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    (For the mods =, Can you not delete, Banned this alt, But just don't delete this)
    Well. For year 1/2 I've been playing on this server, and its been one hell of a time, I have been Sad/Happy/Angry and its been just so fucking odd, I love some of the people on this server, But because of censorship/corruption/other-shit and not many players on the server its just not as fun, A year ago at 8:00 there was 30 players on, Now? 10. and that's just boring, And people like (TRXD) who dislike me because I said "weeaboo" AND THIS:

    "I swear to fucking god Imm going to find this fucking cunt and stick two fucking knives into his fucking eyes until he can see how much of a fucking dickwad he is" -Remi

    "I have fucking alcohol in me and I'm thisfucking close to buying a ticket to fucking mexico or wherverr the fuck He lives in and finding his sorry ass" -

    (Holy fuck)
    So I will never come to here, And I know what you're thinking "Did he say that he was leaving before" and yes I did, But I'm done with yukkuricraft, And I want to make movies now, Not on my ass playing a minecraft server, so I will say my good bye to all.

    Good Bye TRXD
    Good Bye Leon
    Good Bye Katrix
    Good Bye Cucoo5
    Good Bye troublexassassin
    Good Bye Gman
    Good Bye Dead ace
    And Good Bye all.

    You were Kood?
    *stares at the screen*
    U betrayed my feelings and trust...
    I am dissapoint.
    I paused my university's introduction party just to say that.
    Now, I'm going again to the party and booze...
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    Originally posted by Mogeko
    Yummy prosciutto! Praise be to prosciutto!
    Originally posted by Lord Prosciutto
    Praise be to prosciutto.
    ..... I forgive the sin of all Mogeko.
    Release the Yukkuri:


      Who the fuck is Kood?

      Anyway: I don't blame you for being displeased with the administration. YC has had administration issues for quite awhile now, no thanks to Remi. But whatever.

      Good bye, whoever you are.
      Sometimes I feel like the only normal person here
      "My Threshing has been Extra Princely Fresh"

      Spoiler: Hazmer Baybee


        Kood, also know as 3bigcows, was previously banned for cases of severe disrespect towards staff members and breach of privacy trying to incite confusion and dissent under false or biased/out of context information. Nice to see he haven't given up. This user has also been noted for assisting or encouraging some greifers to attack the server.

        User is now banned for ban evading and once again attempting to cause problems, and disrespect towards staff.
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          No one will miss him anyway. Thread closed