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    So, I'm aware some of us do the do this game. As for the rest of you who are interested, War Thunder is a MMO simulation game revolving around the aircraft, tanks, and ships of WWII and the early Cold War. It's still in development, with Ground Forces to be added soon and Naval Forces coming up after that. So right now, new players will only be able to experience the aircraft portion of the game as well.

    Future matches will involve players from both air, ground and sea participating in a massive battle across huge maps taken from real-life and fantasy locations, and the game has a very detailed and in-depth gameplay that appeals to both casual players and simulation enthusiasts. Since the current build of the game is focused on aircraft only, I'll emphasize that in my report as well.

    If any of you are interesting in joining up, I'd be happy to jump back into a Tier I noobplane and blast some rookies with you. Since most of us are in different timezones, this might be a bit difficult but there are a lot of players on the US side as well. I believe this is our current roster:

    * xOutlaw: Japanese Tier 2
    * Flan_Flan (DeadMasterChan): British, German, Russian Tier 2
    * MyHatismyFriend: British Tier 3, Japanese Tier 3, American Tier 3, Russian Tier 1
    * Snowman71 (Snowman): Japanese Tier 3, British Tier 1
    * Krittercon: American Tier 4, British Tier 2, Japanese Tier 3, German Tier 2, Russian Tier 1
    * Shimitty: American Tier 2, Japanese Tier 1
    * Mari_Kiri_88(Kirisame88): Russian Tier 2 (you smart motherfucker), American Tier 2
    * SirKasim13 (Gamer): American, Russian Tier 1
    * faggot (Tenshit): ???
    * MrCrazyJoe (Puzzle): American Tier 2
    * RAF_RanYakumo (I forgot your name): British Tier 4, Russian Tier 2
    * Lumindia (Lily White): British Tier 2
    * Redleaf: German Tier 1 (it gets better)
    * LuaKH: German Tier 2 Japanese Tier 2 British Tier 2
    * Cicero (Cicero_Pennomen): American Tier 2
    * SnoopDuc: German Tier 2
    * Ryuuko_Matoi(?) (Zoey): All nations Tier 4-5(?)
    *SuperKantaiCollectionPleb (Remi): Japanese Tier 1?
    *BLT dude: American Tier 2
    *amyonmyon (Jenganor): Russian Tier 2
    *Wriggle_Nightbug (Wriggle): British Tier 1

    The rest of this post will be a tutorial directed at those new players just joining us.


    Golden Rule: Don't get pissed if you keep dying- it happens to the best of us. Reality is a cruel mistress, and War Thunder plays this perfectly straight. Lucky shots may hit your pilot in the face, set your fuel tanks on fire, set bombs on fire (after which they explode), or hit a wing strut that will rip the rest of the thing off after it's gone. Just relax and remember that eventually you will do the same thing, and don't resort to ramming your opponents out of rage. It's rude.

    1. Maneuvering Basics

    So you're in your little biplane/peashooter that can barely climb and carries a slow-firing machinegun that makes you feel like you're shooting cotton at somebody. Not to worry! Tier 1 fights are filled with noobs that can't play the game, bots, or highly competent Tier 5 people starting a new country. It's a matter of knowing how the game mechanics work that will distinguish the men from the boys in this round.

    Flying in War Thunder is pretty logical. Your engine generates energy, which is translated into forward movement. You can then choose to either keep this forward movement to enhance your speed, or trade it for turning or increasing your altitude. It's important to always keep an eye on your current speed ingame- let it go too slow and you'll stall, which is a bad thing (unless you want this to happen).

    Always remember, however, that speed is not everything. There are times when you gotta go fast, and other times when you want to go slow. Essentially, the slower your plane is moving, the less 'forward' you have for every 'left' or 'right' you travel. This makes you be able to turn tighter, which is essential for close-range dogfighting. You also do not want to be going fast when you come in to land. Also go slow when you're close behind an enemy- going too fast means you'll fly right past him and allow him to blast you with his guns. So when tailing an enemy from behind, try to match his speed until you hit your optimal gun range

    2. Gunnery Basics

    There are two kinds of guns in War Thunder- machine guns and cannons. Machineguns fire fast, but deal low damage per bullet, while cannon fire more slowly and deal heavier damage. Different models of machine guns and cannons are mounted on different aircraft- German ones fire the slowest but have the most damage output, while Soviet ones fire extremely fast and deal scratch damage. In addition to these weapons, you can also unlock and equip different ammunition belts on them. Generally, these are Omnipurpose (aka shit), Tracer (Laser Gun- either useless if it's filled with Tracer Bullets, or terrifying if loaded with SAPI-T), Ground Attack (Cannons and Heavy Machineguns Only, pretty much does what it's designed to do), and Stealth (masterrace)

    Omnipurpose removes the training round from the Default Load and replaces it with an Armour-Piercing Incendiary Round, which doesn't really do anything. It's the only belt that can attack both air and ground targets, though. You'll suffer reduced efficiency against both, and your machineguns still will not damage medium to heavily armoured targets.

    Tracers fill your belts with 80% tracer ammunition, which light up as they're fired so you can see who you're shooting at. This is used when you're having trouble hitting targets as you can easily compensate for your firing once you can see your bullet stream. However, you will deal very little damage overall unless using more advanced versions.

    Ground Attack belts fill belts with armour-piercing ammunition. Sounds great, but this means that your bullets will punch straight through aircraft like paper. This means all you do is make neat little holes in the skin without really doing any lasting damage. Absolutely devastating against ground targets though, as the armour piercing shell makes it through the heavy armour before detonating inside, capable of even damaging heavily-armoured targets.

    Stealth belts are the opposite of tracer belts, removing tracer ammunition in exchange for massive amounts of incendiary and armour-piercing incendiary rounds, making them highly effective against aircraft because you can set them on fire very easily, which is a near death sentence. Of course, the lack of tracers means that your bullet stream is completely invisible as well, meaning victims cannot easily identify where the damage is coming from. This also means that you can't see where your bullets are going, making this a very difficult belt to use. Still, it remains my default belt and my belt of choice because of its lethality.

    You'll also notice something in the aircraft tuning menu before battle- the gun convergence to be more exact. Gun convergence dictates where all your guns aim at, and by default is set to 400 metres, means that all of your guns are rotated slightly so that their bullets will 'hit' an imaginary spot 400m in front of your aircraft. Gun convergence is essential- you want to concentrate your fire on one area of the enemy aircraft so you can run a buzzsaw of bullets through it and tear the wing or whatever you're aiming at to shreds. So, you generally find your optimal firing range suitable for your aircraft and set it to that, so you'll consistently have your bullets land on the range you're best with.

    For example, my Spitfire fighters always end up tangling with enemy aircraft at close range, so my ideal gun convergence range is 100m. This makes full use of the Spitfire's heavy machinegun loadout to blast through enemy aircraft when brawling with them.

    My Typhoon fighter is more suited for long-range 'sniping' because of its light cannon load and low ammo count, so my gun convergence there is 800m.

    My Beaufighter heavy fighter likes to tackle enemy aircraft and ground targets head on and take them out with its massive gun load (4x cannon, 6 x machinegun :0) in one pass, so I keep the convergence at 400m, so I can begin firing at 800m and still retain some degree of firepower throughout the entire head-on joust so by the time that they blow past me, they're a flaming piece of wreckage.

    WIP, More tutorials to come.
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    Also, shouldn't you put the in-game names as well, since I'm Flan_Flan in game and not DeadMasterchan and stuffs.

    But moooorrreeee tutoriaaaaallllllllsssssssssssssssssssss


      << American Tier 1 - Peashooters :P
      I think I might be the only newbie in this game to have disabled mouse flying completely, lol. Can't aim as well but I can pull off much better maneuvers with just the keyboard and not have the mouse trying to stabilize my plane 24/7


        ^ I dunno man, it's much more important to be able to hit targets than perform cool tricks. Anybody who flies using Mouse Aim mode (which is basically everybody), gets great airframe compensation and flight assistance that allows them to be able to hit targets. Still, if that's what you think is best, I'm not stopping you.

        Gunnery Basics II
        Depending on which country you fly, your guns will be different.

        American: High calibre machineguns means that fighters and heavy fighters have great long term offensive ability, but most fighters lack cannons until the late game, which means that you'll suffer when going for DPS.

        British: Usually carry 6 light machineguns or so, with the addition of at least two cannons around Tier II. Great for short-term offensive ability, especially if your convergence is set right, but tends to carry very little ammo for its cannons and so will be outclassed by American and Russian aircraft as the battle continues. Late-game fighters will place emphasis on cannon armament.

        German: Small amounts of guns are compensated for by above average mobility and accuracy, meaning that you can put way more rounds on target than other aircraft. Great bullet spread means that headon or vertical attacks trying to go for the enemy's cockpit are more effective than other nations.

        Russian: Hilariously overpowered cannons with very limited ammo, or extremely fast firing machineguns with huge ammo capacities make head-on attacks the more viable approach. Russian aircraft aren't too maneuverable so there's a very high priority on getting those crucial hits in on your first pass and make full use of your impressive DPS.

        Japanese: Powerful, ACCURATE cannons plus heavy calibre machineguns will allow Japanese players to dominate other nations at close range, especially with their characterstic high speed and manevuerability. Take note that this is achieved at the expense of armour, so if more than four cannon shells hit you at one time, you're as good as dead. Japanese heavy fighters are really bad.

        Aiming and Hitting Targets
        When you're using Default,Tracer and Omnipurpose belts, hitting aircraft is a non-issue as you can easily see where your bullets are going by looking at the flashy lights. Stealth belts are more of an issue, since you don't get that ability to compensate for your aiming by adjusting your heading as you fire, so I like to fire in short but sustained bursts while over-leading my targets so they fly into the bullet stream. In most cases, you'll want to fire in short bursts to maintain accuracy and ensure your guns don't jam, which means an ammo penalty in Arcade Mode and will put you out of action in Historical and Sim Battles. I only fire in long bursts when they're right up to me, meaning that accuracy goes out the window and all I need is to put as many rounds on target as I can, or when a player is going for an objective like a runway in Domination.


          Updates from TENGU:

          Krittercon is flying for the United States Army Air Force

          Kirisame88 is flying for the Soviet Air Force

          Snowman7 (Playing as Snowman71) joined flying for the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service

          DariruKuro joined flying for the United States - Branch unknown

          Shimitty joined flying for the United State Navy

          Th3_3p1c_g4m3r joined - Country and branch unknown
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            So me, Snow and Dai had a few good runs today, which helped Snow get to Rank 1 planes relatively quickly. Unfortunately I was plagued by internet issues and ended up flying with 1100 ping, which was a bit of a pain because I ended up teleporting into the ground a lot. Tonight's match resulted in him unlocking the Rank 2 Reisen. I'd advise you to swap that out for an noob aircraft for now so that your Rank 1s and 0s don't get owned by Hurricanes and LaGGs and whatnot.

            An important note is to remember that Ranks 0-2 are known as the Pain Ranks for a reason- bad matchmaking may sort you into games with people boasting a lot more guns and armour than you. Don't be discouraged! Getting Ranks 2 and onwards will see each nation branch out into their gameplay specialties and make life a lot easier for you!

            *I'll also note that while aiming your guns, always remember to compensate for bullet speed and drop. This means aiming slightly above and ahead of the target- even further than the computer assistance guide. The distance of this will depend on the distance between you and the aircraft. At 100 metres you shouldn't have to do this at all, while at 800 metres you'll have to adjust a lot.

            Names for a squadron?

            1st Combat Recon?

            2nd Asymmetrical Operations Division? (when tanks come out?)
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              Reisen? So snow switched to focus on the IJN branch? I thought Snow, Dari, and Shimitty all got their rank 1s last night.

              Also, what do you mean swap out for a noob aircraft? As in concentrate on flying the Peashooter? I've been surviving pretty well using the highest rank plane I got which is the P36C.


                Generally, each branch has one aircraft for each tier. So to best utilise your inventory of aircraft, you should actually focus on getting aircraft from every single branch of your nation tier. Otherwise, you'll be forced to play with one Rank III aircraft in a Rank III match and everything else will be lower rank, meaning that you'll die a lot when your best plane goes down.


                  I'll join :^) I've had an account, just only played it for about 1 day at most lol.
                  Don't know which tier or country.
                  My software doesn't have bugs. It just develops random features.

                  Do you have a hour emergency call systems broadcasting radio station WNYW or Internet Explorer?
                  Well? Which one?

                  Cyros admits the truth:


                    >not playing kancolle.

                    Pleib tastes.

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                      Originally posted by Remilia_Scarlet View Post
                      >not playing kancolle.

                      Pleib tastes.

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                      Lottery sign-up, slow network because of tunneling/proxying, and the fact that I can't read Japanese?
                      My software doesn't have bugs. It just develops random features.

                      Do you have a hour emergency call systems broadcasting radio station WNYW or Internet Explorer?
                      Well? Which one?

                      Cyros admits the truth:


                        tenko wat fuk ur username

                        Today's Match: Krittercon, Shimitty and Hat
                        Krittercon hit Rank II with the Kittyhawk, Shimitty's progression is unknown but it was discovered he was the reincarnation of a Corsair pilot so that was cool. Hat hit Rank I with a Dauntless.


                          DariruKuro also at Tier II with a P40 BTW.


                            Originally posted by Tenko View Post
                            Lottery sign-up, slow network because of tunneling/proxying, and the fact that I can't read Japanese?
                            Slow? Excuse me? It just takes some extremely basic cookie-manipulating to change your IP location to somewhere in Japan.(Eg use native connection and not VPNs. Even if you do use VPNs, university hosted public Japanese VPNs have like gigabit connections so you can even stream youtube with little issue if you have to) Eg, use the superior kancolleviewer tool that already exists. Translations exist with tools like KanColleTool as well. Lottery takes like two or three tries at most if you're not retarded.

                            And KanColle has shit like


                              I believe I will stick with US Army for the time being.