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We have a Discord!

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    We have a Discord!

    We have a Discord!

    After being a sort of backup solution for a while for some, we have now switched completely over to Discord.

    For those who don't know what discord is, it's a free Voice Over IP program, or VOIP. It's similar to skype in that we can talk, but without the need of a call host or the like. There's also a text chatting feature for those who don't want to talk.

    If you just want to try it first just follow the link above to get a feel of it from the browser version. If you want a better solution, download the program from here. After that just click the link and join the server.

    Where are the user settings?
    It's the cog icon next to your avatar near the lower left cornor.

    The desktop notifications are annoying, how can I disable them?
    User settings->Notifications->Enable desktop notifications

    How can I enable text to speech for all messages?
    User settings->Notifications->set Text to speech to Current channel

    How do i exit completely out of Discord?
    On the taskbar(where your volume icon is) there should be a discord icon where you can set if it should start on startup, and exit out of it.

    That bot looks fun, what can it do?

    If anyone has any more questions, post here and I'll try to help.
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