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Peripheral Illusion (Tragedy/Action)

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    yukari was rather...emotionless, considering that she is used to the world as it was a thousand years ago, she didnt even inquire about all the machines and what they are for, she knew about microphones television etc...
    How many times can you die a day~?
    How many times have you died a day~?


      Alright guys, I've been too busy to post anything, therefore I shall post one part today and FOUR parts tomorrow.

      @ MajorMario
      There is a reason for everything. It's all part of the bigger picture. You of all people should know that, being the writer you are.

      @ Bookdragon2000
      Ya got me. I was never good at feelings. But know that she is overcome by nostalgia and confusion. What is there to explain? (Don't answer that. I'm pretty sure you have an explanation.) Btw, remember they have Nitori.

      Part 5: Is This What The World Has Evolved To?

      Yukari looked around the restaurant. She was amazed by how everything was so... fancy! The shining floors, the amazing scent, the many people... it was fascinating!

      "Pretty fancy, huh?" Sharlene said. "I'm putting a lot of money into this, but hey, it's worth it!" She said with a smile. A lady in a uniform came around.

      "Hello, welcome to Carra- oh hey Sharlene! How are you doing?"

      "Meh, ya know, goin round the streets, drunks hootin and hollerin, finding youkai, ya know. The unusual."

      "Is that so? Then you must be... um... I know it, just..." the lady was snapping her fingers to remember.

      Yukari spoke up. "It's, uh, Yukari Yakumo."

      "Right! Well, I'm Megan. So, Sharlene, will it be the booth?"

      "Nah, feeling fancy tonight, I'm gonna sit at a table."

      Megan gave Sharlene a funny look.

      "Ah, ya got me. Yea, I want the booth. Sometimes, you know me too well."

      "Yea. So, in, like, half an hour I'm free for the day. Wanna, ya know, party later?"

      "You know it! Just don't sleep over. We have a special guest, anyways."

      "Got it. Well, let me take you to your seat."

      Megan placed them in a nearby booth close to a window.

      "So, Yukari, how are you liking New York?"

      "It's... I mean, it's like looking into Nitori's workshop."

      "Lemme guess, another youkai?"

      "A kappa."

      "Hoo boy, you're lucky I watch anime. Otherwise I would have no idea what you were talking about.

      A tall man came out.

      "Hey, babe."

      "Hey, honey."

      They exchanged a kiss.

      "So, special occasion?"

      "Yup. This is Yukari, Yukari, this is Mike."

      "Oh hey, Yukari I'm Sharlene's boyfriend."

      Mike handed them a menu.

      "Alright, I got some business to take care of, I'll be right back."

      "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."

      Mike left. The two began looking through the menu. To Yukari, everything seemed different, but not completely. The food in Gensokyo was also fancy, especially in the SDM. But the thought of the SDM reminded her of Patchouli. She shook her head to forget.

      "Hey, are you alright?"

      Yukari snapped back to reality. "Wha, uh, yea, I'm fine..."

      "Come on, what's goin on? You can tell Sharlene."

      "I'd... rather not talk about it..."

      "... I see. Well... hey, the food looks great! Have you decided yet? P.S, I recommend the chicken parm."

      "Uh, yes, I'll have that."

      Soon after, Mike had returned. "So, you two made a decision yet?"

      "Yea, we're having chicken parm."

      "You and that chicken parm, I swear. You're gonna convince the whole world to eat it."

      "Oh, c'mon, you know you love it."

      "Yea, yea."

      Mike left with the menus and came back with silverware.

      "Oh, and hon, ya might wanna introduce her to the outside world. I heard that when she got here she looked more confused than a deer in headlights."

      "Don't worry, I got this, you just relax."

      Mike left once more. Sharlene decided to kick up a conversation.

      "So, Yukari, ya got any pets?"

      "Well, yes and no, see, I have two shinigami named Ran and Yakumo, and they look like cats."


      "Here, I'll show you a picture."

      Yukari then opened a gap to grab a bunch of pictures from her room. She pulled back and showed the obtained pictures to Sharlene.

      "Oh, wow, they are cute!"

      "Yea, I know. Ran does the chores and, well, Chen... Not sure yet. But she's Ran's shinigami, therefore her problem."

      "Ah. I have a dog. Doesn't do much. But he's so damn cute!"

      "I hope I get to meet it soon."

      "Oh, you will. Trust me."

      The chicken parm had finally been made and was put on the table. The two had eaten the chicken parm without saying another word. After they were done, they placed the money on the desk and went back to the entrance where Megan was. She had switched out of uniform.

      "Alright, are you ready?" Sharlene asked.

      "Almost. We got one more."


      Mike came out also switched out of uniform. "What, you're not even going to invite your boyfriend?"

      "Off early?"


      Yukari, who had been standing by, thinking to herself.

      ... how? Patchouli is a very good witch. She should have cured herself of any sicknesses. The only thing that could kill her is an elaborately made poison, and no one should have it out for her. For Kanako's sake, you can't even find 'Patchouli' and 'goes outside' in the same sentence unless 'doesn't is in the middle. What's going on?

      "Hey, Yukari, You still dreading?"

      "Oh, don't mind me. So where is your house?"

      "House? I wish. But I do own an apartment. It's not too shabby."

      The group then walked on to the apartment.

      Meanwhile, in an unknown location...
      Man 1: So, did you do as I said?

      Man 2: Yes. The effects were very... promising...

      Man 1: Good. The master will be much appeased.

      Man 3: And that I am.

      Man 1 & 2: Master!

      Man 2: I did it. I eliminated the little librarian.

      Man 3: Excellent.

      Man 1: But I must ask. Why her? Why not the scarlet devil?

      Man 3: Are you all idiots? We'll need to disable her, make her weak.

      Man 2: Weak? For what? You do have the power to eliminate her straight up.

      Man 3: I'm not trying to eliminate her.

      Man 2: Then what, master?

      Man 3: I'm trying to break her down; to cripple her emotions.

      Man 2: If you wanted that, you could have simply eliminated the maid.

      Man 1: Yea, she's like a babysitter to the little vampire.

      Man 3: No. Doing it too quickly would tear her apart. We need to take things little by little.

      Man 2: But why preserve her?!

      Man 3: Do not raise your voice!

      Man 2: ... right. I was out of line. You obviously have a plan. I'm sorry for speaking out.

      Man 3: ... Very well. Now stand by. I'm going to find your next target.

      Man 1 & 2: Understood.

      Man 3: ... they're gone. Hmph. They are quite something. After all, they are...

      my creations.

      Alright guys, I am sorry I am really late, like I said, I've been busy. But I'm back. And know that if anyone thought I wasn't posting because the last two posts may have broken my passion... well, they did have an impact. But I always come back. Like Major said once, I'm a proud bastard. I can have half the world scream no at me and I would still be posting because I want to entertain the other half.

      Oh, and Major/Bookdragon, I'm not saying that your posts were meant to be disheartening, I'm just saying that I took it negatively. I'm a pessimist. Don't misunderstand like I may or may not have.

      So, if yo want, leave a comment, suggestion, or PM and I will get to it. I will try to post as many as I can. I will be at full speed for as long as my brother does not have the computer.


        Hmm... So I see... It's not always a good idea to take posts negatively, but then again, sometimes that spurs better action. Sometimes when I read reviews on my stories, I chuckle and mutter, 'Just you wait and see'. Seeing as you plan to continue, I want to offer a bit of advice: Write for yourself! You have no obligations towards any of us. You have a story that you want written down, but showing it to the world is number two on your list. Making sure that it feels right for you is the best thing.


          Part 6: Meanwhile...

          In the outside world, Yukari was looking on at the many marvels of what used to be a simple place. However, does that mean that everything is going alright in Gensokyo?

          Back in Gensokyo, many were astir about the witch's death. Reimu Hakurei, on the other hand, sat at the edge of her porch with a cup of tea, not giving a worry in the world. Soon came Marisa, a magician and a good friend of Reimu's. She stood in front of Reimu.

          "... please tell me you're blocking the sun for a good reason?"

          "You bet I have a good reason, ze! Didn't you hear?"

          "Hear what? I don't really hear much of anything from up here." She took a sip of her tea.

          "Well since you obviously don't know, I'll tell you." Marisa said as she got close to Reimu. "Patchouli died!"

          Reimu swallowed her tea hard, making her choke on the heat of the tea.

          "*cough cough*... what are you saying?"

          "It's true, ze. I talked to Sakuya and she says that it was a strange disease that got her."

          "But Patchouli's a witch. She could easily have found a cure. And even if she didn't know what the disease was, it would be as easy as getting one of her books to look for the disease. She has a copy of practically every book ever made, after all. Something isn't right here."

          "And you're right about that. It couldn't be a disease. Do you think it was poisoning?"

          "Of course not. No one has it out for her. For pete's sake, she doesn't even go out. Either it is some other case or... someone was trying to sabotage the SDM."

          "So, do you think-"

          "*sigh* yup... an incident."

          "Finally, it's been getting so boring around here!"

          "Yea. With all this silence, that may as well be an incident itself."

          "Alright, ze! So first we find out how Patchouli died, then if it turns out she was assassinated, we beat the crap out of her assailant!"

          "Calm down, it's not like she was murdered with a knife."

          The two head off towards the mansion, the skies gray as ever. Many believe it to be a heavy rain to come.

          Unfortunately it was the middle of autumn.

          Alright guys, leave a comment, suggestion, criteria, or PM and I will get to it. Next issue comes out later.


            Part 7: An Incident

            The duo land at the gate of the grand mansion, home to the vampire Remilia Scarlet. They had been here before during the red mist incident caused by Remilia. It was still as big as ever. Nearby, Meiling was sleeping against a wall. She then shot up.

            "Wha?! Who goes?!"

            "Relax, it's just us." Reimu replied.

            "What are you here for? Are you going after the mistress again? You wish! I'll beat you down this time, and you'll be sorry you beat me the last time!"

            "Geez, tell someone to relax and all of a sudden a squirrel runs up their pants... no, we're not here to fight her. We're just going to ask her some questions regarding some... recent activity."

            "If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, then you might as well leave."

            Marisa stepped up to her. "Oh yea? And why should we do that, ze?"

            "Because, as you should know, Patchouli was a good friend of Remilia's, and knowing that she died, the mistress is quite devastated. She lost her spirit. But she's also devastated about something else. I dunno. Maybe you two can figure it out. But I highly doubt she'll talk to you. Especially if you are going to talk about Patchouli. But hell, I guess I can let you two pass for today. But you better fix things, 'cuz if ya screw this up, you'll be locked out on her command."

            Meiling opened the gate. The two walked through the garden to the entrance where Sakuya awaited them.

            "Good afternoon, shrine maiden and magician."

            "Quit being so formal. We came to see Remilia. I'm aware of her situation, Meiling told us."

            "I see. I'll escort you to Voile."

            "Why Voile?"

            "Because that is where she is. She's... going through the memorabilia."

            "Ah, I see. Very well then."

            Sakuya motioned the two to follow her. They silently winded through the corridors and finally reached Voile, the grand library. At the center, Remilia was looking through a book. She rose her head.

            "I've been expecting you..." She said as she turned around.

            "...Shrine maiden."

            Alright, here's the deal. Until I pay off my debt of issues, I'll be posting two stories a day. I've only got three more days of that. Leave a comment, suggestion, criteria, or PM, and I'll get to it. Next issue comes out tomorrow.


              Okay guys, I'm just going to throw this out right now: I won't be doing this on a daily basis any longer. There is simply not enough time to spare for imagine for the story. However, that does not mean that I will stop writing. I will write as much as I can and as frequently as possible for all you valued readers. Now then... time to get crazy with part writing!!!

              Part 8: You Just Stood By


              Reimu walked up to the little scarlet vampire, Remilia Scarlet. She was a mess, as if she had been living on the streets. Quite unsavory compared to her European origins.

              "Hey, Remi, what happened?" Marisa asked. Remi stood up.

              "If you must ask, stealer magician, Patchy died. How could you not have heard?"

              "But Remilia," The miko intervened, "don't you control fate?"


              "Remilia, what happened? We're trying to solve an inci-"

              Remilia turned around in tears.

              "An incident?! Now you care?! Patchouli was dying!!! Where were you then, huh?!"


              "Don't you dare to talk to me!!! You damned miko... you could have saved her!!! You could have helped her!!! But you just sat back drinking your tea!!! You... YOU'RE DEAD!!!"

              Remilia then began floating in the air with a cold murderous look in her eyes.


              "You've screwed up this time, miko!"

              Reimu. looked at the ground.

              "... I see. You're too distraught to listen to reason. Then I guess... I'll have to knock some sense into you!!!"

              Alright guys, like I said, I'm no longer doing this on a daily basis. Comment, Critique, or PM me about anything and I'll get to it. Next issue comes out whenever.


                Part 9: The Outside World is Intriguing...

                Yukari and the gang had finally reached the apartment in which Sharlene resides. It was a humble little abode , but to Yukari, this was the cutting-edge room of the near future.

                "I can't believe that I've been away for so long... everything is so different."

                Sharlene turned to Yukari with a smile. "Well, that's because there aren't that many humans in Gentokyo that wish to-"

                "Um, it's Gensokyo, Shar." Mike interrupted.

                "Up, crap, there I go again. Anyways, there aren't many humans in Gensokyo. But the people that stay there seem to be the ones that are more content with their lives. They never needed anything. But us humans here, well... we just want more. Bigger. Better! That's, mhow New York came to be."

                Then Mike added to that. "But if you youkai and humans work together, you can all thrive. You can grow!"

                Megan jumped in to the conversation. "Yea, and if you grow while working together, not only will you widen the possibilities for Gensokyo, but also the social circles of both youkai and human alike. You can finally be able to get along, and your community... well, it might even be better than our little NYC here."

                Yukari though for a while. I've never thought of that before. Gensokyo had always been a haven for both youkai and human alike, but they never got together. And Gensokyo was peaceful as it is. I mean, without all the incidents. I... I just need time to think on it.

                Sharlene opened the door to her room to reveal a nice little well laid out room. Megan hurried to the fridge.

                "Hey, Sharlene, we're outta drinks!"

                "What're ya talking about, I just restocked the fridge. If you're talking about alcohol, then of course we're out. You drank all of it three nights ago, remember?"

                "Oh yea... well, can ya get me some more?"


                "Oh yea, Carrabba's... I'm just forgetting everything today..."

                Yukari spoke up. "Well, I have sake back at ho-"

                Megan rushed over to Yukari in the blink of an eye. "Did you say sake? Oh, I love sake! It's like my second favorite drink in the world!"

                "Eheh... well, I'll go get it now."

                Yukari opened a gap to her house. The others tried to peak in, but all of a sudden, a girl with.. cat ears and two tails blocked their vision?

                "Huh? Yukari-sama, you have people looking through your ga~ps!"

                "Don't mind them, Chen! I'm going to need you two to look after the place while I'm gone!"

                "Oka- Ow! Yukari-sama, one of them is pulling my ear!"

                Yukari walked back to her gap to find that Megan was intrigued in Chen's cute cat-like appearance.

                "Oh dear! Megan, would you please stop?!"

                "Huh? Oh, sorry," She said as she let go of Chen's ear. "It's just... she's so damn cute!"

                Yukari let out a sigh. But before she stepped back out, Ran came from the kitchen.

                "Ah, Yukari-sama. Listen, I have something to tell you. It's about the SDM. You see-"

                "Ran... I know. It's better to just let go of it. I'm sure that our favorite little miko will solve the incident."

                "But Yukari-sama!"

                By that time, Yukari had gone away into her gap.

                "... the miko is the problem...

                Alright guys, leave a comment, critique, or PM and I will get to it. Later ya'lls.


                  Part 10: Twelve o' Clock...

                  It had been a long night for the group. Everyone had a good time. There was much racket, a lot of games, and idiocity floating in the alcohol scented air. Yukari had much fun that night. She had almost forgot about the tragedy.

                  But soon that was about to change.

                  Yukari looked at the clock. "Midnight, huh? Well, I guess it's about time to go to sleep."

                  All of a sudden, she felt a presence behind her. "Who goes-" But when she turned around, no one was there. She felt the presence rush by her again, and again, there was no one there. "I... I must be hallucinating. I really do need that sleep."

                  She looked at the clock by sheer chance as she went to look for a bed. But then she noticed something and looked back at the clock. The clock had stopped moving.

                  "Well, it must be broken. I will tell Sharlene once she wakes... wait..."

                  The clock had not only stopped moving, but it stopped at exactly twelve o' clock. Not a second over, nor under.

                  No! I'm simply paranoid! I need sleep!

                  She rushed to the bed, when all of a sudden, a strange voice came from nowhere.

                  "Where do you think you are going, my dear?"

                  Yukari stopped and slowly turned around to see a humanoid black mist figure with red piercing eyes. "W-who are you? State our name before I send you to Makai!"

                  "But alas, there is no need for that... Yukari Yakumo."

                  "How do you-"

                  "How? Why, I know everything. I know who you are, what you are, what you did, who your shinigami are, and most intriguing... why the librarian died."

                  Yukari's eyes opened wide in shock. "... why are you here?"

                  "I'm here to tell you something. Something that you might want to know. Your world... it's becoming quite a disturbance. The 'peaceful' world of Gensokyo... you would like to know that it's not to be staying around for very long."

                  "Wait, are you threatening the existence of Gensokyo?!"

                  "You would like that, don't you? You want to know that it is nothing but a mere joke. Unfortunately, your delusions are in vein. Your world is going out. Now it's up to you to make everyone leave."

                  Yukari stood there in anger. But she couldn't speak. The black mist began to dissipate.

                  "Take heed, youkai. By the way, I've one more thing to tell you: that which the soul crosses to the next life in a divine world... it is now decommissioned. Good-bye."

                  The black mist went away. Yukari thought to herself. What am I doing?! I came here for a reason! I must finish my duty here and return as quickly as possible!

                  She went to bed. All that she hoped for... is that what she heard was nothing but a nightmare. And henceforth...

                  The clock began ticking again.

                  Remember, feel free to comment, critique, or PM and I will get to it.


                    Part 11: You Blame Yourself

                    Voile had been made a mess of with the battling. Remi is beaten, but it was no walk in the park. The miko was battered, much more than other times she fought with Remi. Both were hovering in the air, barely maintaining their composition and panting in exhausting.

                    Remi spoke up. "... where... were you... huff... WHERE-"

                    "You blame yourself."

                    All activity stopped. Voile stood silent, no one uttering a word. Sakuya and Koakuma both looked on in shock that Reimu would say such a thing.

                    "... How dare you talk to me... with such tongue..." Remi uttered in rage.

                    Reimu made her way closer to Remilia. "It's not hard to see. How easy you were to anger. How you didn't answer my question as to why you didn't alter her fate. Let me guess... you couldn't."

                    The two floated down to the ground. Remi stared at the ground.

                    "... It doesn't make sense! I tried to save her, there was no reason for her to die! She shouldn't have! She... I just... don't understand any of it. How could she die, WHY did she die?!"

                    Reimu just stood there. Remi began collecting herself.

                    "... Just... Leave. There's nothing to look into. Her death was an illness. No one knows what kind it is. I have a fairy sending a sample of her blood to Eintei. Eirin will inspect it. In other words, you're done here."

                    Reimu nodded. She began making her way to the exit. "Come on, Marisa, you heard her."

                    Marisa followed. That is, until they were intercepted by Meiling. The front half of her suit was slightly wet.

                    "Mistress, there's something you must see!" She said. Everyone made their way to the main entrance to be greeted by a soaking Komachi. She was breathing hard.

                    "Komachi?" Sakuya questioned. "Why are you- you should be taking Pat-"

                    "The river..." Komachi interrupted, "... It's... It has a sinkhole in it."

                    "What?" Remi said in disbelief. "It's a bottomless damned river, how can it have a sinkhole?!"

                    Komachi coughed up water. "... Damned if I knew. It also turned black... I think..."

                    Reimu sighed. "Komachi, you show up half drowned from a bottomless river turned black and now has a sinkhole, can you please get to the point?"

                    Komachi grinned a bit. "So impatient... I'll enjoy taking you across the river... thing is- *Cough* ... the black river, it was like... there was something in it, other than souls of the damned. Like the river weren't black, but it had... something in it. I mean, otherwise, you'd see little black water droplets on me."

                    "Hold on, you fell into the river? You had a- nevermind," Marisa said. "Okay, so the river might not have turned black. But why would you think there was something in it?"

                    "Because... When I looked into the river... I thought I was just hallucinating, but... I saw two red dots, like eyes, staring back at me. Next thing I know, I fell in. I seem to have ended up in Misty Lake somehow."

                    "But..." Remi spoke up, voice trembling, "... Where's Patchouli's soul?"

                    That question struck shock into everyone. What had happened to her soul? The river was no longer accessible.

                    "... I have her," Komachi responded. I was only barely able to save it. It's in my body. I'm afraid it'll be here for a while."

                    Remi was discomforted by the answer, but overall relieved. "... Very well. I'm going to... go to bed. It's been a long day. I need to rest."

                    Remi turned around and motioned Sakuya to follow her. "Oh, and Komachi," she said with her back turned. "... Thank you."

                    She made her way to her room as the others watched. As soon as Remilia was gone, Komachi sighed.

                    "... I'm so sorry..."

                    "It's alright," Meiling reassured, "at least you saved-"

                    "I didn't."

                    Those two words rung in the ears of everyone in the room.

                    "... I didn't save her... that thing in the water... it took her. It took her into the water."

                    By god, I finally got back to it. I finally have a plot map mapped out. Sorry for the excruciatingly long pause... not that anyone cared. Anyways, feel free to comment, critique, or PM and I will get to it.