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Peripheral Illusion (Tragedy/Action)

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    Peripheral Illusion (Tragedy/Action)

    Part 1; Introduction

    I shall ask you some questions. You don't mind, do you? Very well. First question: Do you know what death is? You do, don't you? Next question: Are humans limited to death? Of course they are. Last question: Do youkai fear death? They live forever. Why should they?

    If you answered correctly, then you should know... That you couldn't be more wrong.

    First question: Do you know what death is? It is a state of ultimate hibernation where the body completely shuts down, never to be reactivated again. This, however, is dying. But what is death? Have you ever experienced it? No, you have not. What is it like? Do you really go to heaven? Hell? Is it hot? Cold? Does time and space even exist in death?

    Second question: Are humans limited to death? Not at all. All things must die for the sake of other beings. Even gods.

    Last question: Do youkai fear death? It is uncertain that all youkai fear it, but it is certain that they are prone to it.

    These series are stories about youkai and their final chance at livving their lives to the fullest. This is about a power that everyone is fighting in order to survive.

    All things are meant to die. And there are no exceptions.

    It is a law that not even the most powerful of gods can alter or escape.

    But you can fight it.

    Just so you know guys, feel free to comment on this. Probably some suggestions. Part two coming tomorrow.
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    comment: isn't death similar to a dreamless sleep? no thought, no sensations, nothing at all, so you don't even know it is happening, in fact 'you' don't even exist as the way you act and think is affected by the neural pathways of your brain and when you die the electrical impulses that are sent along them ceases to exist, thus you cannot feel, think, speak etc
    just my thought on death

    suggestion: maybe you should start with those who are the most carefree and have no real 'purpose' and thus logically will have nothing to hold onto in life except for the love of living, then move on to those who are extremely dedicated to something and cannot give it up, be it duty or goal. This way it will progress from those who fight the least to those who fight against death the most

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    How many times can you die a day~?
    How many times have you died a day~?


      @ bookdragon2000
      You couldn't be more right. I'm writing part 2 right now, so hang on.


        Part 2: Typical

        "Ugh, it's so boring here," Yukari said. "It's been 5 months since anything happened. Not even an incident... well, I guess I can go visit my favorite little ghost princess."

        Yukari was right. It had been five months since anything happened. No one caused any incidents, no one threw a party, it had been a typical day for everyone. Yukari gapped over to Hakugyokurou to see Yuyuko Saigyouji, the ghost princess of the Netherworld. Yuyuko had been sitting by Ayakashi Saigyouji.

        "Ah, Yuyuko. How are you today?"

        "Yukari? What brings you here?"

        "Bored. Nothing is going on. I mean, it's been five months already. You would guess that something would have happened by now."

        "... I'm not sure why this is. But I'm worried."

        "Why is that?"

        "Well, recently, I sent Youmu to Gensokyo to run some errands. When she returned, she told me that she met up with Sakuya Izayoi along the way. Sakuya was said to have mentioned something about this silence being more than it seems, like it was more than just a mere stand-by. Like something was about to happen. I don't know all the details, but it seems that Patchouli Knowledge of the Scarlet Devil Mansion knows much more of the situation than anyone else. I would suggest speaking with her first."

        "Ah. I see. Then I shall."

        Yukari opened up a gap. Yuyuko, however cried out. "Wait."

        "Huh? What is it, Yuyuko?"

        "It's just... Yukari, is there anything to be worried about?"

        "... I... wish I could tell you yes."

        Yukari walked into the gap to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

        "What do you think? Should we...?"

        "Perhaps. She is a worthy candidate. She did have the power to create Gensokyo. She is a major threat."

        "That's where you two are wrong. She is no threat. We can easily make her our ally. But she shall'nt be disturbed. Not yet."

        "You are right, master."

        "But remember, even if she is an ally, she will still be a threat."

        "On that, you are right. She can be a threat. But remember. We still have a month to determine that."


        "Of course."

        "Soon, Yukari Yakumo. Soon."

        Any suggestions? Comments? Leave them hanging around and I will be able to read them within the day. Next issue comes out either later today or tomorrow.
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          Part 3: One Month

          The gap youkai had traveled to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The skies in Gensokyo had been grey for a while. "Hmm... those clouds don't seem to be leaving soon... it must be an incident!" The gap youkai walked up to the gates of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. But before she could get to the gate, Hong Meiling woke up.

          "Huh? Ah, halt! Who goes there?!"

          "Oh, just me. You can stand down."

          "Oh, miss Yukari. What are you doing here of all places? You don't usually visit."

          "I'm here to see the mage, Patchouli Knowledge. Is she here?"

          "Yes, but she is in a critical state. Are you sure you want to see her?"

          "Yes. I heard she knows something about this five month silence."

          "Oh, not you too. She's all bent up on this 'six month silence' incident."

          "Incident? Six months?"

          "Yea. Apparently, it is said that no one is driven to cause any incidents for five months. Then on the sixth month, the biggest incident of all occurs. I dunno the details, but frankly, I don't really care. I don't believe in that kind of stuff."

          "Is that so? I still wish to see Patchouli, though."

          "Alright. Be my guest. But be careful. Her heart is fragile as it is, and right now, her condition is making things much worse. Make sure you don't do anything to surprise her."

          "Got it. Thank you."

          "No problem."

          Meiling opened the gates to reveal the garden entrance. There at the entrance was Sakuya to greet Yukari.

          "G'day, miss Yukari. Are you here to speak to the mistress?"

          "Actually, no. I'm here to see Patchouli."

          "I'm sorry, but-"

          "I know, and normally I would leave at the notice of her sickness. But this regards the six month incident."

          "... Where..."

          "Yuyuko told me. She said you told Youmu."

          "Ah, I see. I was actually out to get medicines for Patchouli. But nothing seems to be working. She even said herself that there is no means of magic to cure her, and we are running out of options. I even went so far out as to visit Eintei. Not even Eirin had any idea how to cope with the situation. I fear that the conditions will only get worse."

          "I see. Can you guide me to her?"

          "Of course. Follow me."

          Yukari followed Sakuya through the winding corridors of the mansion. They finally arrived. Yukari could not believe her eyes. Patchouli looked paler than ever; fragile. Koakuma was aiding her to the best of he abilities.

          "Miss Sakuya! Miss Yukari! This is bad! Miss Patchouli, she's getting much worse!"

          Sakuya spoke. "But didn't you say that her temperature was dropping?"

          "It was, but now it's too far below average temperature."

          Patchouli coughed, and after a while, she spoke weakly. "Koa...kuma... please keep it down. We have visitors."

          Any suggestions? Comments? Leave them hanging around and I will be able to read them within the day. Next issue comes out later.
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            Part 4: The Last Chapter of the Librarian

            Koakuma looked at Patchouli. "But-"

            "They want something," Patchouli said. "Let them ask away."

            "I'm sorry to disturb you at a time like this, Patchouli, but I'm here about the six month incident."

            Patchouli coughed up blood at that point. "Ngh... that... is only a theory set at least a thousand years ago. I would have thought you would know. I was actually hoping to see you to ask you if you knew anything. I have no other evidence other than this book..."

            Koakuma grabbed a book with an illegible title. "It says ultimum sex mensis stet: mors vitari nequit," Patchouli stated. "I don't know what it means. The author used a means of anonymous translation to encrypt it. Even the author doesn't know. But the insides... I could read the main parts. Here... Koakuma, show them. I changed the lettering to standard lettering."

            Koakuma picked up the book and gave it to Yukari. She opened the book to a page with a bookmark.

            "Let's see here... 'It is highly improbable to whence the incident may occur, but I have been blessed by the heavens beyond the heavens of this curse to become, for by gods I had no other choice. A man came round twenty before the stroke of midnight to my chamber. He came really close to my face before I could even finish blinking. He whispered in my ear as I was frozen in fear. He said, 'death come in the sixth month of undisturbance, and so forth I shall return with a desire to end the new world. But for now... I must go. The new world is about to be brought upon us.' He fled. When I looked at the time, 20 minutes has passed when I was sure mere second has passed.' Wait a minute, no wonder I don't recognize this, this was... before I created Gensokyo!"

            "Please focus, miss Yukari!" Koakuma said.

            "Right, right. 'Day seven since the monster has appeared. He appeared once again, and this time, it was at 17 after noon. He went up to me and said, 'Do you see it? Do you see the new world? Look up.' I looked to the sky only to see a maiden floating. I looked back to him, about to tell him that I saw nothing. But before I spoke a word, he interrupted with 'You don't, do you? Look again.' I look again and by god, the woman was creating a new world! I do not believe it! 'Yes. In turn for that, your puny world shall go.' My eyes were wider than the moon that day. 'What dost thou mean? State thy name!' He only stared into... what I believe to be my soul. 'Young man... why ask such trivial things.' I shall tell you my name when the time comes.' He vanished into the autumn wind. I look at the clock... it had struck noon.' So... this creepy man can give out threats and control time, so what?"

            Sakuya gave out a glare. Yukari responded. "Right, time controller... Anywho, let us continue, shall we? 'It has been three months since the monstrous land appeared. The villagers were as worried as I. I walked over to the lake to go fishing. The man appeared again. 'What need ye this time?!' It responded 'I... am here to warn you... you have three more months.' 'Tell me who you are!!!' The figure stood silent. 'My name... I'll tell you what: If you stop me, then I shall tell you my name.' He disappeared. I... stop him? Tis impossible! I cannot handle such a task.' The rest is... illegible."

            Patchouli coughed up more blood. She was very pale. "Patchouli-sama!" Koakuma cried.

            "Koakuma... get me... a drink..." Patchouli said.

            "Yes, Patchouli-sama."

            Sakuya asked her, "Why didn't you have me do it? I could have-"

            "I know. Thing is... my time... is very near... I don't want Koakuma to see me... *cough cough*... listen... It is risky... but someone... must go... back..."

            "Where?" Yukari asked, getting closer to Patchouli.

            "To... the... that is where this man was... you might be able to... have it..."

            Patchouli was losing color in her eyes.

            "Just... tell... Remi............ thank you."

            Patchouli's head tilted back. Her hand went limp.

            "Patchouli..." Sakuya said as she closed Patchouli's eyes. "... I will. I promise as a maid that I shall carry out your final wish."

            Komachi came on her boat.

            "What... oh. The librarian. Figures."

            She took Patchouli.

            "Hey, don't worry. Eiki-sama might just send her to a good place. It's not like she did anything bad... albeit she didn't do much of anything."

            She left.

            Yukari spoke. "...We have to go."

            "Go where?" Sakuya asked.

            "You know where."

            "But that is-"

            "Too crazy? The world is about to go under for Kanako's sake, open your eyes. Or rather, keep them closed. It would be best for the vampire."

            "I... I understand. I shall go tell Koakuma the news."


            Yukari created a gap. She decided to go where no youkai has ever gone... to the other world.

            Sorry I was so late guys, but here is your daily issue. Any suggestions? Comments? Leave them hanging around and I'll get to it at some point. Now allowing personal messaging. Next issue coming tomorrow.


              Interesting story so far, but I have a few questions here.
              First, is this going to be one of those stories where Yukari doesn't understand the outside world and stuff happens?
              Secondly, what exactly is happening to Patchy here? (Yes, dying, not what I mean.)
              Thirdly, how does Komachi get there? Smash through a wall with her boat?

              Nevertheless, continue writing.


                1. Well actually, I don't know... I'm deciding on that, though I highly doubt that Yukari spent all of her time in the gap world and then decided "Hey, I'm so bored. I'll go make a world now

                2. To be announced... or rather decided...

                3. I never understood how she does it... though I don't believe she'd do any damage... kewl-aid man...


                  Oh wait, one other thing.
                  KOMACHI'S ACTUALLY DOING HER JOB!?!?!?!?


                    Lulz I kno. then again, when You're a shinigami and you find out that you have to pick up someone important, wouldn't you wanna check it out?

                    Plus, we're talking about a human who lived past her due date. Or at least I thinker she's human...


                      Patchouli's a youkai, and probably.


                        Actually, she's a Magician. Yes, I'm talking about her race.

                        Originally posted by S121
                        Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                          Huh... so she is.

                          So after some researching I realized that
                          a. Yukari does know of the other world and
                          b. the other world is actually called the outside world.


                            Part 4: Return to the Outside World

                            The Outside World: there are many names that we humans call it by. The real world is most popular by humans. But youkai have never ventured to the Outside World. Why? Two reasons: one, it was such a tiresome trek. Two, Gensokyo was too much a nice place to want to leave. But Yukari... she used to live in the Outside world. That is, until she created Gensokyo. And now she is returning to the Outside World... after more than a thousand years...

                            Yukari stepped into the Outside World. A wave of nostalgia had shook her body. But she knew that she shouldn't have. This place... was no longer the place she knew.

                            There were buildings forged by iron and glass everywhere. They were almost as tall as the Scarlet Devil Mansion. There were humans everywhere. In front of her was a giant building with multiple television screens. There were vending machines, peddlers selling hotdogs, there was light emitting everywhere -it wasn't even day time!- and motorized vehicles were bombarding the streets. She had no idea where she was!

                            Worst of all, she stood out like a sore thumb in her clothing. She caught the attention of anyone that passed by her. Someone with a microphone was coming in her direction.

                            " from times square, I am Sharlene Damons here to give you the happenings of our beloved times square."

                            She walked up to Yukari.

                            "Hello, how are you doing tonight?"

                            "I, uh... fine."

                            "Tell me, how are you enjoying this evening here at times square?"

                            "Well, I just got here, so..."

                            "I see. So you are a foreigner?"

                            "Yes. My name is Yukari Yakumo."

                            "Is that a Japanese name? Are you from Japan?"

                            "We,, I used to. But not in a while."

                            "So where are you from."



                            As soon as she said that, everyone stopped and was headed in Yukari's directions. "You're from Gensokyo?" "How did you get here?" "No wonder she's a hottie!" "I can't believe it!"

                            The reporter got closer.

                            "Tell me, how is it you came here from Gensokyo? Very few ever come or go there! Tell me about it! What's it like?! Is it pretty like in the stories?!"

                            "Well, I am a youkai-"

                            "A youkai?!"

                            "Hold on, I'm not a flesh-eating youkai, I'm safe."

                            "Wow, what can you do?"

                            "Well... give me some space and I'll show you."

                            Yukari got her space. Moments later, she summoned a gap. She fell inside the gap, created a gap right above hers and landed again. There were many people looking in awe.

                            "Whoa, did you see that?" "It's like a real life portal game!" "I bet that's how she got here."

                            The reporter spoke to her. "Is that indeed how you got here?"

                            "Yes, it is."

                            "So what brings you here?"

                            "Well, I figured that someone in the Outside world-"

                            "New York, honey. Specifically Times Square."

                            "Ah, right. Anyways, I was hoping that someone could translate this." Yukari said, holding up the book.

                            "Oh, that's all greek to me. However, this is all airing live to many televisions around New York. So listen up, faithful watchers, we have a desperate youkai in need of a translator, so if anyone has any idea how to help her out, call 1-800-York-News. That's 1-800-York-News. Or email us at Thank you and good night!"

                            The camera man lifted his hand. "Aaaaand cut."

                            "Alright, Yukari, tell you what. You can crash at my place for the night. There should be at least one reply by the morning. I just have to get my things from work. And get praised for helping out a youkai from Gensokyo. Follow me. I'll take you there. My co-workers are real nice guys."

                            Weaving through the crowd, Yukari followed the reporter and the camera man, who was recording some footage of New York in action. After some time, they arrived at the New York News station. There, they were greeted by many workers there.

                            "Heeeey, there she is, the lady of the hour!" "And guess who's with her!" "She's alot cooler in person!"

                            "Hey, guys! Look who I brought, Yukari Yumuko in the flesh!"

                            "Uh, it's Yakumo."

                            "Oh, right, sorry."

                            The director came from the control booth.

                            "Great job, Sharlene! Only ten minutes we already have over fifty posts regarding the youkai!"

                            "So doe that mean I get a raise, hm?"

                            "Don't push you're luck. But I'll tell you what: for this week only, I'm doubling your earns."

                            "Woohoo, living in paradise tonight!"

                            Yukari spoke up. "But is there any responses with the answer?"

                            "I'm sorry, honey, but the station is closed for the night. But tell ya what: I'll check that first thing in the morning, alright?"

                            "That would suffice, yes."

                            "Look at that, shes a true lady! Sure wish my daughter had manners like yours! Hahahaha!"

                            After grabbing her things, Sharlene left the station.

                            "Gee, they sure love you, don't they?"

                            "Yes, but I don't see why they should."

                            "Ah well, enough with that. Let's grab some lunch and hit the road! Whaddya like?"

                            "Hmm... well, anything would be nice really."

                            "Great, then for celebration, we hit Carrabbas!"

                            Any Suggestions? Comments? Leave them hanging and I'll get to them. Accepting private messaging. Next issue comes out later or tomorrow.


                              I'm tired and reading part 4 was not a good idea before going off to work. Thankfully, it made me think. Unless you've got some reasoning hidden in your sleeve for Patchouli dying, I find it to be... illogical. Yes, illogical, and here this is a story in the Touhou universe. I've always seen the librarian as ill, yes, but seeing her ultimately succumb to them? Could be possible, but with Remilia around, I think otherwise. Certainly the vampire would try to do everything in her power to keep her one and only friend for a hundred+ years alive a little while longer. Manipulation of fate, sending for medicine... giving the 'gift' of vampirism to Patchouli...

                              Besides, every character death should be treated as, well, a big deal. In a realm where the named characters face death and destruction yet hardly perish, a death should come as a shock.
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