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Sailor Moon Crystal sure looks nice

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    Sailor Moon Crystal sure looks nice

    Bit too late considering SMC finished airing, like, a month or so ago. But whatever. Any reason to continue sh*tting on a poor attempt to remake the Sailor Moon anime is fine by me.

    Also, Dragon Ball Super lately fell under the Toei Derp Curse. Just look at that derpy SSJ3 Goku! LOOK AT IT!
    (If the image is broken, tell me and I'll rehost it.)

    You should head to Sailor Moon Crystal Failures on Tumblr if you wanna see all the crap that SMC has to offer. Unusually though, this blog has been heavily targetted by die-hard SM fans for "trying to ruin the fun for those trying to watch SMC". Don't know why... But appaently people seem hate the blog. Personally, I love both Sailor Moon (not Crystal) and the blog. And I think the blog is doing a good job at commenting on what SMC got right and HORRIBLY wrong.
    Note: Because the anime has finished airing, you'll have to scroll far back if you wanna see derpy screenshots and .gifs from all the episodes of SMC.
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      It was good, a sort of reboot, but good
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