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    SomethingSomething Getting New Hardware SomethingSomething Donations

    This is totally and completely optional

    But I am planning on upgrading the server's hardware sometime in the next month or two. A lot of our problems the past half year have stemmed from storage space so I definitely want to upgrade those (our backup drive is only 500gb lol; ) and our cpu is now over 8 years old. Might be time to upgrade. If we're upgrading the cpu, we'll prob also have to upgrade the mobo because that's fairly old, too - good chance modern sockets might not work (I don't recall the exact mobo model).

    Anyway, yeah. If you feel like financially contributing at all,

    Edit: for clarification, this is not specifically to cover costs of the upgrade. That will happen regardless of how much is pledged. I'm just using the opportunity to also mention this patreon. Realize I've paid over $1000 out of my pocket at this point already. I'll continue paying for whatever is necessary. This is just a way for others, if they feel comfortable, to start pitching in.
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    Don't know if it's just me, but a patreon doesn't really seem that fitting, as it's monthly automatic donations. But it's just me, I think it would be better if we used a donation page via PayPal or Kickstarter if we actually wanted to fund the upgrades quicker.

    Edit: But a Patreon to just keeping the server online in general is sensible I suppose.
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      A Patreon would indeed be better for a long term cover of running costs, but yeah, definately not something for a upgrade need.


        Karu, you mean something like this?
        As I see it, this is just another way to let people donate.
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          Sorry if it was confusing. I'm not using this as a means to upgrade. I'm upgrading regardless. I'm more using the upgrade as a chance to set this up. It's meant to just be a way to support for normal operational costs and maybe help a little with the cost of the upgrade/the money I've already spent on hardware. Remember I've paid over $1000 out of my own pocket over the past 5 years now.

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