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Greetings to other touhou fans!

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    Greetings to other touhou fans!

    Hello! I am Perdien, but you can call me JP for short, it's your choice. I just joined this server, and am expecting a lot from it, and am willing to make up to the expectations. I joined this server after I saw the video of Yukkuricraft's gensokyo map of minecraft. It fascinated me how a large group of people(namely you guys) joined together and cooperated to create a huge world like that. It is what I look forward to participating in sometime later, so let me know when you're planning to do something like that again. The character I like the most is our famous witch-thief with a fetish for shrooms, but I generally like all of them. I am studying computing and little bit of physics, and even tried to somehow copulate some laws and theories to match the concept of gensokyo(I accidentally almost blew up our microwave trying to imitate the Master Spark). Anyways, It's great to meet you all, and I hope we all can get along. See you around.

    Hi Perdien and welcome to Yukkuricraft! This is a simple auto-reply bot designed to help out with some information!

    Make sure to read the Rules for the forums. You can find additional rules for the Server and the Mumble too. Don't worry, we're not that scary! If you're curious, you can also check out what all The Ranks Mean. If you're ever curious about something and need to ask someone, don't hesitate! We're an extremely open and welcoming community! If it's a private question, feel free to ask Remilia_Scarlet or any of the other admins privately! Remember, we're all here to make you feel at home!

    Again, welcome to Yukkuricraft and enjoy!


      If you figure out the secret to flying let me know k? ^_~ Anyways welcoem to the server and the forums.


        Welp, bot is broken. Not only has it been double posting but it's also missing a couple of numbers from its post count. Man, I remember when the thing was first made. It was shortly after I joined too...
        Bot aside, time to greet the new guy.

        I see you're one of those guys. Though I'm not too fond of your choice of Touhou waifu, I like your spunk. Trust me, you're gonna need a lot of it and a lot of DETERMINATION too if you plan on staying more than just a fortnight. (Yes, that was what you thought it was. A good number of us here are Undertale trash. You've been warned.)

        Anyways, I am TRXD. I am a well-aged RPer in the Yukkuricraft community and the resident mod fairy. I am known on Yukkuricraft as Luna Child, the young fairy of the moon. Although I have been known to occasionally switch out or change on the fly. Currently, because of the fact I've gotten back into Monster Hunter, I'm Luna but with Jaggi armour (yes, I know, it's Jaggi armour. But it looks so cool!)
        You can find me on here very often but you can also find me on the Yukkuricraft server(s) and also on our Mumble server. If you wanna talk or wanna know about something, I'm your guy.

        That said, if you're hoping to do something like jump in on another Gensokyo project, you're gonna have to wait. While we do have plans on the horizon, we've been spreading our focus amongst multiple things. One of them being the reintroduction of the time-honoured tradition of Paintball.
        In the meantime, you can always hang out with us and do other things. Like, for example, play survival or use that creative spunk of yours to build something awesome in our creative world. But if I find you being a rule-breaking jackass, you're gonna have a bad time.

        In any case, I'll let you get right to it and hopefully get to know everyone.
        I hope you enjoy your stay and may Her Light guide your way.
        Smash through the blocks that bar your way; No time for fear, just let it all fall away; Nobody believes in me and you, Just look at the way they stare; So what if we live in a walled garden, As long as I've got you then I don't care!

        My 3DS Friend Code: 2208-5334-3531 (Ask for Pokémon shenanigans or random multiplayer games)
        My Switch Friend Code: SW-1503-3394-5328
        My NNID: OfficialTRXD


          Welcome to the server, and our community.


            Hello Im Nick, just a normal user, as I don't play much Vanilla anymore I'll just greet you and say "Try our modpack"

            Anyways, hope you have a good time here with us.
            Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they used to be.