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[Discussion] Gensokyo 3.0 Trailer Planning

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    [Discussion] Gensokyo 3.0 Trailer Planning

    Sup peeps. It's the admin that never shows his face around these parts, Remi!

    Anyway, for those working on Genso 3.0 you may have heard from Katrix that we want to release a 3.0 trailer sometime this summer. So with that said, this will be used as the primary location to discuss/document our plans for the trailer.

    How the fuck is this going to work?


    1) People give me a list of places that they want to nominate for being included in the video
    2) We either vote or I just fucking decide cuz it's a damn trailer.
    3) We make a video.

    What Kind of Builds Should Be Nominated?
    Remember that this is a trailer. For the most part, the trailer should be used to showcase our most impressive or otherwise "interesting" builds. We want to get the viewer excite about Genso 3.0. While it's true that every location is important, we all know for example that the SDM is far more interesting than the Spring Path.

    There will be no hard requirements on build nomination other than me asking you to keep the above few sentences in mind. This means that I am open to showcasing concepts/WIP/creative flatlands builds as long as there is something about it that fits the "impressive" or "interesting" characteristic.

    What's the Video Gonna Be Like?

    I don't have a particular desire for how I think the video should play out. Probably somewhere between 2-5 minutes depending on the number of builds that are nominated/the progress on each of those builds. For all intents and purposes, imagine the 2.0 trailer with some locations being less complete.

    So What Do I Do?
    If you have a location you want to nominate, post it in this thread.

    Please include:
    - Build Name
    - Build Location (World and coordinates)
    - List Of People who Worked on the Build
    - De facto "leaders" of project (People I will contact if I have questions about the build)


    ​If you have a build you want in the genso 3.0 trailer, post it in this thread.
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    Portal to Makai
    Genso 3 - 3357, 1882
    Luna Pixu (TRXD)

    It could do with a little bit more work (and is currently missing Sara's house) but I feel it's good enough to be shown.
    Smash through the blocks that bar your way; No time for fear, just let it all fall away; Nobody believes in me and you, Just look at the way they stare; So what if we live in a walled garden, As long as I've got you then I don't care!

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      Lunar Capital
      /warp templunarcapital (I don’t remember the cords per se...)
      A bunch of people: KokoNuttz, Orin_, wanderingAviator, purpleFinatic, Xadrow, nuclearblt, Shimitty, Wriggle, And a whole bunch I can’t remember...
      Leader: me
      Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they used to be.


        The one in NeoGenso is up to date with the one in the Creative Flats.
        No farms yet, the villagers starve like men.

        Build Name: Human Village
        Build Location (World and coordinates): CF: -6259, -6815 NeoGenso: 2364, 2586
        List Of People who Worked on the Build: Too many fookin people to list here, look at the board @ CF: -6259 4 -6815
        leaders: KokoNuttz

        Also you can just /warp temphumanvillage to get to the one in the flats. :V
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          Mokou's house (584, 12, 643) (all credits are on signs close by)
          Honorable mention: Hina's house (553, 14, 566) (and haunted doll stand at 577, 13, 542)
          Last edited by purpleFinatic; 05-19-2018, 11:49 PM. Reason: hi i gutted the hina house and changed the roof but the old one is nearby just in case you like it better

          im not a cool person


            SDM Library
            Creative Flat: 2024, 11, 1766

            My 4 year (maybe 5 year?) build is finally done.
            I still need to design the top of one wall and world edit copy to the other wall. Also maybe lighting fixes + other small details.
            The water is all from a single source block on top which can be turned on and off.
            Please don't break the invisible barrier blocks when trying to get to it. They're a pain to fix.


              Oh s h i t

              Okay SDM mansion will be done soon I promise

              Also I'd like to suggest the forest of magic plus te youkai forest because the builds within them are pretty much ported in, I just need to run around and get their coordinates and who built what.
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                Bitch what. Did you just say SDM is gonna be DONE soon?

                Also jj holy shit lol. How did you even find this thread that fast.


                  I lurk the discord and got a notification from our glorious leader. And I actually decided to read it this time.


                    Build: Toad Pond
                    Location: Creative, -767/29/-7417 (it's ready to be ported but I've been told not yet)
                    Built entirely by me, and many people I can't remember gave tips
                    I think with those fancy texture packs and lighting you guys use it'd look real nice in the trailer!


                      The community has a few musicians :3c would it be worth it, if not for this trailer, but the full video, to compose custom touhou remixes and stuff? That way we can time the music with the locations and transition between them easier.
                      (I'd love to make some music)


                        i'd be down



                          Thought I responded to the above posts, but I'd most definitely be down for arranges made by community members for the full version. I've already got a few candidate themes for the trailer (They're septette remixes).

                          If anyone actually has music they've performed/composed/arranged, just reach out to me directly on discord and we'll talk. I'll prob make another announcement when we start working towards the full video.