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I didn't know where to put this

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    I didn't know where to put this

    so uh, things have changed since like 2015 ish,, the server seems so inactive it's honestly kinda scary. I am a bit at loss as to where to start again haha,, if someone could help catch me up on major events that have happened the past 3 years ish it'd be appreciated..

    Spambox isn't probably one of the worst places to put this as only jokes are really put here. Moving this to Minecraft Misc. as that's the most appropriate place.

    Our survival world was reset when the server updated to 1.10. We ported over our old event system and brought with it new and returning stages along with the currency system. Major towns have sprung over survival including Hana no Machi, Sakura, Doggoshire, Bloodhaven, and a few others. We are now on our 3rd year of this new survival.
    Gensokyo 3 development is officially underway and we've been having regular build meetings every other Saturday (we just had one too). A few projects have been finished or finalised but we still have a way to go before completion. Volunteers and helpers are greatly appreciated. We are even providing the Temp. Builder rank once more for those serious about building and can be trusted with awesome building powers for Gensokyo.

    Rest assured, though the Minecraft server is quiet, our community is very much alive. A lot of members have been busy playing other games (we have frequent game sessions and get-togethers on a bunch of other games). We are also on Discord which is where you can catch a ton of us. to join us on Discord. No downloads or app necessary (but highly recommended)
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