. This slime over their body will dry up if they remain out in the sun for too long. If this happens they will have only a short time before their body begins to dry up. Of which that could prove fatal.

    Mermaid’s are far more friendly than Harpies. They are more sociable, and have been known to interact and help aid sailors out at sea by either guiding them through a storm, or helping a person who is drowning.

    Mermaids in general are also significantly smarter, and they possess the natural ability of sonar similar to a Dolphin’s. This greatly helps them navigate the depths of the oceans.


    Siren is a race of almost entirely-humanlike females known to lure sailors with their songs to their villages. With an ability to turn into mist or into a puddle of water, their enigmatically pale skin and seductive beauty, and their rather voracious attitude, Sirens are a definite danger to the seafarers. Records of disappearance of many ships have sprouted from some islands that are covered in mist constantly.

    One way to definitely distinguish a Siren from a regular woman is their skin tone. Sirens look ghastly pale compared to humans. Their hair are also more commonly gray, with variance from being bluish to entirely white. Their eyes are also more commonly murky green, with variance from being yellow-green to olive-colored. Sirens tend to wear very little to maximize their ability to seduce males, although in the village they choose to don themselves in a more conservative attire.

    There’s very little you can do against a Siren when she begins singing. Without an iron will, humans are hypnotized and are allured to chase after the Siren, regardless of their age or gender. Even when the enchanted humans break away from the illusion and try to fight, Sirens’ ability to dissipate into a thick cloud of mist or become a puddle of water to slide across the ground pose them as a very difficult opponent that can’t be harmed with physical attacks.

    While Sirens are very hostile to humans, they appear to be ambivalent towards other races, especially considering their songs have no effect on any other races than humans.


    Dunwitchers were originally the result of a horrible amalgamation of flesh and bone mating with a human, and then they started breeding with each other... They are usually very tall, around 8-9 feet, with goat-like legs and horns, thin bodies and long arms. They usually look like they’re completely covered in a coat of pitch black, barring their eyes, as a result of the human brain’s attempt to not see what they ACTUALLY look like. On the plus side, there’s a less likely chance of going insane when conversing with them. Mostly.

    Dunwitchers, from a combination of several generations of inbreeding and not many people beside the Horror willing to teach them, are dumb. Really, really dumb. They usually slur or shorten words to more easily say things and they usually just act as workers for the Horror, going through horrifying dark rituals and building large “portals” for some great, old, dark entity.

    In short, they’re horribly inbred goat-human hybrids who are really dumb and like serving dark, eldritch beings. Go figure.

    ((NOT DONE YET!!!))


    App Template



    Nickname: (Most adventurers have a nickname they usually go by! What is yours?)


    Race: (What species is your character?)


    Biography: (What is your characters story? Is your character a part of a crew or not?)


    Goal: (What does your character hope to accomplish?)

    Cursed Item: (This is NOT mandatory. In fact your character can go throughout the entire story without one. Remember that even though these items give powerful abilities, not all abilities are unlocked all at once. Not only that but your character cannot get rid of this item without dying. It also has another side-effect like say... being cursed with the inability to swim or stay afloat in large bodies of water.)

    Skills: (What is your character good in? What can they do on their own?)

    Notes: (Anything you might want to add? Like say what do they normally have on them?)

    NPC App:

    NPC Name:



    Bio: (HIGHLY optional.)

    Abilities and/or Skills: (Optional.)

    Part of a Crew? If so which crew?:

    Crew App:
    If your character IS a part of a crew, please state what status they are in their crew along with the following information.


    Crew Name: (What is the name of your crew? Say for example... The Black Eyed Pirates.)

    Ship Appearance: (What does your crew's ship look like? Please, no modern, WWI, or WWII ships. Think general pirate ships and maybe the occasional Steam Powered ship sinc they are allowed since there is some Steampunk stuff in this RP. But please. No overly large Steampunk ships or steam-engine ships.)

    Crew's Purpose: (What is your crew's goals? Do they just seek out treasure, or do they actually wish to defend others from more harsh pirate's?)
    Crew Member List:
    (This could involve many NPC's. If you have NPC please list their name like this: NPC: <Insert name of crew member here> and their appearance [I will be providing an NPC App Template soon.] If one of the crew members is just another RPer's character, then please list the name, who the character belongs to, and a link to their app.)

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      Name: Maya

      Nickname: The Devil of The Sky or The Sky Devil

      Age: 21

      Race: Harpy

      Gender: Female


      Biography: Maya was born atop what was formerly the peak of a mountain to harpy royalty. The youngest daughter of 13 sisters to the king and queen of her people. Do to her heritage she was personally taught by the best harpy scholars, making her quite a bit smarter than the average harpy but far from being a genius. She lived a peaceful and uneventful life for the most part. She was taught about all about the magic fan her family was given by their god and how it was to be hidden and protected by her family at all costs. It had been in the family for generations and it's power had kept the land safe by making it impossible for foreign ships to dock there.

      The young harpy matured into a young woman. She became one of the most desirable women of her species, but unfortunately for anyone who coveted her body, she was betrothed to a man at the age of 15. The man was to protect her as a sort of bodyguard until her 18th birthday, and then the two would marry. Such was the tradition of their family. Maya didnt' think much of him at first, however slowly but surely he started to grow on her. The two spent more and more time together until a sort of bound formed between them. They were more than just princess and guard, the two of them became friends. Maya would make food for him and wash his back and he would hold her at night, keeping her warm and safe.

      The day of their wedding grew ever closer. Maya would turn 18 in another week and her and her body guard would at last be one. Maya was clearly in love with the man at this point. He was all she could think about. She spent many sleepless nights dreaming about being his and his alone, when the two of them could finally be together as a married couple. All was well ntil just a few days before the girl's 18th birthday.

      A visious gang of thieving pirates attacked their small home. They managed to bypass the effects of her family's fan by simply overpowering it with their own cursed items, all of which were likely stolen from other civilizations. Their home quickly went up in flames as people were scattered about. The harpies didn't have a military as there had never been a need for one. the only protection they had were the guards that protected them from wild beasts and natural disasters. The guards fought bravely but they wre simply no match for the power of the cursed items the pirates held. All of them were killed, including Maya's fiance. It didn't take the pirates long after that to find what they had been looking for. They got their grubby hands on Maya's family's magic fan, along with many of their women. Maya was on of six women taken off the island by the pirates to be enslaved and used to their leisure.

      Maya was devastated by the loss of her loved one so much that she simply lost hope. At this point she didnt' care if she were to be used or abused by anyone. She would have gladly taken death over this fate. However she was spared from being violated. For some reason or another the other five girls kept their loyalty to the harpy princess and gave themselves to protect her innocence. This went on for a few weeks before the captain of the crew had grown board of the other five girls. He wanted Maya, and her pure virgin body. The other harpy girls tried to protest this act but they were simply pushed aside. The pirate grew dangerously close, but Maya simply sat there, too depressed to move. She simply didn't care anymore. It wasn't until the pirate captain's taunting that he finally got Maya to show some emotion again. "You should count yourself lucky lass. You get to roll around with a real man now" He said in a mocking tone.

      The disrespect he showed for her late fiance was the last straw. Something snapped inside the girl's mind and her expression went from a blank saddened one to one of pure rage. With her powerful sharp talons the girl reached up and easily severed the captains manhood from his body in one quick swipe. With the next she had forcefully pinned him to the floor of his own ship with her other leg and forcefully stuffed his severed manhood down his own throat. This display soon gathered the attention of his crewmen as his muffled screams reached their ears. However by the time anyone got there it was already too late. Their captain had been castrated and murdered in his own room. What was worse is the captain had Maya's magic fan o him when he fell, and now it was back in her hands.

      The men tried to run but all it took was a single flick of Maya's wrist to slaughter the lot of them. A powerful wind came about and ripped them all to shreds. the harpy girls cheered for her, calling her a hero, but the princess simply stood there and looked at the many now dead men before her. Several minutes passed before she finally said something. "Clean it up" The harpy girls looked confused at first. They asked her what she meant. "Clean it up i said. The bodies the blood all of it. I want it off of my ship now. After that you're free to return home but i will not be coming with you." she said to answer them. She knew if she were to return she would be force to marry another person of her father's choosing and s things stood she refused to have anyone. The harpy girls did as they were told but only one of them stuck around to stay by Maya's side.

      A few years have passed since then. Maya has made her living of of attacking pirate ships as well as navel ones. She attacks and steals indiscriminately and has been known to sank entire ships if she found them to be a potential threat. She has taken both men and women alike hostage and kept them for "comfort" back in the captain's quarters. With the sea as her guid and the wind under her command, she explores the seven seas in search of riches, power and most of all revenge on all of pirate kind.

      Personality: Maya is kind towards her crew, however she can be quite cruel and ruthless to any foe she comes across. She consideres anyone else who sails the sea to be her enemy or her pray. Her intelligence are about equal to that of an average adult human. However when it comes to war or fighting she can be quite resourceful. She enjoys killing her victims slowly int he most humiliating and painful ways possible, taking great pleasure in the suffering of every pirate scumbag she comes across.

      Due to the effects of her cursed fan she has frequent mood swings causing her to be sad, happy or even horny at random times. This cause her to have a slightly shorter attention span than she used too.

      Goal: Her goal is simple. Kill as many pirates as she can.

      Cursed Item: Maya has a magic fan that allows her to manipulate the wind as she despairs. Control over the wind often gives her an advantage at the sea allowing her to put the wind in her sails as she wishes or to slow an enemy and allow her to escape. If she amps up the fans power she can create powerful blasts of razor sharp wind that can easily cut a man down like her talons.

      The curse of this item causes it's holder's emotions to very unstable, changing at the drop of a hat. One moment they may be calm and the next angry or depressed. This can cause for some very inappropriate reactions to certain situations but more often than not Maya can at least somewhat keep control very her fickle heart.

      Notes: Maya dresses in formal royal harpy clothing and carries twin long daggers with her at all times. She has a single revolver with 8 shots and enough ammo to reload it 6 times without having to go back to the ship to restock on ammo. While the revolver is a nce side arm and her blades are good for close combat she tends to use her fan more often then either of them. especially in large scale battles with other ships and crews.
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        Dammit Tewi I was going to take the first non-OP post of the OOC ><

        Oh well, I get this spot instead.

        Spoiler: Phoebe Estelle

        Name: Phoebe Estelle

        Nickname: "The Mad Witch of Canterbury"

        Age: 27

        Race: Human

        Spoiler: Wriggle's NSFW rating: 4/10

        Height: 180 cm (5' 10.87")
        Weight: 62 kg (136.69 lb)
        Eye Color: Blue
        Hair Color: Blue

        Phoebe usually keeps her hair short like her role model: her mother. She might grow them to make them longer if she feels like it, however.

        Phoebe's outfits are extremely risque; often times she might as well be fully naked. Her dress code however is justified when one learns of the power of her Cursed Object. One aspect of her Cursed Object is that, the more skin the cursed exposes, the more potent his/her occult power becomes.


        The Estelle family is renowned for their affinity to curses, hexes, and other occult arts. Their witches and warlocks leave the house when they have mastered their respective occult arts, providing their service to the people for a rather large fee. It is expensive to hire one of the Estelle family, but the results are very satisfactory.

        Naturally, Phoebe, the youngest member of the Estelle family, took interest in the dark arts of inflicting curses. She was quite gifted: able to turn people into frogs and back without breaking a sweat, and left the house to set up a witch's shop in the large city called Canterbury. Dubbed the Mad Witch of Canterbury, Phoebe offered various services: minute things such as temporarily sprouting pig tails from a person's ass for a few hours to serious hexes such as assassinating an important figure. However, unlike other Estelle dark artists that inflicted curses because they liked hurting other people, Phoebe's services were all-business. The occult art that Phoebe was truly interested was Astronomy and Divination.

        Every day, after she was done with her work, she would sneak out of the city and head to the top of a hill and watch the stars. With her money she went and bought star charts and telescopes in contrast to what the citizens of Canterbury expected. She kept her shop design clean and organized instead of dark and gloomy like every other witch's shop ever. While the title of hers still stuck around, the citizens eventually opened up to Phoebe, hiring her for more prank-like events.

        One day, she was hired to assassinate a corrupt government official who oppressed the citizens of the town near Canterbury. It wasn't much of a problem: she was able to sneak into his office building and eliminated her target. Before she could leave quickly, however, she was intrigued by a blue-cover book the government official was holding and took it back with her.

        Little did she know that the book was actually a Cursed Object until she heard agonized voices of the dead in her mind a few days after the assassination attempt. At first the screams in her head drove her temporarily insane, but she soon grew to control it as she learned more and more about what her new Cursed Object offered her.

        The Cursed Object she has looted from the dead government official was essentially a catalog: a list of every Cursed Objects currently in the world, including the book itself. While every other pages only showed the image of the Cursed Objects, only the page that had the book itself illustrated displayed everything the object in the drawing can do. With its' knowledge, she found an excuse to close her witch's shop: find as many Cursed Objects as possible and update the book as long as she lives, hopefully passing on the information to the successor.

        As of right now, Phoebe is traveling the world looking for different people with Cursed Objects. She's been on the said voyage for 6 years now, but she has only managed to update 5 out of the hundreds of pages in her book. While wandering and exploring is always fun, hopefully she can get some progress on cataloging the Cursed Objects sometime soon.


        Phoebe may be from a family famous for producing witches and warlocks, but she isn't what you expect from a normal follower of the occult arts. She is rather enigmatic and emits that mysterious aura, but she is too laid-back and friendly to be considered into the stereotypes of followers of occult arts: cranky, eerie, and malicious.

        Phoebe is rather a meticulous person. She plans not just one, but multiple steps ahead, paying attention to every minute details. She does not permit herself to make any mistakes, and thus never loses her innate charisma which Phoebe has in spades.

        Phoebe is a very balanced person. She speaks in a well-mannered tone that is proud but not arrogant, gentle but not frail. She can be very decisive at times but never crosses the border of recklessness. She can feel emotions, but she tries not to let them influence or justify her actions.


        Phoebe longs to complete the PokeDex find every Cursed Object in the world of Aquarius and come to contact with them, updating her own Cursed Object to its' newest version. If she cannot do it within her lifetime, hopefully the next person who have been cursed can continue the legacy.

        Cursed Item:

        Spoiler: The Grimoire of Nepturion

        A hardcover book with blue leather cover draped over hundreds of pages, The Grimoire of Nepturion is a Cursed Object that works as a catalog for every Cursed Object Nepturion has created. Within the pages, illustrations of every Cursed Objects are drawn, one per page. It is the size of a smaller college textbook, allowing Phoebe to hold it in one hand and carry it around with no physical strain at all.

        When Phoebe or any other person cursed by the object comes to contact with other Cursed Objects, the corresponding page in the book begins to shine brightly for a few seconds as new information about the respective Objects are updated onto the page. The power, the curse, and the mechanism of how the Cursed Object works are inscribed on the pages by an unknown occult force, and is visible to everyone who reads the book.

        The Grimoire of Nepturion is also an energy amplifier, powered by, frankly, the amount of skin exposed by the cursed. The less clothes the cursed wears, the more potent the occult energy becomes. This justifies Phoebe's indecent dress code: as it allows her to channel and concentrate her occult energy to the point that it takes on a physical form: a hazy, deep purple-and-black cloud that can be lashed out like a missile or envelop a target to make it impervious to less powerful projectiles attacks.

        The curse of the Grimoire is that the cursed will constantly hear screams of the dead. Their agonizing, painful screeches echoing in the minds have taken lives of many in the past. Every predecessor of the artifact has lost their minds and perished within a week of possessing the Grimoire, although Phoebe doesn't mind the dead's screams. Another curse bestowed by the Grimoire is the wanderlust to go around places. Perhaps it's because of that aspect of the curse that prompted Phoebe to leave Canterbury and venture into the world.


        - I was probably high while making this application.

        - Before you ask, yes, that is one of the outfits Phoebe will be wearing in the RP. Yes, she has even riskier outfit. Yes, I am a perverted Wriggle who just likes shameless females who dress scantily and walks around proudly.

        - As are all female characters I control, Phoebe is extremely beautiful.

        - She still provides services such as simple hexing and divination to supply her adventure with cash. Can't go on a voyage without any way to sustain herself after all.

        Spoiler: Lilliane Hancock

        Name: Lilliane Hancock

        Nickname: None

        Age: 18 at the time of death

        Race: Ghost


        Height: 151 cm (4' 11.45")
        Weight: 0.02 kg (0.044 lb)
        Eye Color: Red/pink
        Hair Color: White with pale pink hue at the tip

        Lilliane's hair is really unkempt due to her situation in the biography. They are very long and very messy: with the bangs reaching her chins and the tip of her hair falling all the way to her knees.

        Lilliane is only fashioned in a ragged, sleeveless dress that has definitely seen better days. The dress, so thin it could pass as a nightgown, is torn in multiple places, and stained with old blood on other places. She has broken shackles on her wrists and her ankles that are not removable, as well as a slave tag around her neck that is also irremovable.


        The villages on the quaint New Leaf Island has seen better days. A group of sinister slavers have recently created their hideout at the heart of the island, raiding the villages and kidnapping pretty young females to sell to their clients. Lilliane from the Initia Village was no exception, as she was snatched by the slavers in their most recent raid and was taken through the wilderness and to the hideout.

        The girls were sold to people who desired a servant or perhaps even a pleasure toy. Prospective buyers are required to come to New Leaf Island in person to take a look at their "wares", pick a girl or multiple girls they liked, paid for the amount on the spot, and left with the bought-out girls. However, the slavers unanimously agreed Lilliane was too beautiful to be sold away. Instead, the slavers kept Lilliane.

        Of course, her treatment was not better off than what the slave-owners would have done to her. She was forced to do chores and, whenever she did an "unsatisfactory" job, she was beat up, tortured, or was left without food or water for days. She was raped by multiple men routinely. Her beautiful face and skin was always marred by the bruises and scars from the abuse, and the lack of food left her very malnourished. The extremely harsh conditions the slavers put on Lilliane soon took a toll on her as, on the 3rd month of her enslavement, the tiny flame on her candle of life snuffed out.

        The slavers took her bruised, naked corpse and tossed it aside where no one would see it ever again. Slaves came and went away for a month after that; life for the slavers seemingly went back to normal. However, neither them nor the captured girls themselves would realize that the spirit of the deceased Lilliane linger in the hideout... in the same cell that she was kept in, the cell that the slavers neglect to check because of its' remoteness. There, Lilliane curls up into a ball, grieving her life for eternity to come, oblivious to the fact that she is a ghost and therefore can leave the hideout if she ever chose to.


        Lilliane has become very inward and dark due to the extreme hardship she was put under until her death. She is unsure about everything, once again because of how the slavers would beat her up if she made the slightest of mistakes... or just for kicks. She feels dirty due to how many times she was violated by the despicable villains, and constantly reprimands herself for how impure she feels. She is also fearful of strangers, especially men, and often accuse them of attempting to take advantage of her even though they had no such thoughts in their minds.

        However, once she warms up to a person, she returns to how she was before she was alive and was kidnapped. Before the enslavement and death, Lilliane was a cheery girl who wasn't too enthusiastic to take action but was certainly sociable. She loved helping people in any way she can, and her villages adored her for that... now they miss her and her knack of lifting the spirits of everyone around her.


        Lilliane has no goals. She can barely figure out what she wants to do tomorrow due to how griefstruck she is.

        Cursed Item:

        Lilliane does not possess any of the Cursed Objects.


        None, because I'm tired!

        Spoiler: Aeneas Vulcan

        Name: Aeneas Vulcan

        Nickname: None

        Age: 18

        Race: Human



        Height: 174 cm (5' 8.5")
        Weight: 55 kg (121.25 kg)
        Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
        Eye Color: Light Brown

        Aeneas doesn't appear to look like a guy from the first glance because of his long, silvery hair, his skinny, petite build, and his rather androgynous looks. His clothing also is rather androgynous; preferring to wear comfortable clothes like loose cotton shirt and cotton pants with leather slippers or boots.



        Born and raised in a war-like village in Erubo island, Aeneas was... not like the others. The children of Erubian tribe were taught to become warriors bent on conquering the world, only putting their trust on axes and shields. They were trained in the art of battle; both men and women were put into the arena to prove themselves as battle-hardened fighters. However, Aeneas was different. Rather than wielding blade into the thick of battle, he preferred to stay behind and grow herbs that can be used for potions. He was scrawny and looked more like a girl than the females his age. His fellow friends didn't really mind: one less man for the competition, although occasional teasing went around. His parents, however, were disapproving of his preference, and continuously endeavored to changing Aeneas' "wrongdoing" and turn him back to the true path of the warrior.

        The pressure of Aeneas changing and becoming a true warrior became apparent when his parents sat down to have a talk with him, demanding that he stop his silly gardening nonsense and begin taking up steel. Aeneas assured them that he will try to change, although his herb-growing and potion-making continued. In fact, his friends actually preferred Aeneas to create potions; as his concoctions gave them strength and energy when they felt drained and out of energy.

        Aeneas was happy that his friends recognized his skills. However, the last straw was finally drawn when his parents, after a drinking party at the town hall, encountered their son tending to his garden. Enraged, they trampled the herbs in front of him, forced him to hold an ax the size of his torso, and practically threw him to an arena where the warriors in training fought to gain recognition and independence from the tribe.

        Of course Aeneas was in a disadvantage: he didn't know how to fight. His friends knew about it and, to prove that they would rather choose to keep their friendship rather than gain fame and glory among the entire tribe, they all rose to defend Aeneas in front of the whole tribe. The audience of course were shocked by this action: it was unprecedented to see an Erubian tribe protect each other in an arena. Confused and wrathful, the tribe decided to hand the case over to the village elder and see what she would have to say.

        Thankfully for Aeneas and his friends, the village elder valued their bravery and friendship, providing them her own permission of independence from the tribe: even Aeneas. Some of the more fanatical members of the tribe who were hellbent on executing the blasphemous warriors and Aeneas left to their homes in disappointment, but most tribe members celebrated the independence of Aeneas and his friends, throwing a big party full of eating, drinking, singing, dancing, and laughing. For once, Aeneas felt at home with these people.

        The next day, Aeneas left in search of places where his brewing skills are needed. However, every other places already had an apothecary set up with their own resident brewers. However, Aeneas will not give up on his goal of proving his prodigal skills to the world. There's just gotta be a place where he can settle down...


        Aeneas is a bit meek and shy, especially with people of his opposite gender. This was due to the dominant friends he was with back in Erubo island; a good portion of whom were female.

        However, his demeanor changes when he begins discussing about potions. His eyes brighten up and he gains confidence when he explains the potions, is in process of creating the potion, and when he's presenting the created potion.


        To find a way to display his brewing skills to the world... and perhaps find a love of his life, get married, settle down, and live a comfortable life.

        Cursed Item:

        None. I don't plan on him having a cursed item.


        - At the intro post, Aeneas will be on board a supply ship traveling to a different island.
        - Aeneas takes pride in potions that benefits the drinkers, such as invigorating potions that grant incredible stamina temporarily. He can create poisons and the likes if he is requested for them, however.

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          Name: Lizzy of Dunwich

          Nickname: Lizzy (she isn't very good at naming things)

          Age: 53

          Race: Dunwitcher


          Biography: When lands started to dry up from the flood, colonies were made, some among the ancient ruins. One such town was that of Dunwich. There was a family, known as the Whateleys. Said family found a relic, a book, ancient and old, originally filled with all kinds of information. As Nepturion's influence waned, something... other corrupted the book, now filled with information of a more... eldritch variety. One of the family's sons was corrupted by the book, twisted into a writhing amalgamation from the knowledge he had learned.

          The family did not throw him away in disgust, or fear. They hid him, purchasing cattle to feed him. They too started to darken, performing dark rituals as the beast formerly called a son grew and grew, the book becoming fused with it's very flesh.

          People in the town started to become curious as to where the cattle were going, and soon enough, other's own cattle started disappearing in the night too. A mob formed, ready to figure out what the hell was going on. But then, their now large barn exploded. the former whateley, now something not of this world, broke free, trampling through part of the crowd, leaving footsteps the width of a tree. It's appearance was so horrible, so inhuman it was invisible to the people. They panicked, of course, and the beast fully escaped into the countryside. They burned the Whateley's houe to the ground, with them still inside. But that was not the end.

          It took people in the night, and screams became commonplace. Soon enough, a new breed had been born, something crossed between whatever the Whateley had become and human women. Blackness covered their bodies, the brain's reaction to hide their horrible twisted flesh, but not to the extent of what was now known as the Dunwich Horror.

          These beings were actually fairly friendly, and traded with the people of Dunwich. The residents were hostile at first, but since people weren't being taken anymore and their cattle were sick and crops were failing, they conceded, and thus several generations of these hybrids were born, and the humans eventually dwindled and died off. Lizzy is of the newest, and 3rd generation of hybrids, she's also somewhat of an anomaly.

          She was very, very short. Wheras most of the hybrids stood at a staggering 8-9 feet tall, Lizzy was but a mere three. The other hybrids, as a result of heavy inbreeding, were also very, very dumb. Lizzy, on the other hand, is actually very smart, and after a few years, realized that she did not like this town, and really, anything it stood for. So, in secret, she packed her bags and left, clearing the stench of Dunwich off of herself, hitching rides between ships and towns as a helpful eye and a fairly competant sailor, despite her small stature.

          Personality: Lizzy is a usually cheerful, albiet very disturbing and morbid fellow. Her many years of living with her fellow hybrids have had her see things and ritual that would make most men (or women) insane within an instant, so she's not really phased by much, maybe confused if it's weird, but not much else. She likes spooking people with what dark knowledge in in her head.

          Goal: None, really. Though killing the Dunwich Horror would be nice and put her conscience at rest.

          Cursed Item: None at the moment I can think of.

          Skills: She lacks a good portion of the increased physical strength of her bretheren, however, she is extremely nimble, able to climb and move at most angles with relative ease. She carries a pair of knives in case of trouble.

          Notes: Lizzy travels very lightly, basically what she can stuff in her coat. She carries a pair of knives in case of trouble.
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          Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

          You just discard their guts and keep on driving.


            (Both apps are done.)

            Ethan Ambers

            (Just for added effect, I tried to be a little crude with some of his stuff, just to give the feeling of what he's like. Hope it all works out. )

            Name: Ethan Ambers

            Nickname: @&&hole, Son of a b*tch and a dwarf, syphilitic puppy killin' slimey bastitch, and many other bad things. He tends to anger a lot of people, primarily influential individuals, but when being spoken of in a positive light, some know him as "The Dragonfire Avenger".

            Age: 27

            Race: Human



            This, except not bleeding everywhere and injured.




            Biography: Basically, his father and mother were pirates, a government sanctioned pirate killed them, and now he's on a path of revenge, or rather that comes secondary to his antics and adventures.

            Personality: Ethan is what some would call a wild, "free spirit". The other majority of people would call him "bat-sh*t insane". To himself, Ethan would regard himself as simply enjoying the life he was dealt. After all, "what's the point of living forever if you're not having fun?" Ethan is a wild-man, a risk taker, a daredevil, a badboy; pretty much a guy that lives like he's dying. That being said, he also has a more relaxed, calmer, casual side to him. If one sits down to have a conversation with him, one will soon find that there's quite a bit more to him than just testosterone and adrenaline. If the situation permits, he shows wisdom, intelligence and kindness, and contrary to people's thoughts from how he usually acts, he's not completely insensitive.

            He usually remarks about particular situations and is not one to care too much during a fight. In battle, he can sometimes be a little arrogant. Despite his job, there are some contracts he will refuse. As he says, "Even adventurers and pirates have standards."

            Goal: To kill the person responsible for killing his parents, but that tends to fall to the wayside. He primarily wants to explore the world for the sake of adventure, to see what the world has to offer, but when the opportunity presents itself, he will try to advance his little mission of revenge.

            Cursed Item:

            Dragon's Avarice

            Dragon's Avarice is a leather piece of armor worn on the left shoulder and appears to be made of some kind of dragon hide. What makes this item particularly unusual and unique is that it is inhabited by the soul of a dragon, more accurately the dragon the hide belongs to. When worn by a person, the sentient piece of armor forms a symbiotic relationship with the user. As to whether this relationship is mutual or parasitic, that can be left up for debate. The armor slowly feeds off of the wearer's life energy, but just enough to survive, and all while ensuring its host survives by granting it enhanced physical abilities and lending its power to the host. This means that the host is stronger, faster, smarter, and tougher than before, as well as granting the user a resistance to fire and the ability to breathe fire, but at the cost of inheriting the dragon soul's penchant for gathering and hoarding treasure, its avarice. Not only that, but if the user is weak-willed or is weak spirited, the dragon soul could either drain the host completely of their life energy, or even fully possess them, transforming them into something other than human.

            A better way to explain this "possession" is that the spirit intertwines itself into the host's body, initially causing very minute changes to the wearer's physical appearance. If one looks beneath the shoulder pad and in that general vicinity, one will see a darkening of the skin and the beginnings of what looks to be scales. This is when the spirit has the least amount of control over the host, only taking enough control to sustain itself with the host's life energy. Either when the host is in extreme and imminent danger, or when the host loses to the power of the spirit, the scales will quickly begin to overtake the host's flesh and transform them into a monstrous draconian humanoid. The effects of this transformation can vary for the host, ranging from temporarily fusing with the dragon soul to being almost entirely overtaken and cast into their own mind. If the worst of the two outcomes happen, it is up to the dragon whether or not to relinquish control, and it often chooses not to. The only other way the host can regain control is if they have the will to do so, but the chances of such a thing happening are very slim.

            In the end, this cursed item is a very powerful artifact, but it is as dangerous as it is powerful.


            Skills: Swordsmanship, marksmanship, acrobatics, sneaking around, getting into trouble, pissing people off, getting put in jail cells, pissing off jail wardens, getting beat up by jail wardens, getting out of trouble, drinking, adventuring, sailing, fishing, swimming, loving, killing, lockpicking, pickpocketing, sh*t talking, sweet talking, plank hopping, aaaaaaaaaaand chess.



            Dual Bladed Revolvers

            12 Gauge Double Barrel Hammer Shotgun

            Dual Flintlock Knives

            Tezoth The Dragon Spirit

            The dragon spirit is an entity from a time long before The Flooding. Back then, it was killed and reduced to little more than a scrap of leather, but before dying, the dragon had uttered a curse upon itself that it would always haunt whoever would dare abuse its corpse. When the item was created, the first victims of the curse were the very people who killed the dragon and crafted the relic. After they had died from mysterious causes, the leather pauldron eventually found its way into another's possession. That owner was soon overtaken by the soul, but the host was slain by a band of heroes. This cycle continued up until The Flooding, where it was left adrift on the open sea. After drifting for a few millenia, the item was stumbled upon by a band of pirates. They thought the item was little more than a scrap of leather, but kept it anyways, tossing it into their treasury and keeping it there until one day the ship it was aboard was attacked.

            After the clashing of steel and the sounds of gunfire subsided, the door to the treasury was blasted open and the armor was taken by a lone adventurer, a rather snarky one at that...

            The dragon spirit is intelligent, cunning, and quite powerful. Tezoth cares little for humans and sees them more as entertainment than anything else. This is often seen with how he tends to manipulate and use those around it. It is not entirely misanthropic, as it has been known to show interest and slight benevolence to those it deems worthy of such kindness, but more often than not, the dragon tends to find the affairs of humans to be little more than something to entertain himself with.

            He also tends to carry around a weapon of his own, a gunblade designed like a revolver, but fires shotgun shells.


            Jason Stone

            Name: Jason Stone

            Nickname: "Magic Head"

            Age: 18

            Race: Human

            Appearance: Dark brown hair to the point that it looks black, brown eyes, a tan skin tone, medium build, weighs 190 lbs, and stands at 5' 10''. He wears Tanker Boots that have Titanium Alloy plates on the toes and heels, loose fitting black leather pants with many pockets(not skin-tight, comfortable, slightly loose), a black sleeveless heavy-duty leather shirt with a reinforced front and a Titanium Alloy chestplate.

            Biography: Jason Stone was born to a mother and father that had quite different professions, but the same passion and love towards one another, and when Jason was born, they shared that same love to him as well. Jason had a relatively happy and relaxing life, usually spending time reading in his mother's library or helping his father at the forge. One day, Jason decided to take a trip into the woods and explore. As he moved amongst the trees and sounds of the forest, he heard a sound that didn't quite match with the rest of the forest. It didn't take long to learn that the strange sound he heard were the screams of a young girl, and it wasn't a moment too soon, for he had grabbed the girl's hand and pulled her to safety before she was sent down the side of a cliff.

            The girl seemed rather scared, but grateful that someone had come by to help her. After introducing himself, the girl had told him that she had lost her family in the woods and could not find them on her own. Jason had promised to help her find them, promised that he would stay by her side until they were found. It took some time, but with a little persistence Seki's parents were found, and they all left the forest after a tiring day.

            The two of them quickly grew to be close friends after those events in the forest, and they were inseparable, often helping each other with tasks, getting into all kinds of adventures and trouble, and even managed to get out of and solve a few of their troubles. It was definitely a rather hectic lifestyle for Jason, but if he was facing it all with his friend, he would rather have it no other way.

            On Seki's eighth birthday, Jason decided to find a particularly special present for Seki, something that reflected just how much he liked and cared about his childhood friend. He had gone through many different choices at the local market, but nothing felt like it could convey such meaning. That was, until he found an old bracelet with a flame pattern adorning it. Usually, Jason would feel that such a gift might have been overwhelming, but there was something about this particular trinket that called to him, something that kept pulling his attention back to it. For some reason, and after much thought, Jason had decided that this bracelet, although rather basic of a gift, was special and wanted to give it to Seki for her birthday. After paying for the bracelet and going to Seki's birthday party, he soon took Seki to a secluded area where he then presented his gift. Jason had his doubts and slightly feared that Seki wouldn't like the present he had gotten for her, but those fears were quickly erased when she tightly hugged him and said "Thank you."

            This one moment of happiness, however blissful and seemingly uncorruptable, was very short lived and marked the beginning of the guilt Jason felt.

            It was a memory from so long ago, yet even now the memory is so burned and etched into Jason's mind that he will probably never forget. The night after Seki's birthday, Jason was woken up by a faint yelling in the distance, the smell of smoke, and the crackling of some unknown force. He had immediately shaken himself awake and went to the window, only to be greeted to the orange glow of a nearby fire, one that seemed to be originating at Seki's house. Fearful of what might have happened to his close friend, Jason immediately ran out from his house and down the road to Seki's house, hoping that it was still standing, hoping that she was alright.

            What Jason was greeted to that night has haunted him for the longest time, and even now serves as a warning to him about Seki's newfound power, the chaos it could bring. Laying in the center of the road in front of her burning home was Seki, laughing in an almost maniacal manner. Nobody else seemed to be able to get a single coherent answer from Seki, but when Jason asked her what had happened, all she said was "Fire. lots and lots of fire ehehehe. My new bracelet is special! I don't know why but I feel really good!" Jason was horrified at the sudden revelation that the bracelet he had given his friend had somehow driven her insane. Desperate for answers, Jason quickly ran back to the market and found the merchant that had sold him the bracelet. It was from the merchant that Jason learned the bracelet was one of many cursed items, each one unique in their own way, but all of them dangerous. Even worse, there was no way to save Seki from the curse, no way to undo what Jason had done. Because of him, Seki had been sent to prison, her mind had been so severely fragmented that he didn't even know if his friend still existed, and her parents were even killed during the incident. If Jason had not given her that bracelet, everything would have been fine. Jason regretted all he had done and felt that the entire chain of events had been his fault. He felt as if he had betrayed his friend in the worst possible way, and now her parents' blood was on his hands.

            Luckily for Seki, the investigator could not find enough evidence to keep her locked up and she was placed under Jason's family's care after a few months. Of course, this did not mean things returned to normal. Jason still felt an enormous amount of guilt over the entire thing, and every time he looked at Seki, he was only reminded of the damage he had caused, causing him to avoid Seki and even try to stop talking with her. This happened for a couple months until one night Jason heard Seki crying in her room. He couldn't help but check in on her to make sure everything was alright, but when he asked what was wrong, Seki answered, "Jason not like me anymore." Jason tried to explain to her why he had been avoiding her this entire time, but soon stopped himself when he realized he had no excuse. Sitting in front of him was his friend. She was still somewhere inside her head and not entirely gone, and he had hurt her by shunning her, making her feel like she did something wrong. Instead of explaining, Jason comforted her by simply wrapping his arms around her and holding her close. It was on this day that Jason silently promised to find a way to save Seki from the curse he had bestowed on her, he would travel to the edges of the earth and learn the world's deepest darkest secrets if it meant that his friend would be free.

            Over the years, Jason studied many different subjects, but primarily kept to alchemy. Meanwhile, he would also spend time with Seki and teach her various academics to make sure she kept up with them. Eventually, Jason had moved away from his family to further pursue his studies, and Seki followed with him. Luckily for them, there was little trouble Seki could get into where they lived, and it was a place where Jason could perform some of the more complex aspects of alchemy. To this day, Jason still attempts to unlock all of the secrets within alchemy, hoping to cure the curse that he had unwittingly placed on Seki so long ago.

            Personality: Jason is a fairly easygoing person and is very accepting toward those around him. He occasionally jokes and sometimes snarks about certain situations. He can be a little hot-headed, depending on his mood, but is a pretty patient and kind person overall.

            Goal: To find a way to either safely remove the cursed item that Seki possesses, or negate its negative effects.

            Cursed Item: None for now.

            Skills: Lore, Alchemy, strategy, crafting, negotiating, storytelling, and various other tidbits of info he has gathered from his mother's library. That and he seems a little bit stronger than the average person, due to his gathering of materials and his constant forging of new items.

            Notes: He uses his wit and his will to do whatever needs to be done. He is a tradesman, meaning that he tends to rely on the tools he creates.
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            Originally posted by S121
            Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


              MY APP!

              Name: Cale Trent

              Nickname: N/A

              Age: 22

              Race: Human


              Height: 6' 1
              Weight: 198 lbs.


              A youthful and energetic young lad with a knack for exploring and the middle child out of his 2 brothers. Since a young age Cale traveled the seas with his father and siblings. They weren't pirates or anything really, just explorers who always sought out new lands to explore and new treasures to find.
              Honestly this was quite an exciting life for the young explorer, for with each new land and treasure they found, the more about he learned about the world he lived in. It was because of this that he had gained the urge to go his separate way, to travel the land on his own.

              When he reached the age of 18 he managed to accomplish this task, for he had managed to save up enough of his hard earned currency from traveling with his father and siblings. With the money in hand, he had begun searching for a ship to call his own once he landed on the next island. Sadly he didn't find his own ship, but he did decide that he would start hitching rides on any ship, temporarily joining a crew until he can either get his own ship or find a crew that he is willing to stick with.

              Unfortunately his travels would end up leading him into something that would change his life for both the better, and for the worse. You see after hitching a ride on a ship and arriving to a new island by the name of Caine Island, he began to rest and take a break in the local village. However he began hearing rumors of a temple deep within the forest that contained a incredibly valuable treasure. However anyone who had gone into the jungle in search of said temple never returned to the village. Hearing this he grew an interest in what this treasure was, and decided to head out in search for it.

              He spent a few days preparing. He had gathered at least a few days worth of food and water. After he got what he needed, he then sought out. He followed the supposed path that the villagers told him about... Within a day he had gotten lost in the jungle, and for the next day or two he remained lost... Yet he kept searching for this temple. After all he had done similar things with his father and brothers in the past, so what makes the situation he's in now any different? With that thought in his head he continued searching until...

              He found the temple.

              As soon as he found the temple he quickly celebrated before running in, and oddly enough... there wasn't any traps at all in the temple. He thought that such an old temple with a treasure so valuable had to be worth protecting in some way, but no. Instead he found something that disturbed him a bit. The recently dead bodies of men, of whom had their arms... severed, cut off from the elbow. It was as though something made them remove their own arms, and then proceeded to bleed to death. This did not sway him however, for he wasn't going to just leave without this treasure he had heard about. As such he continued exploring through the temple in search of this treasure, and finally... at the end of the main corridor was a large room. Inside the room was nothing but a large pedestal with... a rather ordinary steel gauntlet that had a gem embedded into the back of the hand.

              Curious he walked up and placed his hand on the gauntlet, and almost immediately he started to hear a voice in his head... one that was begging him to place the gauntlet on. Seeing this he let go of the gauntlet and backed up. Unfortunately the moment he blinked the gauntlet was not on the pedestal, but rather was now being held in his hand. This scared Cale a bit, as the voice had began speaking to him again. It was urging him to put the gauntlet on. Cale nervous and terrified of these voices threw the gauntlet at the wall and ran out of the temple.

              While he was catching his breath though, the gauntlet had somehow managed to appear right at his feet. Cale had so many questions, but was beginning to think... what if this is what drove those men to killing themselves? What if... this was the treasure? All these questions just was beginning to drive Cale crazy, however he tried to fight it. He wanted to know more about this, and as such he grabbed the gauntlet and began to make his way back to the village. After a solid day of traveling, with the voice echoing in his head, urging for him to put the gauntlet on. He had finally made it to the village.

              The villagers were shocked and surprised by his return, for they thought he had perished. However upon seeing the gauntlet in his hand the village elder emerged and told him about the gauntlet. He warned him that now that Cale has touched the gauntlet, he has no choice but to wear it. For it will always find its way back to him until the day he dies. However he also said that the gauntlet will grant Cale a power that could potentially help him in the future. Hearing this, Cale begrudingly sighed... and so he put on the gauntlet. After all he wasn't just going to live life being followed by some gauntlet, nor was he wanting the voices in his head to continue. Thankfully the second he put it on his left hand, the voices had stopped. Cale however passed out upon putting the gauntlet on, for one of the wounds he had gotten while traveling through the jungle had once again began bleeding even more profusely than normal.

              Much to his benefit though, the villagers saw this and quickly jumped to his aid. They patched him up, and by the time he came to he began asking what happened. The only thing the villagers could tell him was that the gauntlet must have caused one of his wounds to open up and begin bleeding. The loss of blood had caused him to faint, but thankfully they were there to stop the bleeding.

              For the next few days Cale remained at the village, resting up and letting his wounds heal and recover. All the while he was thinking about the gauntlet, and how he will never be able to remove it. He was also thinking about how this strange thing will be giving him some sort of special power. He did not worry too hard on that, in fact he was actually more scared to find out what kind of power this metal glove will give him. Either way after his injuries were finally healed, he had said his goodbyes to the people of the village and began seeking a ship or crew he could call his own.

              Cale is youthful, and filled with energy and excitement for exploring new places. He's generally friendly and outgoing, jumping head-first into a situation without warning. He's the kind of guy who loves to live life dangerously, but at the same time knows when enough is enough. If he recognizes a situation as truly dangerous or severe, he won't just jump in. He'll either actually prepare, or not even bother with it at all. To be honest sometimes he'd actually prefer the latter, for he does not always like dealing with being in the spotlight of a situation.

              However if he knows or hear that a woman (or child) is in any kind of danger, then he will begrudingly jump into a situation even if it might cost him his life. This is actually quite funny, as around women he's quite nervous. Especially around more beautiful or busty women. Mostly because well... he's a bit afraid of relationships, for his divorced father had told him that "Relationships are like the plague son. Nothing good comes out of a romance. Except if the woman invites you to her bedroom. In that case take up her offer. JUST TAKE IT!" Cale took that a little too much too heart... well the 'relationships are like the plague' part. He doesn't think they are the plague, but the way his father said it made him afraid to get into a relationship for feels like something bad might happen. This won't stop him from at least becoming friends with a woman.

              Other than that, Cale is rather cocky and a bit arrogant when it comes to his knowledge and skills as a Treasure Hunter, of which his loud-mouth and bragging sometimes actually puts him in the situations he hates the most.

              He wishes to find a ship or crew of his own so that he could travel the world apart from his father and brothers.

              Cursed Item:
              The gauntlet you see on his left hand is his cursed item. The second he touched it he was cursed and had no choice to put it on or else he will be essentially chased by it throughout the rest of his life. Though it does grant him a unique ability. For the gauntlet can create and form a special bow and string made out of some mysterious energy. When he pulls back the string of energy and releases, it will fire a charged bolt of blue energy at the target. These bolts of energy have a range of 15 meters, and is quite powerful. Getting hit by his energy bolts are like getting hit by an arrow made of energy. It will not pierce the target, for the shot dissipates upon hitting its target, but it will cause an injury much like getting hit by an arrow.

              Cale can also fire smaller, weaker bolts from the gauntlet without pulling the string of energy on the energy bow, and it has the same range as a full charged shot from his bow. Getting hit by these weaker, faster firing bolts is like punching someone as well as leaving a nasty bruise. These weaker bolts are yellow in color rather than blue.

              The other part of the curse is that any injuries that will caused Cale to bleed, will cause his wounds to bleed far more than they normally should. This actually means that Cale will be encouraged to avoid getting shot or stabbed even moreso than normal.

              Currently he does NOT know how to activate the energy bolt firing abilities of the Gauntlet.

              Cale has some experience in Treasure Hunting, and navigating the seas due to traveling and being taught by his father. As such he can be quite useful in helping a ship's captain in navigating just by examining the stars, the way the wind is blowing, and by looking at a map. It will take a good while for him to figure out where exactly they are in the world, but the second he does he will check any map of the world he might have near him and will then set a course for the nearest island.

              On land he excels even more though as he has experience traveling through jungles, exploring caves, and navigating through labyrinth like temples. He has also been trained to have a cautious eye, and as such can usually notice or figure out if there is a trap in their way due to previous experience. He also has a knack for traving down treasures, and can usually be seen at the front of a team of treasure hunters.

              Also due to his treasure hunting profession, he actually knows how to haggle and sell the treasures he finds for some rather good prices... sometimes. He has a 50/50 success rate in his haggling.
              Outside of treasure hunting he really does not have much skill, in terms of fighting he does not have much to offer... Yeah he's not really a good fighter.


              Since he currently is not part of a crew, I am willing to have him join the first person who is saying they are wanting to have a crew of their own. THAT IS IF THEY ACTUALLY WANT HIM!!!
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                Interesting Character. I like it. I've read through it and honestly it seems rather good for one. Accepted.


                Gruesome and all. The lore you provided with the cursed book thing that caused the Dunwich Horror in that location (even though pretty much a rip/modifcation of the Dunwich Horror story modified for this RP.) I like it.

                Lizzy is absolutely adorable looking and will hopefully be interesting to Interact with.



                Read the app Wriggle. Love it. She sounds so... enigmatic to me, and so goddamn interesting. ON TOP OF THAT I JUST LOVE THAT IMAGE!

                Okay I'm not being biased here, but I do like the app. Accepted.

                Okay if we get one or two more people to make apps and get accepted I will make the OOC.


                  Name: Koishi Komeiji

                  Nickname: None

                  Age: 27

                  Race: Satori


                  Biography: In time time of the flooding, some humans fled underground, sealing up the path behind them to keep out the water. These humans should've met an unfortunate end. That was, if they hadn't met the Satori. The Satori back then were nothing but simple, non-sentient creatures, mere eyes with various tentacles to scale walls and absorb food. The humans found them, and soon enough discovered their symbiotic abilities that allowed them to survive and thrive in the dark. This continued through generations, and the satori and human had ceased to be seperate creatures, now simply two parts of one whole.

                  They had grown into a great city in the many years following the flood, supported by underground rivers and bioluminesence. As the land dried, the rocks unsealed, and they were thrust into the world anew.

                  Koishi was born on the surface, unlike many Satori, in a small fishing village near what was formerly Birth Island. As such, she grew up hearing the stories and tales of the cursed place where it once rested, tale of ghost pirates and treasure. Once day an interesting fellow came to the island, a little Dunwitcher named Lizzy, who told her tales of many places and people, making Koishi very interested and excited, and ever since, the two have been travelling together throughout the seven seas.

                  Personality: Koishi is unusually cheerful, unusual for the usual cold logic of her kind. In fact, she's usually quite the opposite, boisterious, happy, and free of thing holding her back.

                  Goal: Not really. She just travels and drifts.

                  Cursed Item: None at the moment.

                  Skills: Most Satori can read minds, however, Koishi possesses a mutation, reading, and sometimes even manipulating the subconcious instead. She likes climbing and moving where she pleases, and has an affinity for free-movement over buildings and such. Tapping into her eye's power can increase her physical strength by quite a bit for a short time, at the cost of losing a lot of energy. Lastly, she can extend some of her tendrils to grab or hold onto things as needed.

                  Notes: Koishi normally travels light, with money and a cutlass for defense.
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                  Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                  You just discard their guts and keep on driving.



                    Name: Seki

                    Nickname: N/A Not a pirate

                    Age: 17

                    Gender: Female

                    Race: Human

                    Appearance: Seki has chin length white hair and light blue eyes. Her skin is very light just like her hair without a single blemish. She's very small around 4 feet 11 inches tall with a very slender petite body. She wears a solid red jacket that looks like a modern day hoody without a zipper or front pockets. Underneath is is a white shirt with blue or black pants depending on what Jason washed for her that day and regular shoes that would usually be worn by men instead of women.

                    Biography: Far away on a small tropical island, there existed a small forest village. The homes there were built on both on he land and within the trees. The people there were peaceful and lively. They were hard workers but they loved to celebrate, dance and drink. This village was known Odenami, named after it's founder and chief.

                    It was within this village that the young girl was born. Her father was a great fishermen and her mother a semi famous dancer among the village. She was born on a dark night while the moon was full and high above the earth. She had snow white hair and very light skin. She looked and felt as pure as snow, earning her the name Seki. The young girl lived happily with her mother and father. She enjoyed dancing with her mother but she loved spending time with her father even more. It didnt' matter if they were fishing, dancing, working or playing. She was a daddy's girl through and through.

                    When she was three, her parents took her on a hiking trip. they planned to travel to the top of the mountain and have their dinner at the top. A casual family outing. However young and curious Seki was much more interested by the nature around them. So much in fact that she got separated from them when she went chasing after a butterfly that flew past her. She chased the winged creature through the woods for several minutes, not once thinking that she had been lost. However she wasn't looking where she was going and soon found herself falling and the dangling off the side of a cliff.

                    The small girl could barely hang on with her hand. She was shocked in silence for a moment but when she felt her grip start to wane. She cried out for her mother and father, but they didn't come. She had thought they were right behind her but now they were nowhere to be seen. all seemed lost but just as she was falling the girl felt a small hand wrap around hr wrist and pull. She was pulled up by a small boy who couldn't have been more than a year older than her. She was relived that she was safe, but that didn't stop the tears from rolling down her face.

                    The poor girl was scared stiff and she still didnt' know where her mother and father were. The boy took pity on the girl and tried to calm her down. he introduced himself as Jason. Seki told him that she was lost and needed to find her mother and father. The boy simply nodded and stood up. He reached out his hand for hers and promised not to leave her side until she was reunited with her family. Seki was shy and uncertain at first but she took the boys hand, and the two of them searched together.

                    They looked high and low or several minutes. Jason worried weather or not Seki wold be ok, but the girl seemed fine. Being near her new friend made her feel comfortable and relaxed even in such a scary time for a small child. After about half an hour of looking, the young duo finally found the girl's mother and father. They both embraced their daughter with loving arms and her father lifted her up off the ground. She nearly fell asleep as he held her in his arms. She had grown sleepy from her constant searching and it was taking it's toll on her body.

                    It was a long day and a long trip back home. But the boy and the girl became friends after that. they played together and helped each other with their chores. They even got in and out of trouble together. Seki had a tendency to be very impulsive and often didn't think things through very well while Jason was always the calm and logical one. More often than not Jason was the one keeping her out of trouble while Seki wold always drag him into it. It was an interesting friendship to say the least. But the two were never board together..

                    Sever years had come and gone until Seki's 8th birthday. She was celebrating with her parents, Jason and his family. She enjoyed the cake the games and the few toys she got from their gifts but most of all she was happy to spend that day with her best friend. All of the sudden Jason had asked her if they could step outside for a moment. Seki was confused but went along with it anyway. They went around to the back of the house where they could be alone and Jason told her to close her eyes. Seki questioned him asking what was going to happen but Jason just insisted that she close her eyes. She finally gave in and closed them and waited. But after a few seconds she could feel her right arm being lifted and then something being tied around it. when she opened her eyes, there staring back at her was a leather bracelet with a flaming pattern painted on it.

                    The girl blushed as she looked at the gift she had been given and the back to Jason. He was smiling at her and watching her reactions. "Do you like it?" he asked her. All sh could do was nod to answer him. She wrapped both of her arms around him and gave him a tight embrace. The gift may not have been flash or expensive but it was special to her none the less."Thank you." she told him as she held him in the tight hug. It was one of the happiest moments of their young lives, but it was a haplessness short lived.

                    Jason didn't realize it at the time but the bracelet he had given her was cursed. The item gave ti's owner eminence power but at a heavy price. Jason was awoken that night by the sound of yelling and the smell of smoke. He looked out his window and in the distance he cold see a fire burning. It was coming from Seki's house, or at least from that general direction. He ran and ran as fast as he could and sure enough when he got there, there was nothing left of the girl's house. Her parents had both died inside the fire but the girl was outside laying flat on the ground just... laughing.

                    Her uncontrollable laughter was very strange and unexplaineable. When questioned about it she didnt' even answer. She just smiled and giggled more and more until Jason arrived. He asked her what happened and all she said was "Fire. lots and lots of fire ehehehe. My new bracelet is special! I don't know why but I feel really good!" She wasn't acting like herself. Something was very wrong with the girl. It was if she had gone insane. Jason rushed back to the merchant who had sold him the bracelet only to find out that it was one of many cursed items. Usually such things are very expensive and sought after but the on side to this one was a prince no one was willing to pay. I suppose the greater the gift the greater the curse in return?

                    What's worse is it was now bound to Seki until she died. There was no known way of breaking the curse and doing so seemed almost impossible. They wold need the blessing of the god whom had created the items in order to cure her but what were the odds of that happening? Jason felt horribly guilty about this. He felt as though he had lost his friend and that it was all his fault. Seki pulled some time in prison for the murder of her parents but was released after only a few months due to lack of evidence against her. She went to live with Jason and her family after that. It wasn't' the same between them for a while. Jason was very upset. He shunned her for a while and wanted nothing to do with her. The guilt he flt every time he looked at her was too much to bear. The two lived in the same house but they didn't' speak til months later.

                    Jason heard Seki crying in her room and he went to check on her. When he asked her what was wrong she simply responded with "Jason not like me anymore." Jason tried to explain but the more he thought about it the more he realized he didn't have a good explanation. Instead he comforted her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close as if caring for a small animal or child. Seki may have been different, more violent and reckless than before but she still had feelings. And yet somewhere deep down Jason could still feel his friend somewhere inside there.

                    It was on that day that Jason vowed to find a way to save his friend. He began to study and research many subjects but he primarily focused on alchemy. In his free time he wold either play with or try to teach Seki what he could to keep her at least somewhat up to date on her studies. It seemed that Jason and his family were the only people exempt from the girl's new found aggression as she would cooperate with them and do practically anything Jason told her. About nine years passed after that. Jason moved out into his own home and Seki went right along with him. Jason had become quite the scholar by this point and his knowledge far surpassed that of anyone else on the island. Likewise Seki had only grown stronger as the years passed. Her manipulation over fire grew more and more precisely as time went on. He usually kept her inside or away from other people in order to keep them from getting burned. Eventually they packed their things again and moved further up in the mountains away from other people. This way Seki could have more freedom and Jason wouldn't' need to worry about her as much. The two continue their somewhat peaceful lives together as Jason looks ever harder fo a way to cure his friend.

                    Personality: Seki is very reckless and has a tendency to be very violent. She has an unnatural love for fire. In fact she loves it so much that it's almost sexual to her. Towards Jason however she's a sweet and obedient girl who wouldn't' dream of harming him.

                    Goal: None. She just wants to watch the world burn.

                    Cursed Item: A magic bracelet which grants her the power to manipulate fire at the cost of her sanity.

                    Skills: Seki is extremely skilled in her fire magic. After practicing it for years, her powers have become destructive enough to deal heavy damage to ships or buildings and even destroy them. Anything she touches can be turned into a ticking time bomb and given enough time if allowed to she can set of a blast of radioactive fire in what equates to a nuclear explosion. This ability however takes a very long time to cast as she must first mark the sigil in the ground. When she is truely giving a fight her all she will sprout two flaming phoenix wings. She feels that this ability is a small portion of something greater to come when her mastery of fire reaches it's peek.

                    Notes: Made to be a collaboration character with one that s1 is making


                      @Wriggle about Wriggle's new app.

                      I read through the app. I'd say it is accepted.


                      The Koish is accepted.


                      THAT'S A LOT OF INFO.

                      Before I accept it I might need to talk with you. Going to need to re-read it a few more times.


                      Tewi your app for Seki is accepted.


                      Ethan is accepted. Short bio is the only gripe I have, but it gives you enough along with his other info. At least you went into detail with his equipment.
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                        Double Post but:

                        Accepted your 2nd app S121.



                          NEW APP IS ACCEPTED!!! Aeneas is fully accepted.


                            Flan asked me to post this for her sake.

                            Name: Venus of the Seven Seas

                            Nickname: Sweet Death of the Sea or The Voice of Death

                            Age: Looks around 19, actual age unknown to most (sheís around 29)

                            Race: Mermaid

                            Appearance: (concept sketches, final produck may vary :3)
                            Venus has ice blue eyes and dark brown hair that reaches her waist. Her skin is extremely fair and soft to the touch. She tends to go topless since mermaids have no use for clothing unless on dry land. Her chest is that of a c cup, but one canít tell until up close, when itís far too late.

                            Biography: Venus is one of few mermaids who prowl the sea for more than having just a little bit of fun with sailors. She is one of the man-eating beauties who swim the seas, singing her sirenís song and using her beauty to lure the poor souls to their death. As she quickly became less of a legend and more of a reality for pirates and sailors, many began to become wary of the Sweet Death of the Sea. Venus was both impressed and disgusted by the humanís awareness to her drownings. Other mermaids who know of her love of human flesh tend not to warn sailors due to the fear she will take them with her as well.

                            Venus has always been one to hate humans, as they were polluting her home in the seas with their ships. Her solution is to drown them all, and make it so they fear the seas as they once had. She often tells the sailors that a kiss from a mermaid will prevent them from drowning, but their lips will never meet her own.

                            Personality: A trickster with no morals or respect towards othersí live besides her own. She is cruel, and loves to drag on what she should be able to do quickly, playing with sailorsí minds until they canít take it. Venus does have a kind heart behind the layers of bitter hate and anger.

                            Goal: To take the lives of as many sailors and pirates as she possibly can.

                            Skills: She is adept at luring sailors but it has become increasingly difficult as her reputation grows and pirates become more wary of her. Sailors who arenít as wary succumb to her voice and end up drowning.

                            Notes: Normally uses this song for luring :


                              New character. I just had to.


                              Name: Zanzibar AKA Zans

                              Nickname: The Mad Demolitionist

                              Age: 30 in Bandle years, about 15 in human years. He's quite smart though despite his young age (Ferrents live until the age of 100 usually in their lifespan.)

                              Race: Bandles. Bandles are a race of ferret/rodent like creatures that live on an island in the Southern Hemisphere called Yordle Island. The island that Bandles reside on actually has quite a technologically advanced city compared to other cities. They have better medicine, better weaponry, and even more generally better technology. They haven't created things like televisions or radios or heavy machine guns. They just have... nearly perfected stuff like firearms of the current time-period of this RP and other things like that. In short Bandles are surprisingly smart, which makes up for their lack of size and strength. As the Bandles tend to be about 3ft - 3ft and 6 inches in height. So they normally fell prey to larger, more dangerous predators. So what better way to counter them by using their own intellect.

                              He stands at 3ft 4, which is normal for male Bandles of his age. The chestplate on his armor though has a small dial and a small door. This chestplate also serves as air tight container for his pea-sized bombs.


                              Zanzibar was a successful 'scientist' of the Yordle Island. Scientist is used loosely as Zans had always been a bit... dangerous with what he experiement with. For he had a knack to experiment and mess around with gunpowder and explosives. Zans loved blowing stuff up, he loved hearing the sounds of explosions, but more importantly he genuinely thought that a good explosive had many benefits. Ranging from construction, to demoliton, hunting, fishing, and just to relieve stress. In fact at the end of the day he'd often go into the woods and just... set off some explosions to relieve some stress at the end of the day.

                              One night though he had a dream... a dream about a new type of explosive that could easily be stored in large quantities when submerged in a chemical solution, and when taken out of the solution the bombs would expand to full size. Upon waking up Zans let out a laugh of joy as he quickly rushed to the forest to collect the proper ingredients for what he needed. The island already had various natural ingredients that could serve his purpose. Like a gunpowder substitute that is just as lethal made from the bark of a rare tree on the island, and a type of plant that has a solid exterior to be used as the main shell for his explosives. He also knew a scientist in the city that could aid him in making the chemical solution for the bombs. These natural ingredients he will be using for the bombs have been known to shrink when exposed to certain chemicals before, so it shouldn't be too hard to make his dream bombs.

                              Upon arriving back in the city after... ingredient hunting for days on end, he didn't bother to rest. He wanted to work while the idea was still fresh in his mind, and as such he began working immediately. He got his old 'friend' to start working on the chemical solution, while he himself started working on the bombs. The bombs themselves turned out to well... work better than expected. Some of them were really powerful. A little too powerful in fact, for one day he had nearly blown himself up with his own explosives. He lived with little injuries, but he decided that if any Bandle were to use these explosives, they'd need a suit of protective armor. As such he spent another few days gathering more materials, more ingredients for him to make a blast (and heat) resistent suit to help aid in protecting anyone who wears it from getting blown up.

                              Though he couldn't get all the materials for this suit in the wild, so he had to do some searching through the city for anything he could use... That is when he encountered a mysterious merchant from another land. The merchant had offered him something interesting. A new set of goggles that were promised to be the best out there. Curious and in need of a new set of goggles for his suit. Zans took up the offer and bought the goggles and when he went back to his lab he began working on his suit. A few tests in a controlled environment (the suit being on a dummy made of grass, leaves, cloth, and wood.) Zans and some of the other scientists were surprised to see that the dummy was completely unscathed by the explosions. Seeing this Zans decided to do something a bit more risky... Testing it on himself... and he did.

                              At first the other scientists were worried but surprised when Zans came flying and hit a glass wall that was used for protection. Upon Zans impacting it... they were shocked but they rejoiced as he just stared at them with a creepy, but large grin. Shortly after his 'friend' had finished the chemicals and he had finished a batch of about 40 special bombs that were shrunk down to the size of peas. Zans made an air-tight container and was happy with the successful experiments today.

                              That night tough when he went home he took off his suit, but he was unable to take off his new goggles. At first Zans started to freak, but when he passed by a mirror. Upon passing it he stopped and looked at his own reflection. In his eyes he saw the reflection just stare back at him with a large, creepy grin... He nearly freaked out that he was hallucinating until he felt his own face, which had the very same grin. Upon experiencing this he began to hear voices in his head that kept telling him to just... go wild, go blow things up, just... go ballistic. His bombs are all he needs... Zans then began to laugh psychotically as he had begun modifying his Blast and Heat Proof Suit. He modified the chestplate on the front to essentially be an airtight metal container complete with a dispenser style dial and latch on the front. After doing so he poured the glass jar that contained the chemicals and 40 pea-sized bombs into the metal compartment he made on his suit.

                              With his modified suit, and bombs he quickly left his home and in the middle of the night he went to his laboratory in town and began to blow stuff up, but not before retrieving his greatest creation. The "Mega Inferno Bomb". A large bomb he made a few months back. Taking it he strapped it to his back and just went wild with a few of his newer bombs. Turning the dial on his chestplate twice, a few pea-sized bombs were dispensed and within about a minute or two they expanded to the size of baseballs.

                              Hearing the commotion, one of his fellow researchers had entered the lab and to their horror they saw Zans right before he blew up a large portion of the lab, sending Zans flying through the ceiling and onto the ground about 20 yards away from the lab. When he got back up, surprisingly unharmed he looked around and saw himself surrounded by Bandle Law Enforcement. They did not hesitate to kick Zanzibar off the island. He was sent with a ship with some outsiders, and in turn far away from their island.

                              Since that day Zans has been really bomb happy, and increasingly more... mentally unstable. Thankfully he hasn't blown anything up... yet.

                              Zans is smart... but mentally unstable. Ever since he put on those goggles that strange merchent sold him, he's been growing far more mentally unsound. When doing nothing he can be heard laughing maniacally on occasion. Hell he sometimes talks about how he loves blowing things up, how much he LOVES bombs, and how much fun it is to get blown up. He has become a guy that people fear because they think that he'll just snap and start blowing shit up at the SLIGHTEST provocation. Though that's not entirely true. He's rather fun loving, and genuinely loves to have a good time (even though that might mean blowing shit up), and he'll even be willing to just sit down and have a cup of tea and just chat... though he tends to talk about bombs a lot.

                              He's also not entirely mean or evil. The only thing really dangerous about him is that he tends to solve his problems with an explosion... or two... maybe three. In fact half the time he might just blow something up for the hell of it, but that doesn't mean he can't be talked out of doing so. You just need to be quick. Real quick. Hell he'll even jump into an explosion that isn't even his! He just loves the feeling of blowing stuff up and getting blown up now. It just fills him with such glee.

                              Other than that he's a bandle with his own goals and desires in mind, and prefers to do things his own way. When with others he is very likely to follow his own plans, unless the others he's with require explosives in their plans. If someone else's plans does NOT involve explosives then it's likely that he will forcibly add an explosive or two to that plan. Then again he's a loner who does seek attention in various forms (like setting off explosions or just going to a crowd of people and force himself into conversations.) Speaking of which he is a wild card socially as he has been known to just enter people's houses at random, and acting as if he's part of the family. Laughing at his own jokes and pretending he was invited then just... suddenly leaving. He's honestly really unpredictable in general. This unpredictable nature of his is mostly due to his current insanity.

                              In short. Just...
                              Try to be careful around him and hopes he doesn't take out a bomb. Especially if you do get on his bad side in which case he will not have any second thoughts about blowing you up.

                              Goal: He currently has no intended goal in mind at the moment. A side of him though wants to take those damn goggles off. Except to make more (and more powerful) bombs.

                              Cursed Item:
                              The Goggles on his head. The goggles that he wears are special as what they do is that, when worn, they increase the durability of the wearer by 10 times that of what they'd normally be able to handle. It also helps make their vision quite clear in any conditions. Only downside is that when worn, they will begin to slip into insanity. At first it starts quickly and they'll become incredibly mentally unstable, then it begins to slow down until they reach a certain point. This insanity is caused by the goggles manipulating the thoughts of the wearer into truly going after what they want most. Even if it means putting oneself in danger.


                              Zans is a intelligent desptie his insanity. He knows quite a lot of different formulas and ways to use Gunpowder and other explosive material. In fact he'd probably even be able to make a bomb out of anything as long as it can ignite. Hell he even knows how to make a pressure bomb involving water, an air-tight canister (MADE OF WOOD), and steam. Lots and lots of steam. He has been known to make such bombs on occasion. His insanity only really fuels his creative drive when it comes to bomb making.

                              Though what he does best is truly setting OFF his bombs. For he just loves to go crazy with his explosives. Thankfully for him he has that air-tight, chemical filled canister attached to his chest (his chestplate) that dispenses pea-sized bombs that are covered in some unique chemicals. When the chemicals dry off within a matter of a 30 seconds, they immediately grow to the size of baseballs and the fuses ignite. Of which he has about a MINUTE before he tosses them. Thankfully he is quick to act as he throws them not even 10 seconds after taking a few out of his chestplate dispenser. As the pea-sized bombs fly through the air they will QUICKLY dry off, ignite, then will explode within a a minute and a half.

                              Watch out for the big boy on his back. For it's his "Big Finale". The Mega Inferno Bomb which is equal to about 30 pounds of dynamite.

                              His smaller (when dried out) baseball-sized bombs have the explosive power of... 3-5 lbs of dynamite.

                              But how does he you know... aim and determine where to throw the bombs so they hit his targets...? Well that's simple. He uses math. In his chaotic mind he quickly begins to go through many different equations and measurements to aim where and how to throw the bomb, along with how much power to put INTO his throw. Though thanks to his special suit, and those cursed goggles. He can definitely surviving getting blown up with only a few singed hairs on his face.

                              Notes: Currently have NOWHERE for him to start out. So if anyone wants him, just let me know and I'll find a way to get him into that arc.
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