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Halloween Event 2020

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    Halloween Event 2020

    Hello everyone!

    I'm pleased to announce that we'll be bringing back the Halloween Event from last year once more! The event will be taking place on the 18th, 24th, 25th, 31st of October and the 1st of November at 5pm - 8pm EDT.

    The Event will be taking place on the Yukkuricraft Server. The way to access the event world can be done by doing /warp HalloweenEvent. You will then be taken to a waiting area outside the Scarlet Devil Mansion.


    If you are familiar with GMOD Murder then this event works similar to that!
    Out of everyone playing there will be 2 players with a special role. Hero and Killer role. The Hero's job is to protect the civilians and find and hunt down the Killer. The Killer's job is to kill everyone without being killed by the Hero.

    If the Killer kills the Hero then a new Hero will be selected.
    If the Killer kills everyone or dies the game ends! And Prizes will be given.

    If the game drags on too long to the point where no one is having fun everyone will die and the game will end as a tie.

    If you end up participating you will be given a prize! The prize can change depending on who wins (Killer / Hero+Civilians). You can get one of each prize a day. So be sure to participate to get a special Weapon in survival. This weapon is only available once a year!

    Please remember not to say who the killer/hero is in the minecraft chat or in the Discord voice chat.

    Server Chat will also be disabled while the event is running to not spoil or give anyone an unfair advantage.

    Hope to see you all there!