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Regular Events - Raiding the Ironclad

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    Regular Events - Raiding the Ironclad

    Introducing a new regular event we will be holding when there's enough people on the server: Ironclad Raids

    You will be deployed by airship to break into this armored ship. Your task is to fight your way to the engine room and raise the engine's heat absorbing buffers. This will overload the engines and destroy the ship. Just make sure you exit the ship immediately to not get caught in the blast that will engulf you if you ain't quick enough.

    There is an entrance on the back of the ship, but it's locked from the inside. You will need to go through the maintainence hatches by the smoke stack instead. Necromancers are located all over the ship and will continually spawn lower enemies as long as they're alive, so make sure to take them out quick. You will be provided with three health grenades each. It should be more than enough to take care of anything you can encounter down there, use them wisely.

    Once you destroy the ship, swim to our destroyer nearby to return to base.

    To deploy to the event, take the airship at Fort Canadia. Use the deployment room to the right of the mining facility deployment room.
    You have the night to complete your objective. By day time our airship will be easy targets for their anti-air weapons.

    Good luck!
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    Fun warning:
    There is a possibility of losing items in the endgame blast.

    Personally, I advise saving your grenades until the exit just to make sure you can get out.
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      If you can get some people to bum rush the engine room, ez Kagome Bills