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The Appropriate Response to Acquisition of Abandoned Assets Act (RemiCare)

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    The Appropriate Response to Acquisition of Abandoned Assets Act (RemiCare)

    The Appropriate Response to Acquisition
    of Abandoned Assets Act (RemiCare)

    General definitions:

    An abandoned asset is defined as an asset whose owner or builder is no longer active on the survival world on the server.

    Inactive players are players who have not been online for 90 or more consecutive days.

    Staff can make exceptions to this if they determine that the player is not active enough on an overall case. That means that if a player specifically comes online for a short period of time to prevent their assets from being declared as abandoned, staff can still declare the assets abandoned if they determine that their actions were insignificant. There is no solid measure for this and decisions are all at the staff's discretion.

    Abandoned assets can also be declared by the player who previously owned them, and has moved or announced inactivity without salvaging or scuttling declared assets.

    Abandoned assets can also be declared by staff on players who have been permanently banned without probability of appeal.

    For players banned with appeal, the normal 90 day limit applies. If the banned player fails to have their appeal accepted 90 days after they were first banned, their assets are considered abandoned.

    Abandoned Assets Acquisition Rule:

    Abandoned assets can be freely claimed by active players and thus these cases are exempt from the general rule against stealing and looting, items inside the chests and furnaces in abandoned houses are fair game.

    By default, there are three main options:
    1. Asset Claim
    2. Land Claim
    3. Enviromental Claim

    Asset Claim
    Asset Claims are for when a player intends to use the abandoned asset. This means that the asset is to be placed under their ownership for use or repurposing. Under such claims, the player is entitled to all the claimed items as an upkeep provision for the asset.

    Land Claim
    Land Claims are for when a player intends to build on a location occupied by the asset, or nearby. This will result in the player being given access to the asset and its contents, but not ownership of the asset itself. Staff can additionally place restrictions on what can be taken as parts of the claim. The location would then be cleared or regenerate by staff members.

    Enviromental Claim
    Enviromental Claims are for general clearance of abandoned assets. The intended purpose is for area clearance to preserve the landscape and allow for land to be used by future players. Asset contents are distributed to active users as the claim is processed.

    To make a RemiCare claim on an abandoned asset, player must contact a server staff to verify that an asset can be claimed before taking anything or making any changes to the asset. Failure to notify staff could be punishable with the crime of stealing and may result in a ban either temporary or permanent depending on staff judgments of the issue.

    Yukkuricraft staff retains the rights to deny a RemiCare on a case-by-case basis. The primary function of RemiCare is to naturalize and reclaim land for developemental purposes and as such claim types can change based on staff decision. Abusing this rule for personal gains will result in RemiCare previleges being revoked.


    Significant Player Exemption:
    This applies to when the abandoned assets belongs to a "significant player" on the server. "Significant players" are defined as players who have had enough presence on the server to be easily recognized by it's player base and/or is considered as a well respected player overall.

    Assets belonging to "Significant players" are exempt from being declared abandoned, even if LWC locks owned by the players has expired, and therefore are still protected by the normal server rules against looting and stealing.

    The Significant Player Exemption can only be overridden by staffs familiar with the "significant player", as long as the decision is fair and unbiased.

    Community Exemption:
    If an abandoned asset sits within an organized community such as a town or a village, claim automatically falls on the community manager if one exists. The community then has exclusive right to the abandoned asset and anything within, and is free to decide its fate.

    Extended Leave Exemption:
    If a player has declared to staff that he/she will be on extended leave, an exempt can be given to the player's asset from the Abandoned Assets Acquisition Rule. As such, assets belonging to the player, regardless of inactivity or LWC expiry of locks, are still protected by the normal server rules against looting and stealing.

    The Extended Leave Exemption can only be overridden by staffs familiar with the asset owning player, as long as the decision is fair and unbiased.


    This rule was created in an attempt to gracefully remove abandoned builds to restore nature and open up new areas for players to build on.

    Yukkuricraft reserves the right to edit, change, amend, or repel this act at any time and/or without prior warning and/or notification. Edits, changes, amends, or repels can be resulted from changing or developing conditionals around the activities this act covers, and could allow for exempt of the Abandoned Assets Acquisition Rule under extreme cases as deemed fit by server administrators.

    Server shutdowns may occur from budget cuts within the server structure due to inability to agree on proper budget use in regards to this act, and could result in server operating under minimal required costs with non-essential services disabled until an agreement between server staff has been reached.

    10-9-2013 [Krittercon]:
    Added approximate time to how long LWC takes to unlock. Added permanently banned players into the act for clarification.

    11-22-2013 [Tysonizer]:
    As an update, since myself and a few others had a conversation with Remi, as of now,


    This keeps the looter, and the inactive user looted in balance and covers everyone involved with RemiCare and it's activities, as of now the excuse "I didn't know" will not be accepted, as anyone involved with RemiCare is subject to these changes, and consequences should they fail to comply.

    04-13-2013 [Krittercon]:
    Redetermined how a player is considered inactive for uniformity and prevent a loophole in the system. LWC time out is no longer the measure for inactivity.

    10-04-2014 [Krittercon]:
    Updated rules regarding determining inactiveness and responses to banned players.

    08-01-2017 [Krittercon]:
    Updated rules in regards to eligibility to RemiCared assets

    08-10-2017 [Krittercon]:
    Clarified who gets the RemiCared items

    08-16-2017 [Krittercon]:
    Rectified terms for looting claims
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    The contents contained herewithin this thread officially earn Remi's Seal of Approval


      What is the duration that is considered "Inactive"?
      *Is suddenly scared now about my stuff*


        Time for Remicare to initiate. Preparing server shutdown until everyone gets their shit together.


          Inactive Should be about 3-4 months. Most players shouldn't have to worry too much about this.

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            ok good =w=;
            I'll pop on so as to make sure it doesn't trigger on me cause I have a strange habit of going inactive for extended periods of time then coming back when I feel like it.
            That shouldn't happen here but =w=; ok.


              I'm not a significant player, but I will tell you that my Minecraft is having a fit and will not allow me to join the server. I may be inactive for a long, long time.


                Actually, you are considered as an Significant Player by the staff and mumble regulars.


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                    I have a burning desire to vent my spleen on RemiCare. Before I launch into my rant, permit me the prelude caveat that RemiCare claims that drug money is being used to pay for the construction of huge underground cities intended to house both humans and aliens who serve a secret, transnational shadow government. Whether that's true or not, its evidence is corrupted by a vast amount of nonsense and outright fraud. Before we can further discuss RemiCare's claim we must acknowledge that if you intend to challenge someone's assertions, you need to present a counterargument. RemiCare provides none.

                    If it were up to RemiCare, its castigators would have to endure forced, behavior-modification "therapy". That's just another shovel of dirt thrown on the grave of free speech and another reason why we must argue about RemiCare's declamations. I just want to say that I have no set opinion as to whether or not wanting to commit acts of banditry and insurgency without any of the obvious repercussions is like wanting a one-sided coin. I do, however, decidedly assert that its grievances are geared toward the continuation of social stratification under the rubric of "tradition". Funny, that was the same term that RemiCare's partisans once used to send children to die as martyrs for causes that it is unwilling to die for itself. As I have indicated, RemiCare asserts that we should abandon the institutionalized and revered concept of democracy. Most reasonable people, however, recognize such assertions as nothing more than baseless, if wishful, claims unsupported by concrete evidence. In the good old days, when courage, honor, devotion, duty, and loyalty meant something, it was comparatively easy to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. In the presence of high heaven and before the civilized world I therefore assert that RemiCare is exceedingly morally crippled, shrewish, alabandical, pretentious, craven, money-grubbing, insensitive, foul-mouthed, moonstruck, and quasi-bitter. Sorry for the synathroesmus, but it insists that censorship could benefit us. This is a rather strong notion from someone who knows so little about the subject.

                    Let me try to put this in perspective: RemiCare says that the health effects of secondhand smoke are negligible. If that's the limit of RemiCare's perception, acumen, and intelligence, then God help it. The first thing we need to do is to get RemiCare to admit that it has a problem. It should be counseled to recite the following:
                    1. I, RemiCare, am a malefic master of deceit.
                    2. I have been a participant in a giant scheme to envelop us in a nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror.
                    3. I hereby admit my addiction to nonrepresentationalism. I ask for the strength and wisdom to fight this addiction.

                    Once RemiCare realizes that it has a problem, maybe then it'll see that it is entirely gung-ho about hoodlumism because it lacks more pressing soapbox issues. One last thing: RemiCare simply regurgitates the empty arguments that have been fed to it over the years.
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                      Originally posted by Major Mario View Post
                      I'm not a significant player, but I will tell you that my Minecraft is having a fit and will not allow me to join the server. I may be inactive for a long, long time.
                      Have you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling everything from scratch? I had the same problem where I couldn't connect to anything regardless of what I did, and if things continue to act up, 1. Open an elevated command prompt. To do this, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.

                      If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow.

                      2. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:

                      SFC /scannow

                      I've had to do this once or twice, and half the times it cleans up some corrupted files that deny you accessibility to play. good luck and tell me how everything goes.
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                        ^At first I thought you were attempting to make a joke about "Have you tried turning it off and then back on, sir?"

                        If all else fails, maybe contact Mojang?


                          Well, I tried uninstalling it, running that odd command, and whatever. Nothing is working. I don't feel like contacting Mojang at all.

                          I think I'll go be moody somewhere else.


                            @ Major

                            Could you probably post screenshots of what's going on? Might help.

                            In the end it might be as simple as a firewall issue depending on what program you use for it.


                              Originally posted by Major Mario View Post
                              Well, I tried uninstalling it, running that odd command, and whatever. Nothing is working. I don't feel like contacting Mojang at all.

                              I think I'll go be moody somewhere else.
                              Could it be your computer? Cause if nothing's working, that could be the problem.