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    Touhou snowball plugin hasn't been updated since 1.5. That's a while ago, lol.


      Mob Invasion

      The Eternal night has fallen onto the world and The Mobs Have Invaded The server In force, Defend our Cities from the Onslaught!
      Event Lasts for 10 hours and Rotates through Major cities on the Server.
      The equipment you use in the event is what you can bring.

      Defend the Major cities of the server from the Mob onslaught!

      *This here is a server Wide team effort, Do not back stab your Comrades

      *Staff members who can Spawn Mobs are on the other team, Your job is to Bring in the invasion force but can join the defenders at anytime. Or bring limited Iron Golem reinforcements to defenders.

      *Mobs come in waves of 200 to 500 strong ( or what ever the number most people computers can handle without crashing.) with a Time interval of 3 minutes between Waves.

      *Staff on the Attackers side can not Kill defenders with any means other then Mobs, That means no slapping into the air, teleporting high into the air, Acting as Zeus on Defenders and smiting them with Lightning,Rocketing them, Using the slay command, coming down and just murder them with Uber swords or Neko Miko sticks, Mystery Arrow of Death, or using Herobrine to slay players, no TNT rain, and lastly no rain of Instant damage or negative affect Potions onto defenders.

      *Staff on the attacking team can not spawn Mobs Directly on top of Defenders, The only exception is Flying mobs but they must be 15-25 blocks above Defenders. Ground Mobs must be spawned 20-45 blocks away from Defenders Positions.

      *No Withers or Ender Dragons. Any other Hostile mob is okay.

      *Staff must annonce when the Next wave of mobs is coming and when the invasion moves to the next city.

      * a City is considered "lost" if There is no Living defenders in the Pivotal area in a city( Where this area is and what it is up for the Choosing by Participating city owners.) for 10 cosective Minutes, Staff must make a announcement if 10 minutes have passed with no defenders in a Pivotal area. This Timer is reset every time a Defender enters a Pivotal area.The Capture Timer must done be by Neutral Third to Lessen the chance of Bias towards either side.

      * If a city is "lost" Defenders Have 3 Minutes to act as Guerrilla or Partisan fighters to Retake the city before they Have to move to the next city. If a Defender Dies inside a "lost city" during the 3 minute Guerrilla fighter Time period, they can only come back to collect their Items and then Have to Move to the next city. If the Guerrilla fighters fail to retake the Pivotal area during these three minutes then all Fighters must move to the next city in line. A "lost" city is considered retaken if 10 guerrilla fighters can occupy the Pivotal area for 2 minutes. The recapture timer is paused if there is less then ten fighters, starts regressing backwards if there's less then 5 fighters and resets completely if all fighters are killed.

      *They only other way a "lost" city can be retaken after the 3 minutes Guerrilla fighter phase is after the Rotation of cities is completed once. The recapture condition is this instance is 10 "liberators" occupying the Pivotal area for 5 minutes. The Conditions of the recapture timer here is the same as the Guerrilla fighter timer, Paused if there's less then 10, starts regressing if there's less then 5 and resets if there is no "Liberators" left in the Pivotal area. However if there is more then ten "Liberators" in a pivotal area the amount of time before the city is "Liberated" is reduced to about 1 minute if there is 30 "Liberators" in a pivotal area. One Minute of Recapture Timer is removed for every 5 additional "liberators" after 10. If there is confusion it broken down like this. 10 Liberators= 5 minutes. 15 =4 minutes, 20= 3, 25=2, and 30=1. After 30 the Timer will no longer be reduced.

      Have fun, and if there's anything else someone would like to add to this speak your mind, or if you want to tweak aspects of the Event a bit. This event would be once a year.
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        Well...not sure if this thread is looking for replies, since someone said necro (Can anything really be necro?), but I have something of a rough idea.

        It wouldn't be too hard to have a big server-wide scavenger hunt, though it would take a bit of setup. Name some items in an anvil to represent iconic things, maybe use some customized maps (or just paper) for spell cards, and hide them around Gensokyo. Then have people gather into teams to try to find enough of the items on their list to fill their team's chest first (or put a point value on each item, and score who found the most valuable collection at the end). Put everyone into adventure mode, and give them all bows to mess with each-other.
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          Capture The Towers
          The objective of the game
          In this game you will be going up against a rival team. The goal is to capture more Towers then they can. Their are three important moments in the game. The first is the Starting sequence. In the starting sequence you must collect resources in the starting area so that you can later survive the mobs that will appear in the towers, also note during the starting sequence you will be cut off from the towers by a invisible boarder, even cut off from the enemy team as they will be cut off from you, and the towers also so that everyone has time to collect resources before having to capture towers. The next sequence is the battle sequence where the invisible boarder will be taken down allowing you to go and attempt with your team to capture the towers. During this time you will also be able to kill anybody from the enemy team but nobody from your own team. Once that sequence is over the last sequence will take place which is the end sequence where your teams captured towers will be counted and whoever's team has more captured wins.
          Capturing a Tower
          Once at a Tower you must murder your way through mobs to get to the top where you must stay at for 20 seconds for the tower to be claimed by your team.
          What happens when a Tower is claimed?
          The Tower's flag which will be on top will change to the color of whatever team captured it.
          Can my team take over a Tower already claimed by the enemy
          Yes. Kill off whoever is guarding the tower if their is anyone even their and stay at the top for 40 seconds thus the flag will change to your teams color. The reason it takes longer to claim then a non-claimed tower is to punish you and your team for not claiming the Tower first
          What still needs to be decided
          How long each sequence will last.
          What team colors their will be.
          How many teams, probably two.
          Where everything will be located depends on whoever is gonna even make a map for this.
          How many players are needed to start a game.

          Lastly i'd like to say is sorry if this is a bit hard to understand i have nobody to read over this for me, and their is only so much i can spot then fix.
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            Ok, that post was not written clearly in the slightest. It took me an eternity to figure out that this was a Base-Assault game mode (with control point and survival elements). At first I thought there was only a single fort (like a King of the Hill). Then I noticed there was more forts so I thought it was Control Points. Then I finally saw that there were two major forts that belonged to teams and several minor forts to capture.

            That's not a good start at all. The biggest point I will always say when proposing ideas is: Make it clear! Make sure that your idea is clear, concise, and has little room for misinterpretation. A lack of clarity will always lead to an idea being shot down. Because if people don't know what you're on about, they won't accept it. Why would they? They have no idea what's gonna happen. And it would seem that neither does the proposer.

            Question: What is the point in capturing the minor forts? Is there any incentive? Would the player get rare loot or some kind of advantage from capturing the lesser forts?
            If not, then teams will NEVER assault the minor forts. They will just beeline it to the enemy's. Having side/minor objectives to complete is great and all but players need to have some reason to capture them. If all they do is waste time, teams will never assault them (It may give them a chance at more bills if they win. But there's the cost of losing turf. A big cost.). They want to win. And they want every edge they can get. So, either remove the forts or give players a better reason to assault them.

            From what I can see, this is a simple and traditional base-assault minigame with some Minecrafty spins here and there. Though some aspects are a bit questionable and the map size is definitely debatable. It may be too small. It may be just right. I'm not too sure. What I will say is that it's far more modest than other people's ideas of land space. I know one guy who tried to claim a 10,000 x 10,000 square of our survival world. Basically a 1/4 of the survival world.
            Unfortunately, the presented idea is notable flawed and poorly written. If people are interested, it could be refined, polished, and may become a reality (though how many people are actually into Minecraft PvP?).
            Otherwise, it's likely not gonna happen. And if it does, I don't know how long it'll last. Likely not long at all. Not to be a jerk or a pessimist but it can happen. And believe me, I'd love to be proven wrong.

            Note: Yes, I'm aware that they're called Outposts. But I keep my terms simple. Bases, Forts, Towers, Control Points, etc. Helps me understand things and rationalise them for my old-school FPS/PvP mind.
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              Well, i guess its time to edit my post even more, thanks for the response.