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Gensokyo Crashers!

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    Gensokyo Crashers!

    So I, along with a handful of friends got a chance to test Phantom's "genso crashers" world!

    The basic premise is that youkai are loose in Genso and you gotta fight them for a chance at their youkai essence, which can be used as currency @ the hakurei shrine

    Pictured(front to back):
    row 1: purpleFinatic(me)
    row 2: UrameshiSeika(Lily,)Redleaf64,Glennkabob,
    row 3 (lower stump): wanderingAviator(birb),KokoNuttz
    row 4 (upper stump): Tewi_Inaba

    It was very fun! And absolutely not full of crazy swarm-style fights, long-ass mazes, taco trucks, and missing bosses (*cough*bats*cough*)

    We helped Phantom work out a lot of bugs, and got to fight a specially familiar boss atop a frozen rendition of the Suwa Lake (it even snowed and hailed during the fight! I thought that was a cool touch)

    I can't wait for an updated version of the game mode for another chance at getting a stack of youkai essence for the shrine's shop!

    (but seriously though, fuck that maze)

    im not a cool person