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Tewi's Base - Greif

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    Tewi's Base - Greif

    So, guys!

    Today Tewi logged on and went to her blood altat and found a chunk of it missing.

    The evidence points to a person having DUG their way in, and getting popped by a creeper while inside the spawning area. If you know who did this, or are the person, you had better tell us(As in, Me, Katrix, Tewi and Phantom). Staff Members who enforce the rules of the server which should be followed, before we check the logs and find out ourselves. This is not acceptable, and is against the rules which you are expected to have read and know before coming onto the server.
    I gazed up at the sable-haired maiden with eyes so full of warmth it appeared she was crying silently. My trecherous mouth opened, "Why do you look so troubled, Princess?"

    Slowly, she moved her eyes from the moon to me. She studied my imperfections before her for what seemed to be a blissful eternity before gracing me with her voice, "I've slain this land's only prince. What use, now, is a princess?"

    As the maiden left my presence, so too did my heart.

    Well, Shinseina_Yurei died to the mobs under the altar and he asked me to help retrieve his items (I'm guessing he got teleported under there by that protection Tewi and co have around their base or something, but I didn't ask him).
    HOWEVER, there was no hole in the altar when I arrived there, nor did I cause a creeper to blow up while retrieving his items, so I don't know what caused the hole.
    Just putting this out there before I'm wrongly accused of griefing.


      This brings us to our next point, and i don't like being that guy, but...


      this shit is seriously dumb as shit. the shield is up for a damned good reason. you really want to take a look at something, ask the owner of whoever owns it if you can look around, it's that fucking simple. if there's something like a lock or a shield up around something, don't be that one dumbass who HAS to look inside something because you feel like you can, as example of the phrase: "just because you can doesn't mean you should."

      I hear about this kind of thing happening again i swear i will take action.