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Scheduled Downtimes for Minecraft Server Upgrades (Not 1.13/1.14 :( - Sorry)

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    Scheduled Downtimes for Minecraft Server Upgrades (Not 1.13/1.14 :( - Sorry)


    We will have TWO scheduled maintenances this week.
    - First Downtime - Tuesday 2019/5/7 from 10pm (EST) for FOUR hours.
    - Second Downtime - Wednesday 2019/5/8 from 10:30pm (EST) for FOUR hours. (Only if first downtime is not enough)

    Okay now that's said and done, why we doin' this shit.

    YC has historically always lived on one single Dell server box that lives in Alex's parents' basement. Who's Alex? Don't worry about it.

    This has historically meant that hardware upgrades or any physical maintenance has been fairly difficult to organize and get done. This "upgrade" is actually a "cutover" to be more precise.
    The current YC has some fairly old hardware like a Phenom II for its CPU and its storage drives are lacking to say the least (200gb SSD boot, 500gb backup HDD). With this upgrade/cutover however, we'll be switching YC to start being hosted out of new hardware that I just bought recently. That said, we're upgrading to:

    Ryzen 5 1600
    16GB RAM
    1TB SSD boot disk
    2TB HDD backup disk

    So yeah, this "upgrade" is basically just rewiring a bunch of the backend of YC to start working off of this new server hardware. Obviously, this also means the hardware is now in my own apartment and not over an hour away in some basement lol.

    P.S. While I didn't make an announcement for it, I switched over all YC DNS servers to using AWS Route 53 so that also happened. Once this cutover is finished, we'll be ENTIRELY hosted out of my physical server OR purely through AWS! We've come a long way from the webhost days

    I'll post any updates in this thread if the scheduled downtimes change.

    We done bois. We entirely hosted on AWS and physically accessible servers :P
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    thanks dad
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      Does that mean we're not raiding Alex's house with full guns blazing, then?


        I mean you’re free to make an attempt. Have fun!

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          Any more news about when the server will be upgrading to 1.13/1.14.*?

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            I don't entirely believe this is the right thread to be asking (also it's sorta necro).

            We have no current date as to when the server will be updating. Discussion has been made as to which version we will also be updating to. However, we presently cannot confirm which version we shall be updating to.
            We are making current headway with the plans to update and should be ready with more concrete info (like date and version) soon.
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