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[Gather][Travel][1-time] The Amanojakuís Tools:

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    [Gather][Travel][1-time] The Amanojakuís Tools:

    [Gather][Travel][1-time] The Amanojaku’s Tools:
    While moving through an upside-down castle, floating in the air, you see a person, looking through chests while running upside-down through the hallways.
    When you approach her, she steps back in shock, before regaining composure, as you tell her you mean no harm.
    She tells you she’s wanted and is trying to find tools to survive.
    Find these items for her, spread throughout Gensokyo and she will reward you.

    Quest summary: Find items; Bring them to Seija; Get reward;

    NPC location:
    •[Seija Kijin]: A random room in the Shining Needle Castle;
    -Recieve quest from her;
    -Deliver items and receive reward from her;

    Items to be found:
    •Bloodthirsty Yin-Yang Orb (renamed Miko Orb from Touhou mod);
    •Gap Folding Umbrella (renamed Yuuka’s Parasol from Touhou Mod);
    •Cursed Decoy Doll (renamed Clay Golem from Thaumcraft);
    •Substitute Jizo (renamed Stone Golem from Thaumcraft);
    •Nimble Fabric (renamed Robe of the Fire Rat from Touhou Mod);
    •Ghastly Send Off Lantern (renamed redstone lamp or lantern thingy);
    •Tengu’s Toy Camera (renamed ??? (don’t know yet));
    •A Miracle Mallet Replica (renamed Miracle Mallet);
    •Four-Foot Bomb (renamed ??? (some bomb thing?)(don’t know yet));

    All items are found at locations in Gensokyo that make sense, so for example, the Bloodthirsty Yin-Yang Orb could be at a certain shrine.

    [Seija Kijin] "Ack! Who are you!?"
    [You] "Eh, I’m *name*. Just an ordinary human."
    [Seija Kijin] "So even humans are trying to get me now!? Geez…"
    [You] "What are you talking about? Why would I try to “get you”?"
    [Seija Kijin] "Oh, you don’t know? I’m wanted."
    [You] "Wait… what…"
    [Seija Kijin] "Nevermind that, could you help me search for some items?"
    [Seija Kijin] "They’re scattered throughout Gensokyo, but I can’t go to many places, because I’m wanted of course."
    [Seija Kijin] "If you’ll help this amanojaku, I guess I’ll have to give you something in return."
    [Announcement]: Quest Added: The Amenojaku’s Tools

    Victory lines:
    [Seija Kijin] "Wow, you actually got a wanted Youkai the tools she needs!?"
    [Seija Kijin] "You’re even more gullible than Shinmyoumaru!"
    [Seija Kijin] "Well, since you actually did it, here’s a reward."
    [Seija Kijin] "I’m going to go hide now, so don’t expect to see me here after this.”
    [Announcement]: Quest Completed! Congratulations!

    Reward: To be announced at a later point in time (basically, I don't know yet) >.< Should probably be a big reward, because of the amount of things you have to do, the fact it's a 1 time only mission and the fact you need to learn how to fly before you can get there.

    Also, suggestions on things marked "I don't know" would be appreciated

    Also, would there be a way for this mission to be able to be done once for every person, instead of just once (so every person can do it once, instead of only 1 person being able to do it before it stops).
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