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Cyros's Build Meetings for Gensokyo V3!

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    Cyros's Build Meetings for Gensokyo V3!

    It's everyone's favorite amalgamation staff member, Cyros here! As some of you know, I've been considering hosting building meetings of my own separate from Koko's meetings. The simple reason is because I can almost never attend her meetings, and rather than have her change the time of those meetings to simply convenience me over everyone else, I decided to also host meetings myself.

    The projects of my meetings will be (hopefully) different projects than the ones Koko will be doing, and anyone who attends Koko's meetings do not have to also attend mine. If you feel ambitious and want to work as much as possible all round, then by all means attend both her meetings and mine. If you want to stick with Koko's only, that's fine. If you want to stick with mine only, that is also fine. The choice is yours! Other than that, some of the projects here do have members leading them that I would like to have in my meetings.

    So I know the question on everyone's mind at this point. WHEN is the meetings? Based on the conversations I've had with many members, the most optimum time I can host a meeting that will have the most members is Tuesday at around the same times Koko does her meetings, which is 5PM my time (GMT -3, will be -4 when DST ends). Although an exact time is not perfectly solidified as of yet. I work on weekends, so I simply cannot do meetings on the weekend, and my days off are Monday and Tuesday, so that's why Tuesday is the day.

    Here's how my meetings will go. The first Tuesday of the month will be an actual meeting. The projects themselves will be discussed, what needs to be done, who's doing what, and all of that stuff for the projects will be established, and on consecutive meetings after the first, we will also talk about the progress that's been made from the previous month. Each other Tuesday is not necessarily a meeting, but I will be around and in the building room so anybody is free to join me that day. If anything needs to be brought up at any point, don't be afraid to bring it up! I'm here to help as much as possible for both myself and anyone else working on/leading projects! Communication is important!

    And without further ado, here is a list of projects I would like to host in my meetings [The people who are leads are in brackets]

    Subterranean Animism as a whole [Cyros_Lugoth]
    - Ancient City [PhantomNerifes]
    - Chireiden [Eiburine, Cyros_Lugoth]
    - Nuclear Reactor [PhantomNerifes, Cyros_Lugoth]

    Myourenji as a whole [???]
    - Myouren Temple [xadrow]
    - Graveyard [???]
    - Tunnel leading to Mausoleum [???]
    - Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum [Cyros_Lugoth]
    - Palanquin [Shimitty]

    Shining Needle Castle [Cyros_Lugoth]

    Makai as a whole [TRXD]
    - Hokkai [Cyros_Lugoth]

    Gap Realm [Cyros_Lugoth]

    Lunarian Projects (MAYBE. This includes Eientei, Lunar Capital/City, Sea of Tranquility, etc)

    If anyone listed in the above projects is false, please kindly let me know. Don't shout or get the wrong idea or make me out to be the badguy or anything. Just please let me know so I can change it. Thank you. Also, these projects are either incomplete or not ported into Gensokyo as of yet, so that is why they are on the list. For example; my Mausoleum is completed, but it is not ported in, nor does it have a place to go yet. Lastly, if anyone at any time has an issue, misunderstanding, or is having miscommunication with anybody, please, please let me know so I can try to sort out the issue and have it resolved!

    And with that, feel free to post if you would like to attend these or not! The meetings will be held in the building room on Discord! Also let me know if 5PM (GMT -3) is a good time or not! I am willing to change the time to hopefully work out for as many as possible!

    The first meeting will be held on November 6th! I should mention that now


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