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Format for Server Suggestions

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    Format for Server Suggestions

    Thanks to Tenko for this suggestion. <3

    First, title format. Very simple. If you have a name of a plugin, just write the plugin name. If you don't have a plugin name and more a "feature" you're thinking about but not sure of any plugins, write [ADD]<short description of plugin you want>

    For the message:

    What is it you are suggesting? Explain this in detail, please.

    Is it beneficial for everyone? If not, give an argument for bringing it in.

    Could it be actually be used for something? If so, explain how.

    I should have also added that the plugins are to only come from, since you know, NoCheatPlus version9001 is totally not a force OP plugin, and is a better version then NCP.
    My software doesn't have bugs. It just develops random features.

    Do you have a hour emergency call systems broadcasting radio station WNYW or Internet Explorer?
    Well? Which one?

    Cyros admits the truth:


      I got an idea for big doors.

      Basically like, big doors in Gensokyo will quickly open with a set of command blocks strung together to make an animation. It would be nice instead of having it opened a small creek, or only open by 2 blocks.. Some piston trickery can also be done too, I guess..