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    One year...

    One year ago I created a new folder in my minecraft mod development folder. I called it JTG 1.8. Unlike JTG for 1.7.10, JTG 1.8 was supposed to be a standalone mod, not depending on some other mod. Why did I decide to start that project? Lot's of reasons really. One big one was that the code for Touhou Items mod felt like a mess to work with. Another one was that it was restrictive. I could neither add new types of danmaku, or use other types of colors. In addition to all of that the mod didn't really have the best of performance. Then there was the other big thing. Touhou Items mod was for 1.7.10, and didn't really make too much work towards 1.8.

    Traces of JTG 1.8 can be seen all over the RTY section. There is for example this showing me getting over the color restriction. Then there is this thing which showcased many of the strengths of the new system I had worked on.

    Of comes April fools and I made this post. Clearly lot's of April fools stuff in there, but also some slimmers of truth and what is to come. Specifically the post contained two videos, one of which had a hidden QR code that appeared for 1-2 frames, or something like that, which led to this video. At this point however we were still talking kind of port of Touhou Items Mod to 1.8 with cleaner code and more features. Around April or May however I decided to split JTG 1.8 into two parts. And when I say "port" here I do kind of mean it. While I wasn't completely sure, I hadn't denied the possibility at that point that the textures you see in the video would be final. The danmaku part, and the content part. The danmaku part became DanmkuCore, while the content part stayed JTG 1.8 (and after that died for a while as I devoted all my dev time towards DanmakuCore). At this point development was kind of slow I would say. There happened lot's of stuff the first month or two, and then things slowed down.

    This fall however this changed again. I got more time to actually work on DanmakuCore. I think it was also around this time, or a bit after it that I broke away from the idea of a "port". DanmakuCore would have it's own set of textures with it's own sense of artistic and it's own sense of feel. I didn't really post too much work on the forums here at that point, however you might find some stuff if you look around. I think at this point post development showcases were posted in the TOMS discord (the YC discord was still dead at this point, althogh I think I did post some stuff in there). Some examples of stuff that I decided on this period (and earlier too) was no textures for the shot entities, no items clogging up your inventory, GUIs for keeping track of stuff like power, lives and bombs, and so on.

    After lots of work, one month ago I got around to releasing an early 0.1 version. Today it's one year since I started this project. That's why today I'm releasing DanmakuCore 0.2. I had originally planned to release the first version of JTG 1.8 (technically not 1.8 anymore, at this point I just call it JTG NextGen or JTG-DanmakuCore), however I have to delay that a bit as not everything is completely ready yet. Moreover, because of this, development of RTY Nostalgia is oficially halted, and work on RTY 3.0 has now official begun.

    Here is the link to the new 0.2 release of DanmakuCore.
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