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Brainstormer's Corner / RP Creation Kit Guide

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    Brainstormer's Corner / RP Creation Kit Guide

    Creating a New RP - A How-To Guide on Original Posts

    So you want to start up a new Roleplay, do you? Before you do that, you must have an idea that you have toyed with for some time, something that you've put a lot of thought into. You want to share this idea, and you want it to blossom into a fun, rewarding experience filled with adventure, action, or character development. Think about what hasn't been done before, and if you have an idea that's quite common, think of how to make it distinctive. Do you have an idea all set? Good! The hard part is now over. Now that you have something in mind, its time to bring it into the light of the forum (It would probably be for the best that you discuss your idea with the playerbase beforehand, but it's your call).

    Here is a general outline of what a good RP's Original Post should include. This is for those interested to join your RP as a player, and welcoming them with a professional or well-thought-out OP can turn that interest into willingness. As the GM (or creator), it is your duty to provide as much information as possible on your RP, and it is your right to choose how much information to give. If you prefer to let the players choose their destiny, lay down a backstory for the world in which you will set your RP in and fill it to the brim with necessary information. If the players are going to follow your hints and you plan on keeping them interested with a story, provide a backstory as well, but refrain from posting spoilers. Here are two things that are an absolute must when it comes to the OP.

    Backstory / Required IC Knowledge
    Application Information

    Backstory / Required IC Knowledge - You've created a world for your players, but it will do you no good to keep it away from them. To build anticipation for the players and to instill a sense of security for yourself, describe your world as accurately as possible down to every important detail. This is where your idea will flourish, where everything you've toyed with comes to a point. You and the players will be interacting/playing within the world you create, so don't be stingy. Allude to hidden locations or strange occurrences and incidents to build interest, or create a story for a central hub area for your players. Leave room for development, though. A good story is open-ended, so do not completely lock down the setting.

    Ask yourself this when making a backstory: what, when, where, why, and how. What happened that is significant to the RP, or what is currently happening that the players must know about? When did this happen (this can greatly assist players willing to provide backstories to their characters)? Where did this event happen, and more importantly, where will the players be starting off? Why did this happen, and why is it significant? Finally, how did this happen? What is the cause of strife in the world you've created, or what is the problem (players can either supply a problem or correct it)? If the problem is the result of a de facto big bad, who is/was he/she? Remember, if you want your players to understand what is going on, a backstory is what they need. You're the GM, so think of yourself as giving out guidebooks to every player. You want a good show, and an ignorant player does not provide one (there are exceptions).

    Application Information - Now that you have a story and world laid out, you'll want to lay down the guidelines for the player characters. A GM may be in charge, but unless he or she understands their playerbase, they're not much. This field is for the players to express their creativity, to come up with ideas that will fit nicely within the world you have created. Application Information includes the bare necessities that players will need in order to get started. These include character name, appearance, characteristics, skills, inventory/starting gear, and backstory. A good way of creating fields that are easily copied and filled out is to use the "code" [ # ] command in the message area. Here is an example of an application field. Feel free to include whatever you want, but try to think of how it'll be relevant to the RP.

    [b]Name:[/b] ((Your username so people can recognize who is playing as who/what.))
    [b]IC Name/Name of Character:[/b] ((The character you are going as, can be a male or female.))
    [b]Powers:[/b] ((What can they do or what abilities do they possess?))
    [b]Weapons / Starting Gear:[/b] ((Do they carry any gadgets, swords, guns, or anything that they use in combat?))
    [b]Weaknesses:[/b] ((What makes them fragile or causes them to be at a disadvantage? This can be omitted if you do not wish to reveal your character's weaknesses.))
    [b]Appearance:[/b] ((What do they look like? Be very descriptive. It is recommended that the player posts a picture as well.))
    [b]Personality:[/b] ((How are they like? Do they behave in a certain way or like doing particular activities? Remember, character development!))
    [b]Morality:[/b] ((Lawful Good? Chaotic Evil? True Neutral? What kind of person are they?))
    [b]Biography:[/b] ((What is their history like? How did they come to be of what they are today? Anything that involves their past or what they do for a living.))

    Rules - While this is not a requirement due to the Forum RP rules as well as this community's general rules of conduct, you may have a need for this in your OP. Think of these as guidelines, or of what you don't want your players to do in your RP. Trust in their judgement, and create fair rules that are simple to understand and easy to follow. Remember the terms 'Metagaming' and 'Powergaming', and create rules accordingly.

    Maps / Locations - If you have an open-ended RP with a large world to play in, a map would be very helpful indeed in orienting players. Whether you create one with MSPaint and Photoshop or take a map from deviantART or some other resource, place it on your OP so you can refer to it. Think of the map and the locations within it as a sense of encouragement for the players. You'll want something easy to read, but at the same time, something that will make them say "I'd like to go here in the RP someday".

    Accepted Applicants List - This is mostly for your benefit as a GM. This will allow you to keep track of those who are currently engaged in your RP. Be sure to record not only the username of the players, but also their IC name. You can also include their race, profession, health, current location, whatever you wish. While serving as a reference sheet for you, the list will also serve to help other players understand who or what they are speaking with in the RP, should they need a tip.

    NOTICE: This is just a bit of conjecture on what a good RP's OP should include. Feel free to follow it, but know that variety is the spice of life. Add as much as you want or keep it simplistic. You're the boss!

    Now that that's taken care of, I'd like for this thread to be devoted to brainstorming ideas for future RPs. This will be a place for research, development, and above all else, support. Got an idea? Run it by here so you can get feedback and support/criticism before submitting it.
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      I think it would be easier to make an RP if people didn't just stick to one RP all the time.


        Irrelevant, jpmrocks.

        Now, I had in mind a rather... large RP universe. Yes, bigger than All the World's a Game. Think of the Civilization games in which you can build and manage your own race/country/whatever. I was thinking of a medievalist era in which magic and arcane materials are prevalent... Or, a futuristic space explorer where everyone is in charge of their own custom and unique race. Hey, this is a much better idea than my Kawaii Anime Schoolgirl RP...

        Oh, and the Superhero RP is an idea too!


          Just popping in with another suggestion. How would people feel about a Skyrim RP? I presume many people have played that game and would enjoy showing off their custom characters. No doubt, someone has a good story to tell.

          And I'd like to encourage people to step away from AtWaG and give some attention to the other RPs. I know I am not one to talk given my inactivity, but still, seeing people create RPs with good potential and having them go unchallenged dampens my spirits.


            Quick question: Can you necro-revive old rps? I know Remi doesn't like nerco-reviving.


              I don't see the harm in it. If it has potential and people are interested, it should be revived. Why should someone look down on that? It's like not going back to play the old Super Mario games...


                I'll just tell you guys this right now. RPs based on video games are almost always bad. Skyrim is also one that has the potential to be horrible because most of your players won't realize that there can only be ONE person in the world that does dragon shouts. Either everyone will be jealous of that one person or the admin will not bother enforcing that rule and you'll have 20 people that are shouting.


                  Keyword being 'almost'. I've taken a glance at a few hardcore textRP communities and found a Skyrim RP in which no-one was the dragonborn. But, you do have a point. In the end, 'tis the player that supports the RP, and if they waver, the RP comes crashing down.