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[Slay][Repeat] The Unmoving Gateguard

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    [Slay][Repeat] The Unmoving Gateguard

    [Slay][Repeat] The Unmoving Gateguard:
    While traveling through Gensokyo, you come across a great red mansion. You approach the front gate and are rudely greeted by the head guard, who assumes you want to bring harm to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. After reassuring the woman, she wants you to prove yourself by killing some monsters in the vicinity.

    Quest summary: Kill mobs.

    Quest cooldown: a minecraft day, cuz forgetful, sleepy Meiling will think it was just a dream.

    NPC location:
    •Hong Meiling: At the gate:
    -You receive the quest from her;
    -You report back to her;

    One of Meiling’s spellcards?
    Access to the SDM (if it was locked somehow)
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    Originally posted by Lord Prosciutto
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    Release the Yukkuri: