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Purpose and Guidelines

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    Purpose and Guidelines


    This is a server heavily based on the idea that we have a Touhou themed map and Touhou oriented player base. In order to make this server more entertaining and not just revolve around chit chat and looking at Gensokyo; although that will still be it's core. To emmerse our players into Gensokyo is our ultimate goal and perhaps the idea of community events could benefit that experience.

    Of coarse, side events just for the sake of Minecraft fun in general will also happen, but it is not limited to Touhou or just general Minecraft oriented events. The purpose of this forum division is for you guys, our players, to post ideas for events in Minecraft and possibly the Touhou Fighting Games.

    Types of Events:

    Weekly: A recurring game or challenge that happens on one day of the week or over the course of one weeek with prizes on completion. Weekly events may rotate and change without specifc intervals, depending on popularity with the playerbase. Ideas include building a certain type of structure in a time limit or with limited resources, completing a parkour/adventure map, Compete in a contest or a PVP arena tournment, or a Mob Arena Special!

    Monthly: A map or world event done once a month for 1-3 days. It would be a long enough challenge to heavily involve the players for longer hours and be one time events unless they are enjoyable for a second run or more. This could range from a faction war to an RP session map to a Super Hostile to a Spleef Tournement to Hunger Games and much more!

    One-Time: These could be anything, big or small, but something creative and very hard or themed. These might be holiday themed games or a gaming session outside Minecraft, but these will not be as common as other events.

    What we will NOT do in events:

    Harass or target a single group or player for fun.
    Blow up 2000000000 blocks of TNT over Gensokyo (unless Remi feels sadistic)
    Anything that is just plain ugly.
    Build structures with the purpose of hating on an outside group.
    Go to other servers and grief/take them over.


    Please post your suggestions in this forum and I will put up a list of possiblities in this post. Feel free to suggest other DO NOTs incase there was something missed or if a community event fails HORRIBLY on our server.

    Listed Ideas:
    -Higon Boat Racing
    -Queen of Youkai Mountain

    Suggested DO NOTs:


    Thank you, Yukkuricrafters!

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    i don't know about pvp since the lag the match would be 1 sided


      Queen of Youkai Mountain
      There are almost only girls in Touhou

      The map will be a copy of Youkai Mountain or just another big mountain that is similar.
      The mountain will be in a PvP area. The area surrounding the base of the mountain will be a safe zone.
      All players spawn in the safezone with a set of items that have yet to be determined(Most likely ladders, weapons, food, and a sign)

      The goal is for a player to reach the top of the mountain and place a sign in the center with their name. There will only be 1 winner.
      There are 2 possible ways to win
      1. Have your sign be on the mountain for X continuous minutes.
      2. Be the last person to have the sign there at the end of the game.
      Yes, other players are allowed to break your sign and replace it with theirs. The goal is to keep your position for X minutes or be the last one.

      Blocks (other than signs) can not be destroyed
      You are allowed to place blocks. The only blocks given to you will be stuff like ladders.
      You are allowed to kill others on the mountain, it will be set to PvP. The area surrounding it will be a safezone.
      All items will be destroyed and not dropped on death. This is to prevent overstocking on items given when spawned by suiciding and picking up your items.
      This is meant to be a free for all. You can form teams, however friendly fire will be on. Also backstabbing, betrayals, etc.

      Have fun~ I don't know why I wrote this. Changes and improvements are welcome.


        Holy shit Jaeyjay posted something, not to mention something that I REALLY like the idea of :OOOOOO

        Go jay! I second his idea :3


          this is pretty much king of the hill


            That's the point. Except there are no Kings in Gensokyo. And why have a hill when you can use a motherf***ing mountain.


              I like that mountain idea, go ahead and make a thread for it so we can organize it when the time comes.
              I can listen to 10 people a once, but unfortunately you are the 11th. Sucks to be you


                i like. if it has been decided, i wanna know when this will be.


                  Bamboo Forest Maze


                  This will be on a copy of the Bamboo Forest map. This is PvP, so you can kill each other, but you won't get stuff (This can be determined later...).


                  The goal will be to navigate your way towards Mokou's Yakitori Stand. People can kill each other as I said before, but they won't get any things. Like Patchy's idea, you have to put a sign with your name on it, but also Mokou's name on it (Fujiwara no Mokou). People can break your sign and replace it. The time where the sign has to be up will be determined later. Someone should watch the match so it is fair.


                  PvP is allowed.
                  You cannot break Bamboo Forest (It will be set where no one can break it.).
                  You can place signs, though.
                  No forming teams. It's every Touhou for herself.
                  No poorsportsmanship.
                  Have fun~!
                  怨霊も恐れ怯む少女 ~ 古明地さとり

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                  I can read your mind.


                    The Touhou Games (Obviously a parody of The Hunger Games)

                    The Touhou Games!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    "The Point"
                    It is a Parody of the Hunger Games (assuming you know what the hunger games are...)

                    "The Goal"

                    To kill every one in gensokyo before, ya know, they kill you.

                    "The Type"
                    Monthly (I would have made it yearly, but c'mon guys. Nobody can wait that long for an awesome event like this.)

                    "The Rules"
                    No bad sportsmanship.
                    No hacking into creative mode. this will be an all survival mode game.

                    Watch where you go because no matter what, a death is a death even if you accidentally walk off a cliff.
                    As for the location, i will leave that to the majority of you all.
                    You Can form alliances. However you must do something about each other when you all are the last ones standing.
                    Have fun with this. You are not ACTUALLY fighting for your life. However, you can get a little competitive...
                    I will leave it to you guys an girls (an those who do not wish to speak their gender) to verify this bloodrushing event!!!!
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                      can the events be like announced on the server via those announcements about these forums, the mumble etc. this way people who do not check here ofter(moi) can have a
                      warning and know about it?
                      How many times can you die a day~?
                      How many times have you died a day~?


                        bamboo forest maze

                        nice a maze hmm not a bad ideaimages (5).jpg


                          Damaku battle every Friday

                          Rules: None

                          Length: Untill we get bored


                            Originally posted by ~Cirno~ View Post
                            Damaku battle every Friday

                            Rules: None

                            Length: Untill we get bored
                            You need a plugin to make snowballs do damage, and another one to set up the snowballs into spellcards. /kit Danmaku, /setformation 095_11_04 (commands, 95_11_4 would map to "Boundary of Wave and Particle", some OP'd ones would be disabled or shortened, including no gravity on "Subterranean Sun" and no nausea-9001 effect for Shinmyoumaru's spell cards). I might end up developing a spell card plugin for this purpose... then again I'm not experienced in plugin developing. /kit should give a danmaku bow and a map (spell card), /setformation would set spell card as AAA_BB_CC where AAA would be the game number (leading zeroes, set up so Hisoutensoku = 123, IaMP = 075, MoF=010, PCB=007), BB would be the stage (Last Words and Phantasm stage are 08, higher numbers are for StB (EX=11) and similar), and CC would be the spell card number within the stage (20 for Virtue of Wind God, 76 for SA Trauma in the Glittering Depths).

                            Just a plugin idea for danmaku battles...

                            (Did you just spell "danmaku" "damaku" and "until" "untill"?)
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                              aside from the fact you just necro'd a few threads saying the same thing

                              the danmaku plugin, as I overheard, was removed because 1.7 as it wasn't working with it.

                              That's all I know