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Legends of Yukkuriland- The Lost Village and KFC

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    Legends of Yukkuriland- The Lost Village and KFC

    Two landmarks and one search event has just been added to the survival world:

    The Fountain of KFC:

    Explorers of the land of Yukkuris have spoken of a legendary fountain that have saved many travelers from certain starvation. It's location is unknown, travelers who has found it can't remember it. Some say it's just stories with no bases in reality. Recently though, we have proof. A traveller has shared with the town of Kagome, the wonders of the fountain: Fried Chicken.

    [The Fountain of KFC is a location you can get free food from in survival. We ask that if you find it, keep its location a secret. Make it fun for others to find it.]

    The Lost Village:

    Long ago and far away exists a quiet little village. It's habitants were peaceful and enjoyed their lives. With the rise in the legions of the undead, the village was threatened. As the undead advances close to the village, the call of evacuate was made. There was one issue though; time. To stall the undead as long as possible, a hero elected to stay behind and fight the horde of dead and keep them from catching up with the villagers. He geared up and stood firm as the evacuation commenced. He promised the villagers he would join up with them, but he never returned. However, he did what he promised. Clashing swords rang behind the fleeing villagers and the undead were held back. The villagers made it to safety.

    Today, no one remembers where this village is, but the story stays on as legend among the people of Kagome.

    [The Lost Village is a one-time search event. The first person to find this location can have the gear left behind by the hero who defended the fleeing villagers. As this is a one-time event, the gear will be unique and unlikely to be brought back for other events.]

    UPDATE: Makoto has found the village and its prize
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