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    im looking for a group where every resource we collect is the groups and no for one's self but you also have to work for the group

    eg: the yogscast when they play minecraft in there groups
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      Me tysonizer phantom and redleaf are on team Tengu Vanguard


        Originally posted by Nuclearblt View Post
        So after talking with satori about early game power sources, he showed me that wind power, combined with a kinetic generator creates a astounding amount of power for an early game item.

        Also Leon, why are we the occult?

        Ps, In the beta server, you won't mind if I make a nacler reactor in the basement kthxbai
        Read what I first said. Dari started a joke that he's becoming, like, a dark scientists and I was starting Eldritch research, so we started going into the dark side of everything, aka the occult.
        Also, go ahead and build ur nacler reactor if u go maintain it trice every day at regular intervals.

        Also, I think OniKing can be added to our group (Dari said Oni was going with him into our group).
        Originally posted by Mogeko
        Yummy prosciutto! Praise be to prosciutto!
        Originally posted by Lord Prosciutto
        Praise be to prosciutto.
        ..... I forgive the sin of all Mogeko.
        Release the Yukkuri:


          also a medic can join me if they want


            Originally posted by WriggleRid3r View Post
            Alayosho, Miss Izayoi, and I will be making an equivalent of Yumehime in RTY 2.0 server.
            im going on my own this time sorry but if kaguya needs me give me a call