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Tengu Village/ Mountain Access

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  • WriggleRid3r
    Anything relating to battling something, like a boss battle, because you will be in creative.

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  • S121
    So which quests won't work?

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  • Kristia
    thats true

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  • Remilia Scarlet
    The problem with this being that you're in creative while in Gensokyo ^^;

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  • Kristia
    how about helping the tengu with many small assigments like kill some pests, collect certain items for their events/celebrations and a passage of aceptance?

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  • S121
    started a topic Tengu Village/ Mountain Access

    Tengu Village/ Mountain Access

    I was thinking about a new quest and wanted some feedback. So, I was reading about Youkai Mountain and the Tengu Village and got to thinking, "Wouldn't it make sense if you had to go through a
    certain amount of quests in order to earn the Tengu and Kappas' trust?" They are supposed to be territorial and wary of trespassers, so it would make sense.

    Anyway, here are the main ideas for the quests. They are rough, but I plan on refining them if I get enough support and feedback.

    Youkai Mountain
    I was thinking that there could be guards on the mountain, but they will be hostile until you complete quests for them. The quest giver could be a guard at the base of the mountain and after talking to them, they tell you to get signatures (or something along those lines) from some of the mountain residents, to vouch for you.
    You can find them around Gensokyo while they are on errands. I was thinking of Sanae, Aya, Hatate, and maybe Nitori. After you get evidence from them, you return the items to the
    guard, and now you can access the mountain without getting attacked by patrols of Tengu.

    Kappa City
    Maybe an item mission, but for materials like iron, gold, redstone and wood. I was thinking that it could be in phases, like first wood, then iron, redstone, and gold.
    Once that is done, they finally trust you enough to allow you access to their city.

    Tengu Village
    I was thinking of having six stages to this quest.

    Stage 1
    Tengu Village Access (stage 1): -Prove that you are trustworthy by killing some of the local pests.

    "So. A little bird told me that you're trying to gain access to the village, and that you're trusted by some of the residents here."
    "Since you don't seem to be such a bad person, I'll share a little secret with you."
    "There are cases where we let fairly trusted outsiders prove their worth through different tests."
    "Usually it's by helping patrols,the community, and after that, getting permission from Lord Tenma."
    "Before I tell you the locations of the patrol leaders, I need to know if you can hold your own in a fight."
    "...Tell ya what, there have been reports of fairies causing trouble by the base of the mountain."
    "What better way is there to show off your skills, while earning some recognition?" "Anyway, You'll find them near the Genbu Marsh."
    "You drive them off, then we'll talk."

    <Kill 10 fairies.>
    <Return to the guard.>

    "Hey, you've returned." "Did you get drive them all off?"
    "So you can fight..."

    <Quest Completed>

    "Good, now for the patrol leaders."

    I notice that my dialogue might sound a little stale, so please feel free to add revised dialogue in a post.
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