***GENERAL RULE-SET*** [GR] - Rules that apply across all of Yukkuricraft.

General Rule 1: Be courteous and respectful
Keep an open mind on the server and respect that others may see things differently to you. Do not engage in toxic behavior. In this server, toxicity is defined as intentional actions of a non-humorous nature aimed at causing distress or emotional/social harm towards others. Continuing toxic behavior will lead to proper punishment.

In addition, continuous aggravating/annoying behavior directed towards a significant part of the server, that stretches or comes close to breaking server rules, will be treated as toxic behavior.

General Rule 2: Respect staff
Staff members volunteer their time in order to support the server. Please give staff members the same courtesy and respect you offer towards others both online and offline, and remember that they attempt to consider all issues and disputes from as objective a viewpoint as possible. Staff members have the final say on most server matters.

General Rule 3: Do not ero-rp (Erotic Roleplay)
Do not link to NSFW material or engage in NSFW behavior in public channels. Furthermore, do not engage in activity that is illegal in your nation and/or the USA while on Yukkuricraft. The server has and will collaborate with authorities if any illegal activity is discovered in it.

General Rule 4: Do not ask for promotions
Promotions to staff are administered as per the server's requirement. The highest non-staff rank attainable is Elder, which is obtained by being a continuing positive contributor to the server's social development. Demanding a promotion will impact poorly on your character.

General Rule 5: No account fraud/Ban evasion
Any attempts at ban evasion, account stealing/hijacking, or otherwise impersonating another community member for personal gain or any other reason will result in a permanent ban.

General Rule 6: No Soliciting
Unwarranted solicitations, attempts at spam, or inappropriate self-advertisement are not allowed. Aggressively or constantly nagging people about something you want them to do or join will not be tolerated. This rule is more strict on those not involved with the community, so spacing your advertisements out will not keep you clear of violating this rule if it's the only thing you do with us.

General Rule 7: SlOw RiDe TaKe It EaSy
At the end of the day, we're all just here to enjoy ourselves. The rules, while not concrete and are subject to change or working around if necessary, are simply put here to protect the good people and keep out the bad. So, please, remember to have fun and take it easy.

***SERVER RULE-SET*** [SR] - Rules that apply mostly to the Minecraft server.

Server Rule 1: Do not grief
Griefing or stealing of items is strictly prohibited, aside from consensual activity with friends.

Server Rule 2: Do not PvP
Unwarranted attacks against non-consenting players is forbidden. Dueling or ambushing your friends is fine, but hunting strangers and other non-consensual PvP is not.

Server Rule 3: Do not cheat
Do not use any software or exploits that may result in you gaining an unfair advantage over other players. Minimaps and waypoints, however, are permitted so long as the user does not abuse them.

Server Rule 4: Be mindful when building
Builds that conflict with the existing environment, or are obviously low-effort, will be removed where appropriate.

Server Rule 5: Don't abuse events and resources
Intentionally manipulating or exploiting server events and resources to gain material and items is illegal. This includes but is not limited to the likes of massive farms, bots, and/or exploiting event areas for drops.

***DISCORD RULE-SET*** [DR] - Rules that apply mostly to the Discord server and its voice channels.

Discord Rule 1: Share the Spotlight
Be courteous when talking to one another in the voice chats; everyone has a right to speak their opinions. Both excessive hogging of the room or constant interruptions will not be tolerated.

Discord Rule 2: Be wary of the room's overall volume
Unnecessary noises such as yelling or background disruptions that do not contribute to the conversation should be kept minimal. Offenders will be told to stop and potentially muted.

Discord Rule 3: Do not misuse specified voice channels
Chatter should be kept relevant to specific voice channels. For example, background conversation in a game room should only be limited to the ongoing game.

Discord Rule 4: Keep things relevant to the ongoing topic
Don't suddenly drop in and derail the ongoing discussion. Be respectful of each other's topic which they might be trying to discuss.

Discord Rule 5: No NSFW without consent
If all members of a room with a temporary chat channel consent to viewing NSFW material, NSFW material can be posted. However, once a new member joins the room the process must be repeated. NSFW anywhere else, apart from NSFW channels, is prohibited.

Remember that communication is vital to a healthy community. Most problems can be easily resolved by talking it out, rather than starting drama or trying to get someone banned over nothing. Staff are here to help, not be contracted hit-men for whomever you currently dislike. Treat your fellow member with the same respect you'd like for yourself and remember to take it easy.