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[PC-98] [Touhou 2 - Story of Eastern Wonderland] Reimaden

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    [PC-98] [Touhou 2 - Story of Eastern Wonderland] Reimaden

    And so, I shall give the castle where Mima has been in her dream world. The location of Reimaden is a place which you encounter in Stage 4 and Stage 5 in SoEW.

    Since there is NO FANDOM, and very little information of the location, most of this is made from imagination. Also, since Reimaden MAY be a pun for Pandaemonium, some of this architecture is based on that.

    Rooms which may be in Reimaden
    • Marisa's Room
    • Mima's Room
    • A library
    • Several Guest rooms
    • An alchemy room
    • Throne room
    • A round circular room with planet


    Anyone can work on it, just call me so I can send you here. Also, if you want to add more chambers to this large castle, just add them here so I could just add them.

    I always thought that place was a big bomb waiting to go off rather than a castle. Like, a big underground chamber with a dangerous orb of magic energy in it with a ceiling of tiles and glass windows (you can see the orb in Stage 4 and while fighting Mima). Or maybe even a big globe floating in the sky or half of it encased in the ground with an orb of energy in the middle.

    The castle is really cool, though I wish the mini-sun had a bigger emphasis.
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      How's it going?

      Do you have all the rooms you planned built yet? If not, I'd be more than glad to help you build them. I have pretty free weekends and some experience building Minecraft, so just give me the coordinates and your picture of the rooms and I'll be on the job site.
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        This was already featured in the second video, lol


          umm, I wrote this 6 months ago, and by that time, it was already finished and ported over.