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    Server Rules

    So I realized that I never actually posted a server rule thread. Granted, the server rules are basically the same idea as forum rules but specifics never hurt. Just use common sense.

    Rules are accessible in-game through /rules
    1. Take it easy!
      • Don't take everything super seriously. We're here to have fun!
    2. Be courteous!
      • Being nice is the key to many things! Being a community-based server, courtesy will go a long way to improve your playing experience! Treat everyone with respect. Do not be rude to others.
    3. Donít be a douchebag!
      • Donít go around griefing, insulting, stealing or cheating! We're all here to have fun. Don't ruin it for others.
    4. Respect the staff
      • Staff work voluntarily on this server! We're here to help you so please don't disrespect us!
    5. We reserve the right to remove aesthetically displeasing structure
      • We respect everyoneís creative rights, but if itís a pointless dirt hut in the middle of a town in creative, for example, weíre going to remove it as it would lower the overall appeal of the area.
    6. Do not ero-rp (Erotic Role-Play)
      • Erotic RolePlaying makes things just plain awkward for everyone! Please DO NOT do it on our server!
    7. Do not pvp without consent
      • Some occasional PvP between friends is fun, but make sure whoever youíre killing knows and is okay with it! If thereís no consent, this can fall under player griefing!
    8. Do not use unfair mods, Minimap is okay.
      • Things like xray, tracers, nuke, autobreak, kill aura, etc give you an unfair advantage over vanilla minecraft players. Minimaps and waypoints are the one exception!
    9. Do not ask for a promotion!
      • It's fine to ask how to get promoted, but don't flat out ask to get promoted. The only exception to this rule is that if your build was imported into Gensokyo and you want to do a quick-fix before finishing it. Make sure you do this quickly and not two weeks after itís imported!
    10. And most importantly, have fun!
      • This is a game. Relax and have some fun!
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    These rules are considered outdated as of this post.

    Please see the New House Rules for latest rules.