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Elite: Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons

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    Elite: Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons

    Briefly I'll note the existence of the other thread mentioning this game but with the new "expansion pack" and knowing how many "little details" there are in this game it seems more fitting to elaborate on some things.

    Second note:
    Elite Dangerous: Horizons can be purchased as a standalone game. However it is much more demanding on your hardware than Elite: Dangerous. I would recommend buying ED when its on sale then getting Horizons which will then have 25% off effectively making it 2 for the price of one.
    Ok they simplified life now and made things make more sense. They changed Horizons into DLC for ED instead of a standalone, therefore meaning ED is the base game and Horizons just adds functions. Because of this you no longer have to worry about getting one or the other.

    Third note: currently Horizons only adds planetary landings so you wouldn't be missing much by just getting ED. However later they'll add to Horizons multicrew ships, pilot customization, and ships docking in bigger ships that are player controlled.

    Final note: because of the lack of differences I'll only mention the mechanics currently available in ED only. With that said, lets get to the fun stuff.

    P.S. Play through the tutorials. Some even train you in combat. They teach you how to use your ship and how to do alot of the basics like navigation and docking. Best do them and use what I mention as additional information.

    P.S.S. This started as a summary. It ended up as a guide.


    At its core it is a space flight sim sandbox. To elaborate you can almost do anything you could think of that can be done with a "small" ship. And by small I mean less than or equal to the size of a modern aircraft carrier.

    Now the sandbox everyone gets to play in is a 1:1 scale replica of our own Galaxy. When they say you can travel to over 400 billion star systems, they are not exaggerating.

    To make it even more interesting, there is some power play going on in the region of populated space. 3 factions to join, oppose, or remain neutral towards. Of course there's certain benefits, like ships that are only available in certain factions.

    Now things you do cost money. Fuel costs money (unless you outfit your ship with a fuel scoop), repairs cost money, bullets cost money, ships cost money, upgrades cost money. Well there's a few ways to make money, which all fall into three categories: combat, trade, and exploration. How you do it is up to you.

    With Combat there's a few basic ways of getting money: bounty hunting, pirating, and mercenary work.

    With trading there's being the respectable merchant or freighter, or you can be a smuggler working in the black market.

    Exploration is to boldly go where no man has gone before. You slap some sensors in your ship and set her up to be very self sustaining cause you're going outside the bubble of populated space. You go out, scan and discover new celestial bodies, then come back to sell the data.

    Now with all that in mind, you have a plethora of choices when it comes to ships. There's the combat ships, the trader and transporters, the explorers, and the multirole. You have the big, the medium, and the small.

    You start off with the Sidewinder, a small multirole ship that can help you get your feet wet. It has two small weapon hardpoints and a few optional internal slots that are loaded with a cargo rack, shield generator, and a basic discovery scanner.

    Something I should recommend is to immediately ditch the basic discovery scanner for a fuel scoop. It'll help prevent you from getting stuck somewhere should you run low on fuel, provided you don't wind up at a cold star that you can't fuel scoop from. I'll go into detail later if someone asks.

    Now to start getting credits for either upgrading the Sidewinder or immediately getting a different ship you got 2 main choices that you can do in whatever system you start in: bounty hunting and trading.
    Now bounty hunting is dangerous, not the most recommended thing until you get an Eagle, the cheapest and one of the most combat capable small class ships you would ever own. You would effectively go into the system's navigation beacon and lurk around internal security forces until they start shooting at something, check what they're shooting and then tagging it when its almost dead and you'll get something out of it. Once you get comfortable with controlling your ship and handling the weapons and power management of it, then you can start being aggressive and start taking on bigger prey. Just be careful of targets that are in wings. 1v1 is easy. 1v2 or more is suicidal for small ships.

    Now true trading initially is a bit more complicated than I can explain right now. Instead there's delivery missions that you can do that are posted in a station's bulletin board. Some of those missions are... Well... Smuggling missions which are more high risk high reward. They're easy if you have confidence in your ability to dock quickly at a station without being scanned by internal security forces. Once you fly through the "mail slot" of stations, you're safe from a scan. Of course there's a few other ways such as using silent running to slip in, but that's for another time.

    Now the ultimate challenge is finding things and finding a good place to be. The galaxy map can initially be overwhelming with all the stars. Your first task is to find out what else is in your current system and neighboring systems. You'll want to be in a system with a station that has a shipyard and outfitting. How to do this? First off you lock to the console to your left of the cockpit. The first tab is navigation which allows you to see what is in the system in terms of points of interest and then at the bottom it lists nearby systems you can go to. Take note of the names of nearby systems and look them up in the galaxy map and check if they have system maps. No system maps mean nothing is really in them. Bad to get stuck in those. Once you find a system with something check for stations and what those stations have. Sometimes delivery missions will help you find places so they have additional benefits in that regards.

    Hopefully by the time you do some of the above you'll have credits and have found a decent station to be at. I know I went slight guide-mode there but i figured mentioning what one would be doing right out the gate would be worth while. Anyway you would then be in a position where you would be able to get a new ship or... Should you want to... Keep the little Sidewinder and upgrade it.
    Personally I would recommend the Eagle as an alternative. Far more combat capable and much faster in the long run if you get the imperial version. However if you don't see yourself being in combat all that often, the Hauler might be your next ship, and the Hauler can be used as your first exploration ship if you outfit it right.

    That is up to you.
    And that is the beauty of this game.
    There's nothing telling you to be a hero or anything. No epic narrative where you have to play out certain roles. It's just you, your ship, and whatever friends you bring with you.
    You write your own narrative.

    Now that I got that poetic bit off my chest, I'll mention this other mode: CQC Championships. Essentially your classic competitive game modes. You fly small fighters in combat against other players. Short and fast paced matches that reward you with some credits and ranks. For the slight bit I've played, I don't see it as being a good source of credits. But its fun and easy to get into.

    Final thing I'll mention: this game is great when it comes to controls. You can play it with keyboard and mouse, game pad, or joystick. Now as much as I would love to say all modes of control are equal for this game, unfortunately joystick is the better way to play only because it makes it "smoother" to play. It's not like war thunder where you would have to be insane to play arcade mode without mouse aim or playing simulator without a joystick. It just makes controlling your ship smoother. Thats it. It's not some incredibly significant difference. It's not game breaking. It just is smoother to play with a joystick. Or I could say it helps with the immersion since this game is best played if you get in that mindset.

    Now I'll use this space to list off players and important info on them.

    CMDR Aion Rixtravius
    Allegiance: Empire - Aisling Duval
    Profession: Bounty Hunter/Imperial Soldier
    - Imperial Courier (A-Rated)
    - Type 6 (Robigo mod)
    - Python
    Location(s): Kou Hua and Robigo

    CMDR Koishi K0meigi
    Allegiance: Empire - Arissa Lavigny-Duval
    Profession: Bounty Hunter (RP Internal Security Service)
    - Vulture
    Location(s): Kou Hua

    CMDR Ethan Ambers
    Allegiance: Empire - Arissa Lavigny-Duval
    Profession: Bounty Hunter
    - Viper MkIV
    Location(s): Kou Hua

    CMDR Sustic
    Allegiance: TBD
    Profession: TBD
    - Sidewinder
    Location(s): LHS 3447

    Cobra Mk III Mima's Cobra 5,038,020 CR 1,460 99.59 MJ 14 6 285 m/s 406 m/s 18.76 LY 18.01 LY 18.01 LY 103.47 LY 103.47 LY 0 T
    Type-6 Transporter CC5's Robigo T-6 7,598,660 CR 162 147.76 MJ 2 3 252 m/s 401 m/s 28.47 LY 25.81 LY 19.02 LY 216.81 LY 157.71 LY 80 T
    Viper Mk IV S1's Viper 6,737,430 CR 1,115 217.61 MJ 14 4 282 m/s 355 m/s 19.64 LY 18.57 LY 18.45 LY 130.74 LY 129.88 LY 2 T
    Imperial Courier CC5's Courier 7,482,850 CR 144 551.6 MJ 12 7 289 m/s 392 m/s 16.25 LY 14.96 LY 13.88 LY 90.03 LY 83.28 LY 8 T
    Python CC5's Python 76,125,730 CR 2,288 573.99 MJ 18 6 240 m/s 313 m/s 20.03 LY 17.45 LY 17.45 LY 365.09 LY 365.09 LY 0 T
    Interactive Comparison at


    This is where I'll list some things I find that help with some tasks in E: D.
    The first two I found have a bunch of database stuff that list location of ships, modules, and commodities as well as powerplay info.
    Edit: Found a thread that details how naval ascension works and I can confirm it still works.
    Also found a nice ship build tool that helps with optimizing a ship's stats before purchasing.
    Notable Feature: Detailed market database
    Notable Feature: Trade Route tool
    Naval Ascension info
    Ship Build tool
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    fuel rats best rats


      A suggestion from another player, the game comes in two modes which are offline and online.

      I strongly advice you play your first sessions of the game in offline mode because there are players who seek starter ships and enjoy destroying them with no remorse
      Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



        Surprisingly PC version seems to not have that problem... Or I was lucky, because so far I've only seen one other living soul.

        Now there's something I forgot to mention...

        There's a few player organizations, one of which are the fuel rats, a sort of search and rescue group that outfit their ships with fuel limpets to assist those that run out of fuel in deep space.


          Elite Dangerous is on sale for $15, ends 2/12

          This is the part where I start begging people to join up cause flying solo is only so fun for so long.


            Ok updated OP
            - New Players
            - Databases
            - Horizon Standalone -> DLC
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              O hhey, I played this:
              I have a A fitted vulture and a Imperial clipper.
              I have no allegiance, also I haven't played in a while.


                Originally posted by BlockCat View Post
                O hhey, I played this:
                I have a A fitted vulture and a Imperial clipper.
                I have no allegiance, also I haven't played in a while.
                Aye, I'll add ya to the list if ya want to get back into things.

                Ok added a few more resources in the OP, including the ship build tool and a thread that explains naval ascension a bit better than anything else I found.


                  Jotting this down here less I forget about them

                  List of features coming soonTM

                  Another method for naval ascension (mainly for empire)

                  Guide to Mining, which gives light to how wings can be useful
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                    Ok so it's been a while since 2.1 dropped and a lot of things have changed.

                    So the new Combat Meta is that there is no Meta. Some build conventions are still there but now one has to take missiles into account and the hazards of module damage. In addition, big ships + turrets = that battle cruiser feel.

                    Money Making Meta is still broken and favors bulk haulers now. Robigo is dead, so the typical long range smuggling is not as good. Now the new Meta is just long range Hauling. No fail-on-scan risk so a tad easier, excluding the hazards of the buffed AI of the NPCs making them far more dangerous.

                    Engineers are in for Horizons, however they're layered under a "triple-stuffed" RNG system + Grind fest which currently has a lot of controversy surrounding it. So the ability to buff your ship with some insane mods exist, but getting them can maybe take a bit.

                    Meanwhile Thargoids are coming. Brace yourselves.

                    Finally I created via Inara a Wing for us here. The nice thing about Inara is that it helps track things better plus has nice organizational tools, such as mission assignment and other things. Right now, because I have a trader-conda, I can help give everyone a nice bit of cash to start off with and/or upgrade to a different ship. For now the wing will just be used to organize ourselves so we can plan out any activities easier, such as things involving the Background Simulation (BGS, activities involving system minor factions) or even Expeditions around the Galaxy.
                    The name is temporarily just "Hunters' Guild" but this can be changed if we can come up with something better.


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                              As considering suddenly a ton of more people have Elite, gonna be reviving this thread.