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  • Katrix
    Maintenance release for Miko
    • Updated dependencies
    • Fixed off by one error for maximum volume
    • Maximum volume is now 1000
    • Hopefully fix moving miko while playing music
    • Removed listening feature
    • ShowQueue now has pagination support. Just specify the page like `@Miko &sq 2`
    • Miko now displays hours when displaying durations
    • Added a thing
    • Only shift channels if it's needed

    I still have no idea why Miko randomly gets slugish, my I suspect it has something to do with the music.
    I've made a few changes which might fix it. No promises though.

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  • Katrix
    So, it's coming close to a year since I began planning Miko Mk.II. For that I've created a complete library to support my needs regarding Miko. You guys have probably seen Miko Mk.II pop up here and there as a test bot which I used to test how stuff ran and such. That time is coming close to an end though. At this point Miko Mk.II is has more or less feature parity with Miko. That means a lot more tests in the common days/weeks. The only things left to do are bug fixing, and finishing the web panel(I'll elaborate more on the web panel in a later post, for now just know that you won't have to use tedious commands as often anymore). If everything goes as planned, Miko will be phased out at latest by the end of February.


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  • Katrix
    New Miko update. Miko now works with categories. In addition to that, Miko will now automatically change the number of voice channels as needed. Removing channels when they are no longer used is still guarded behind the !shiftChannels command.

    In addition to that, two new commands for music has been introduced (but not tested).
    Progress &progress Check how far the current track has gone
    Seek &seek <forward|backward> <seconds> Seek x amount of seconds forwards or backwards

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  • Katrix
    What's this? Two updates to Miko within 24 hours?! So yes, another update, providing a big new experimental feature that's been requested since forever. More music bots.

    If Miko is already playing music when someone else queues music in a different channel, Miko will summon another dummy bot (currently Futo) that will send the actual music to the channel. All commands still go to Miko. This approach should be easily extendable if needed, meaning we can have even more music bots as the need comes up.

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  • Katrix
    Okay new update for Miko again.
    - Enhanced safebooru to ensure unique images. (Turns out I had accidentally flipped the boolean check that would prevent this, meaning that Miko would try as hard as possible to give you duplicate images)
    - Miko also has a new listen mode for music (untested).
    - Miko should now be more resilient to "stealing".

    Listen &listen Miko will try to listen for all videos posted in chat and automatically queue them.
    Stop listening &stoplisten Miko will stop listening for music.

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  • Katrix
    Just so that everyone is aware. Miko has gotten a new command which I assume people have missed from the patchy days.

    Safebooru !safebooru [tags] Fetch a random image from Safebooru

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  • Katrix
    started a topic Miko information

    Miko information

    Miko Info

    It's high time I post some actual info on Miko, especially considering that it's our only Discord bot at this point. If there is anything you're confused about, don't be afraid to ask. Also, while I want to save most general purpose stuff for Miko Mk2, I'm still open to requests for simple commands. (No flowers or similar though)

    General commands
    Cleanup !cleanup Tries to manually clean up channels
    Die !die|kill Shuts down the bot
    Get logs !getLogs <channel name> <date> Gets the chat log for a specific time if it exists
    Help !help [command|page] [command(if page specified previously)] Shows help for commands
    Info !info See the info for Miko
    shiftChannels !shiftChannels Shifts all channels so that only used channels are left
    Status !status Sees the status of Miko
    Safebooru !safebooru [tags] Fetch a random image from Safebooru

    Music commands
    Clear &clear Clears the current queue
    Default volume &defvol|dvol Sets the current default volume
    Next &n|next Plays the next song
    Now playing &np|nowPlaying Shows information about the currently playing track
    Pause &p|pause Pauses the current track
    Queue &q|queue <url or identifier> Queue a now song
    Remove &rem|remove <toRemove> Remove a specific amount of songs
    Stop &s|stop Stops all music and clears the queue
    SoundCloud Queue &scq|soundcloundQueue Alias for q scsearch:<your search>
    Shuffle &shuffle Shuffles the current queue
    Show Queue &sq|showQueue Shows the next 15 songs to play
    Volume &vol|volume Sets the current volume
    Youtube Queue &ytq|youtubeQueue Alias for q ytsearch:<your search>

    Config commands
    destructiveBlacklistModify ;destructiveBlacklistModify <channel> <add|remove> Adds or removes a channel to or from the blacklist for destroying channels
    destructiveBlacklistShow ;destructiveBlacklistShow Shows the channels currently in the destructive blacklist. Rooms in this list can't be deleted by the destructive mode
    destructiveModeEnabled ;destructiveModeEnabled <value> Sets if destructive mode is enabled. If it is, voice text channels will be deleted if they are empty
    destructiveSaveLocation ;destructiveSaveLocation <path> Sets the save location to use when saving chat history
    destructiveSaveOnDestroy ;destructiveSaveOnDestroy <value> Sets if a channels chat history should be saved to a file before they are destroyed
    permissionsModify ;permissionsModify <everyone|join|leave> <add|remove> <permission> <value> Modifies a permission to voiceText events
    Show voiceText permissions ;permissionsShow [everyone|join|leave] Shows the current permissions
    permissionsShowAll ;permissionsShowAll Shows all the different permissions
    setBotSpam ;setBotSpam <channel> Sets the channel where Miko will dump lot's of info
    voiceTextSetEnabled ;voiceTextSetEnabled|setvtEnabled <boolean> Sets if voiceText mode is enabled. If it is, Miko will create a new text channel for each text channel
    vtSetDynamicallyResize ;vtSetDynamicallyResize|voiceTextSetDynamicallyRes ize <boolean> Sets if miko should grow and shrink the amount of numbered channels on demand
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